Johnny Strong: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Johnny Strong: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver pitches a summer blockbuster comic book adaptation about the perilous adventures of superhero Johnny Strong.

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20 Responses

  1. John Bace says:

    This is the earliest I’ve ever been

  2. Somniferous Almond says:


  3. Hope Vines says:

    I’m early, I’ll make a joke.


  4. Jovany Vargas says:

    notice how he only knocked dc movies

  5. LopsidedPasta says:

    The 4 worst words to hear on a John Oliver video “we’re off this week” :(

  6. JJRicks Studios (j3rsdm5) (sub for sub) says:

    Can I get likes for no reason

  7. tod berry says:

    Who’s watching this with their eyes?

  8. Brooklyn Nguyen says:

    Johnny Strong looks like a discount Robin who’s constantly constipated

  9. NobodyNowhereKnowhow says:

    You know, call me crazy, but I think that might have actually been about

  10. Kévin Le Gall says:

    The drawings are actually not amateurish at all, that was pretty good. :D

  11. DeAnda says:

    John that sucked ? your better then this !

  12. theoriginalsache says:

    But, and this is a really important question, is Johnny Strong’s mother
    named “Martha”? I need to know.

  13. Tyler Zellers (Gullible) says:

    I really hope they end up making a full sized suit for John Oliver to wear
    on camera.

  14. 18wheeler76 says:

    pretty lame,did they forget to put the funny parts in it,cause this wasn’t
    the slightest bit funny

  15. I'm Very Angry It's Not Butter says:

    I swear, this show goes on hiatus more often than Steven Universe.

  16. Joe Stiloski says:

    I’m going to go off on a little rant about the topic of “Superhero
    Fatigue”. I put superhero fatigue in quotation marks because it doesn’t
    exist. Here’s the thing, as long as Superhero/Comic Book movies are well
    made and stay true to the character, then a lot of people will go see that
    movie. I know that my pleas will be lost in the comments section, but
    please stop complaining about something that both doesn’t bother the
    majority of people and that doesn’t exist. Have a good day.

  17. Rabano Doom says:

    John’s saying that a crudely drawn, edgier version of himself is actually
    an original character that deserves his own blockbuster movie?

    He’d fit right in on Deviantart.

  18. Randy Mitchell says:

    John Oliver must have the most generous vacation package in human history.

  19. Sephiroth says:

    “We’re off this week, but our laugh track is still here!”

  20. wratched says:

    Doc Bedtime is a pretty cool villain, actually.