Johnny Gets Streaked in the Middle of His Monologue | Carson Tonight Show

Johnny Gets Streaked in the Middle of His Monologue | Carson Tonight Show

Tonight Show writer Pat McCormick goes streaking in the middle of Johnny’s monologue.
Original Airdate: 03/28/1974
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37 Responses

  1. Constantly Enthused says:

    We’re all here for the streaking but can we all take a second to acknowledge and appreciate Johnny’s pants

  2. Jeff Wulf says:

    The best part of this clip (happens quickly) is Doc “counting” the band to see if one is missing.

    • Janet Prather says:

      About 4:07 you can see a guy in back of band to the right quickly putting on his jacket…. hmmmm might have been him lol

  3. Bryan Essing says:

    Ed’s laugh was fantastic

    • Richard Sypniewski says:

      @Miles Parris His young wife probably had a lil’ something to do with that.🤑😉Plus,he still got the last laugh because you can’t collect $ from a dead fella😆

    • Mike S says:

      The more time that goes by since the GREAT Johnny Carson retired, the more obvious it is HOW lacking the late-night talk show hosts are in the last 2-3 decades, compared to the incomparable Carson (and Ed too). I was a teen when Johnny did his last show, but was privileged enough to have watched lots of his shows, mixed in with Letterman.

      But outside of those two, call it being spoiled or whatever, but I can’t watch the garbage from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, et al, because of HOW good Carson and Letterman were.

    • JLB is even hated by President Xi and all of YT says:

      It was a very hearty laugh for sure

    • Miles Parris says:

      @Richard Sypniewski He died $2 million in debt.

    • Richard Sypniewski says:

      ….all the way to the bank.🤑😉👍

  4. lee hancock says:

    I was 5 when this aired, but I often got to watch it even then.
    Watched him till he retired.
    Still the best ever

    • Edward M says:

      we are the same AGE. I was 5 when this aired and I used to hide behind a door to watch Johnny through the crack while my father sat with his nightly drink and laughed. I don’t remember this specific episode, but I grew to love the Tonight Show (until Jay Leno left)

    • Miles Parris says:

      @Stella Rocquie The DVD sets are only “Best of.” The silly skits Carson would do, some of the guests and musicians are omitted, some of the most charming things like the kids doing bird calls are left out.

    • Beautiful 80s & Ladies says:

      Yes sir, same here….didn’t see this episode…..something I would have remembered

    • Greta I says:


    • Greta I says:

      @peoplehavetherights KNBC-RENO, NV—;)

  5. Mark Johnson says:

    Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end……

    • Brian O'Connell says:

      Ah yes, the days of horrible fashion, no air conditioning, three channels on the TV with no remote and waiting in line for gas because of horrible democratic policies. Policies. Things don’t change. You’re only remembering it fondly because you were young at the time… Lol

    • Yowzoe says:

      @Stella Rocquie Only 50. A hundred and we’ll be pushing up those daisies.

    • Stella Rocquie says:

      I still have the 45 of “Those were the Days”. And yes, indeed, they were. Seems like a hundred years ago. So depressing. . . RIP Johnny and Ed.

    • musiclover me says:

      I approve this message!

    • hearttoheart4me says:

      We’d live the life we choose
      We’d fight and never lose
      For we were young and sure to have our way

  6. Terry Trammell says:

    I loved Johnny Carson. His show was good and his guests were interesting as well as talented.
    I wish they would run his show on television again, it would be so much more interesting than the garbage they are running now.

    • Terry Trammell says:

      @Johhny Apollo Thank you for the info. I’m not that tech savvy unfortunately. I’ll have to ask my grandchildren to check into that for me.
      Thanks again.

    • Johhny Apollo says:

      There’s a 24/7 Johnny Carson channel on Pluto TV. Need a streaming device like ROKU or FireTV etc.

  7. echo echo says:

    That Pat MCormick. He’ll do anything for a laugh.
    Omg. I’d forgotten about this.
    Hadn’t seen this bit since it was first-run.
    Thanx for a great, much-needed laugh, and thanx muchly for sharing!

  8. Larry Davidson says:

    Damn I miss this show. He was the best and always will be.

  9. ronnie parker says:

    Tv just isn’t the same without Johnny and Ed ! 🤘

  10. Jolene Witzel says:

    Wish we were back where the only thing we had to hide from our kids was streakers. 😄

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