Joji – Gimme Love (Official Video)

Joji – Gimme Love (Official Video)


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Video Credits

Part 1 – Produced by 88rising
Directed by: George Miller
Director of Photography – Jason Ano
Editor – George Miller
Producer – Christopher Heinrich, Jesse Chorng
Production Designer – Racheal Stephens
Set Dresser – Sami DeMars
Wardrobe Stylist – Kaitlyn Vitug
Stylist Assistant – Erin Zhang
Hair Assistant Swins Jean-Charles

Part 2 – Produced by Invisible Inc
Directed by Andrew Donoho
Editor – Miles Trahan
Producer – Ian Blair
Director of Photography – Nicholas Wiesnet
Production Manager – Valerie Bush
Production Designer – Arae Webner
Art Director – Eldad Sharon
Production Coordinator – Chris Fish
1st AD – Jeff Cobb
2nd AD – Annie Lilieholm
Stylist – Ken Law
Stylist Assistant – Nikeisha Wilson, Heather Harris


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64 Responses

  1. Georgeharding45 says:

    What does “emergency engage” mean??

  2. itzChaos says:

    This is my theory (its kinda long but read if you dont mind 🙂 )

    In Gimme Love joji is a scientist who has a miserable life after multiple fellow scientists die from experiments gone wrong. In the music video joji is seen wearing the same suit from Run.

    In Run joji is miserable and tries to escape from all the powerful people in the world and his work place. He sees a light which signifies him being able to escape his miserable mindset and seeing what he actually wants to do which leads to Sanctuary.

    Joji perceives space as a fun and adventurous place where he can have fun. However Sanctuary is actually all in jojis mind and is his view on what space is like.

    Back to Gimme Love joji escapes onto the rocket ship and flies off. At the end he is seen to pass out from something, possibly the quick change in oxygen levels or air pressure idk. The ship slowly starts to descend and he most likely crashes putting himself into a coma or into some after life like place which leads to the end of Run.

    Joji is now either in a coma or in some kind of after life which can be seen at the end of Run. He looks at a photo and reminisces about his past. Also the “Wake Up” are from people trying to wake him up from his coma.

    Kind of a sad ending but feel free to make comments on how accurate my theory could be and any errors. Thanks for reading

    • Karine Castro says:

      itzChaos i dont think joji would use the coma card

    • BalanceX says:

      After the francis of the filth, he created another dimension with story lol

    • Rigoberto Jaimes says:

      It’s all together because in “Run” at then end you can see a photo of the space crew in a frame and the space ship area he woke up in also in run when he is running from “something” you can see the fighting area in the back ground .

    • Milanta Rika says:

      From now on this is my favourite MV theory

    • A3RGRON 26/ says:

      Imagine after all this story he goes live and the turns to filty frank and just says get pranked b*tch

  3. Megalodon0210 says:

    2014: gimme de Pu$$y
    2020: gimme love

  4. Juan Ortegon says:

    Every Joji stan: Oh yeah, it’s all coming together

    • KagomeHHaruhiF says:

      @Skeletor But that’s not who he really is as a person and he’s been trying his best to get away from that. If you knew who he was now, you would know that he wouldn’t like you calling him Filthy Frank. He is not Filthy Frank. He is Joji. You can reminisce about the past, as you seem like the type of person who selfishly says “I wAnT fIlThY fRaNk BaCk!” But the truth is that’s not who he ever was and he hasn’t played that character for years. Let the man live his life and stop comparing him to his unhealthy past. Filthy Frank is a character he made up, not his actual or whole person. That’s in the past and this is Joji now. People who demand he be who they want are just toxic.

    • Skeletor says:

      @KagomeHHaruhiF you’re taking this too personally. I don’t miss his old content. I obviously like his music.

    • For Your Safety says:

      ​@Skeletor Yeah but your original comment makes you a hypocrite?

