JoJo Siwa’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the Stars

JoJo Siwa’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the Stars

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson dance the Cha Cha to “Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande on Dancing with the Stars 2021!

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38 Responses

  1. Jennifer Julianna says:

    I never realized how tall she was! What a great dance. She’s definitely going to go far in this competition!

    • Isabel says:

      @Big Boi Dally I would hardly call Dance Moms experience… Abby’s choreography was often questionable

    • kidy Mbiakop says:

      @nats m. exactly she even described it as j think a basketball player playing baseball. Just bc you dance doesn’t mean you do everything and some people still don’t understand that

    • erica clayburn says:

      @Big Boi Dally Cody Rigsby was literally a professional dancer, Amanda Kloots has more years of Dance experience than Jojo’s been alive was on Broadway, was a Rockette, and teaches dance now, Olivia Jade has a decade+ of dance classes under her belt staring from early childhood. Melora Hardin took dance lessons most of her life including from the late great Patrick Swayze and played Baby in Dirty Dancing the Series, and was in Lambada and spent time on broadway. She was literally dancing professionally a decade before Jojo was born as well. Mel C was a dancer for nearly two decades before she hurt her knee, Sunisa Lee isn’t a dancer but she’s a gymnast and there is a lot of overlap. Kenya Moore also has more dance training and experience years than Jojo’s been alive, Dancing was literally her talent when she won miss USA. Plenty of stars have dance experience just like they do most seasons. If they didn’t their talent pool would be way too small.

    • moonystar101 says:

      she’s a trained dancer… she grew up training to dance of course she is going far…

    • Concepcion30 says:

      @nats m. Right, her wiki said she’s part of the 100 most influential people, but I honestly never heard of her before. But Disney always likes to put someone on the show that teens know well.

  2. Sofi P. says:

    Definitely has the enthusiasm and they compliment each other, they are my fav couple so far, if I could give one advice to Jojo tho, it’s to let go a bit, and not be so rough on the moves. But over all INCREDIBLE

    • Joi Benjamin says:

      Yeah JoJo always goes full out lol she can’t do it any other way. But I love that about her!

    • Cwayzums says:

      Jojo is intense and very passionate about dancing, so she forgets to just let go especially that the show has just started. However, I bet that tango and paso doble will be her best dances.

    • Samantha Ferris says:

      Yeah she’s dancing this like hip hop, hitting the accents way too hard. She really needs to work on controlling her legs and feet as well. Ballroom is all about accuracy and small details.

    • Louise says:

      Ahahaha the same thing happened to me after learning ballroom. It’s a bit hard to let go of habits, especially when the song is so upbeat

    • Till M says:

      It is not a couple dancing…it seems the producers are anxious to show a real erotic interaction between two women… 0 points

  3. Grayson Williford says:

    i love jojo on dancing with the stars so much. she’s such a light!!!

  4. Mari Aro says:

    What an amazing dance! So exciting and full of energy. This has gone from being groundbreaking to being one of the most fun partnerships to watch! Super kudos to Jenna’s fabulous choreography.

    And for those saying it’s not “fair” to have Jojo as a dancer be on DWTS, note the past contestants that have been from Disney or teen shows – these contestants have had dance background to make it in Hollywood and there hasn’t been a lot of pushback on their success in DWTS. Not to mention other contestants in this season who have dance training as well. In addition, she’s trained in dance but not in ballroom which still has its disadvantages per the comments on “too much movement” by Derek. My two cents is, enjoy the performances, all of them, and the show for what it is. A fun compilation of cool dancing and people. Cheers to Jojo and Jenna!

  5. artofmuses says:

    OMG Jojo, I love seeing her so grown up and stepping into a whole other world.

  6. JordanHoskins15 says:

    they’re going all the way and I believe strongly that they’ll win! I can’t stop watching 😭 jojo about to have the highest viewed dances each week I can feel it

    • Lake Davies says:

      @Why are people so hypocritical? oh no not everyone babe! You wouldn’t understand tho considering you’ve NEVER been loved your whole life. Not hard to see why tho, couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to even be around you 🙃

    • br33zin says:

      @Tom Snoodle Amanda kloots is also a dancer. Seems fair to me 🙂

    • Lauren Day says:

      Highest viewed doesn’t always = the winner. Ask Zendaya, Normadi or Skai Jackson lol. Personally I think Suni Lee will win

    • FeatheredWingz says:

      The sealions on this thread are obvious. Their goal is to wear you down to claim “gotcha status”. It’s a pathetic way for cynics to waste the time of people who actually enjoy life. They don’t have to watch the show if they’re truly fed up with the decision and think it’s rigged, and they clearly aren’t putting their views where their mouth is if they are here. The goal is to complain. Attention is better placed where it belongs, on this amazing performance!

    • Ron Camp says:

      @br33zin Amanda studied dance and is not a professional. Thanks for playing

  7. Cyndee Genevieve says:

    Doesn’t matter if she was on Dance Moms and is a big huge star this was a really incredible dance that they did and at the end was priceless and made them both smile cause they both did it without messing up

    • Tracey Jeanne says:

      Most of the time on this show, they have Olympic athletes, ice skaters, etc, people who clearly have a head start. Most of them have a background that will help them in some way. She’s never done ballroom dancing and hasn’t danced competitively in years. Her scores were 7s ? So she doesn’t have that much of a head start above the others

    • Loved By You says:

      Like just because I grew up knowing dance doesn’t mean I’ll be good at ballroom dancing. It’s so different, not only is partnering hard but uses partnering a girl!!! Also it’s clear moving her hips don’t come natural to her!!! I am happy she’s not just amazing at everything gives room for growth

    • JS Star says:

      @Chata Pratt I totally agree. There’s a lot of unfairness going on here.

    • JS Star says:

      @Tracey Jeanne Oh please.

    • Nessy Marie says:

      You are right, they were amazing. Some people try to spend their time and energy being negative about it.

  8. Nique Amour says:

    She is so tall. I’m constantly forgetting like she’s a grown woman with such a baby face.

  9. Tracy Nester says:

    I am going to go on a limb and say. Jenna’s got a chance to showcase her choreography this season.

  10. Alex Bk says:

    I can’t wait to see them do a proper ballroom, romantic dance. Feel like they’re playing it quite safe atm so as not to offend people. Pretty much the same thing Strictly did last year with Nicola and Katya where they’re less of a couple and more just two mates dancing side by side.

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