Joji – YUKON (INTERLUDE) [Official Video]

Joji – YUKON (INTERLUDE) [Official Video]

“YUKON (INTERLUDE)” out now:
‘SMITHEREENS’ album out November 4th:

Directed by brthr
Production Company LFR Productions
Executive Producers Luigi Rossi, Francesco Rizzo
Producer: Gianfranco Svagelji
Director of Photography: Ben Carey
Production Designer: Brittany Porter
Stylist: Brandon Tan
Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Yribe
Editor: brthr & Victor Haselmayer
VFX / 3D: Yhellow
VFX: MacKenzie Katz
Color: brthr
Sound Design: Morritz Staub

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28 Responses

  1. twomad says:

    ¡Eres un verdadero trabajo de arte, todo lo que haces es una obra maestra! ¡Tu creatividad y pasión brillan a través de todo lo que haces, y siempre produces resultados increíbles! ¡Eres verdaderamente un artista en todo lo que haces, y el mundo es mejor por ello! ¡Gracias por siempre crear trabajos tan hermosos y inspiradores!

  2. мυgєη says:

    surreal como tudo que ele lança é feito com uma qualidade incrível,esse novo álbum vai ser foda.

  3. Baphomet says:

    Es simplemente magnífica aaaaa no puedo describir la felicidad que me da escuchar una nueva canción tuya simplemente te amo

  4. isags _xxz says:


  5. Aline Araujo says:

    O Joji nunca me decepciona e sempre entrega um trabalho mais perfeito que o outro.

  6. One Giant Onion says:

    I can always count on joji to make a masterpiece for us

  7. remonxjk lolpap says:

    Боже мой это великолепно
    Твоя музыка меня вдохновляет 📈

  8. Halal Weeb says:

    I truly do not believe there is a word in the human dictionary that can begin to describe Joji’s voice. The closest word I can find is mesmerizing. Though I’ve heard many artists do this style of music, no one can quite do it like Joji. HIs music has helped me during rough times and I’ve now realized he’s, in a sense, always been in my life. From Filthy frank, the channel i would run to first when I was younger, to Joji the artist I would run to first. Thank you Joji, for helping me by doing what only you could do.

  9. CyberX_PLAY says:

    _Obrigado meu Deus!_
    Por mais um dia de vida para ver esse clipe incrível 🛐🙌🏻 SUUUUUUUUUU!!!

  10. Ja’Nyah Roper says:

    Joji, with every piece of music you put out I’m honestly mind blown every time. I’ve always admired you and your music because of it uniqueness. I’m sure everyone who’s a fan can say that they connect to your music on a very emotional level. Your songs don’t just make us cry because of the lyrics but because it’s a beauty in itself. Just know we love you Joji, take care of yourself and we’ll always keep you in our prayers 🫂

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