    • Rafael Cabrera says:


    • Julien j says:

      Guys there’s just different views of the same artist, same art y’all love just maybe for different reasons

  5. Don't read my profile picture says:

    So proud of how far he’s come. I could say more, but that’s all I have to say

  6. The PurpleOctopus says:

    So he’s a serial killer who goes into space? The theme of him murdering people seems to be a continuous theme in his music videos.

  7. GucciBruski says:

    I’m so glad George has found a way to express how he actually wants to be seen as. Pink Guy and Filthy Frank where great but they eventually covered him up and became his demons, and I’m so proud of him for letting them go and showing the world hes not just a noodley meme lord. Thank you for being strong for us and bringing us so many different forms of talent and joy to the table.

  8. Dino DeVito King says:

    JoJi: “Are they alseep yet?”
    88: “K coast is clear.”
    *Releases MV*

  9. Gwynith Zimmer says:

    i love that in the last few clips before the rocket ship scene, joji has “blood on his hands,” both physically and metaphorically @ 1:39 . in the next scene i get the vibe that he’s abandoning everyone with some big danger that is currently publicly unknown..

  10. Halo Reacher says:

    Feels like someone else’s life is flashing before my eyes

  11. Marvelino says:

    Frank: “my whole life flashed before my eyes”
    In Frank’s mind:

  12. One Crazy Carrot says:

    I really hope and wish we get a mini movie when all the story bits have unfolded.

  13. Lidya Winda says:


  14. aphel says:

    He left the planet to find someone who gave him love

  15. Random raccoon says:

    Personally, I think that this has nothing to do with Run and is just connected to Sanctuary. Like I really don’t see how Run (which was a song about love and trying to repair it) fits in with this whole space and finding yourself stuff. But I may not be right and we may never know.

    • Harry James says:

      Random raccoon at the end of run, you can see him wake up from the whole video which was just a dream and he’s in the spaceship

    • L H says:

      i think people connect them bc when joji was teasing the song on his ig he used the audio from the end of the run music video

  16. Julie M says:

    I think it goes Gimme Love, then Run, the Sanctuary.

    at the end of gimme love hes laying back in a similar pose as to the beginning of Run, just an angle change. Then of course he wakes up in Sanctuary at the end of run.

    Gimme Love is the real world, Run is his death, and Sanctuary is a sort of rebirth?

  17. Rodd Boward says:

    Seeing Joji succeed at his goals after watching him as “Frank” for years is a weirdly great feeling, bless you George, keep doing what you love because you’re great at it and you deserve every bit of it from your talent and pure passion.

  18. salvador Canuto says:

    Pls, tell me where I fucked up the
    AAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAh ~~
    Gimme Gimme love x4
    When I’m gone x2
    AaAaAh ~~
    Gimme Gimme love x4
    When I’m gone x2
    Swinging around front, let me inside, playing my song, into my sides.
    It hurts, I can’t lie. Remember those times, I fought to get out? I want to get out.
    Those pictures so clear would fade in my mind, you’re leaving me here, well that shet isn’t fine.
    Does people dont heal? does people dont feel? is people not real? so make this still, won’t you?
    Gimme Gimme love x4
    When I’m gone x2
    Gimme Gimme love x4
    When I’m gone x2
    look into your hearth and let me know. Do things turn black and grey as they go?
    When I’m fond to go, can you show me love? give me love!
    Cutting a river of records and dreams. Oh, will u keep up with me?
    Everyone’s looking for someone to hold, but I… Can’t… Let…You…Go!

  19. GMER says:

    if memories were in the form of a short movie, this video is what that would be

  20. Andrew Gill says:

    Theory: It’s a story of a young eccentric scientist discovering and inventing a warp drive apparatus utilizing questionable business practices and harmful materials funded by the military- in the end he hijacks the craft instead of letting them have it, it’s his creation, his responsibility, fuck the people who think they own the product of his genius. In the end there is the moment of Truth, the power cycles and he has two options, eject or engage the warp drive for the first real test. If you look closely, he pressed engage. He can’t let go. He has to see it through to the end, so all the sacrifice can be worth it or it can be over.

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