JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind But Really Really Fast — Animation

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind But Really Really Fast — Animation

a story about the son of the punchy boy, yes that one but no not actually that one, he’s got the head of the other punchy boy, the punchy boy the punchy boy’s grandson’s grandson fought, or at least he did before that punchy boy punched it off. he likes snakes a lot

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Part 2 – Battle Tendency –
Part 3 – Stardust Crusaders –
Part 4 – Diamond is Unbreakable –

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27 Responses

  1. Viva Reverie says:

    I really hope the wait was worth it!! This was a massive massive undertaking and went far far beyond my expected scope. I’d like to immediately say PLEASE DON’T EXPECT PART 6 TO BE 20 MINUTES LONG!! Maybe it will be??? But don’t expect it to be!!

    If you want updates, I give them pretty frequently over on my Twitter, so if you use Twitter follow me there!!

    Thank you thank you, part 6 will happen in uhhhhh 7000 years, see you then 💙💙

  2. Lucian Christinzio says:

    The fucking “Diavolo is trish” during the body swap time skip is hilarious.

  3. Y0G0FU says:

    The “Technically not a Hanged Man” Joke was fantastic… i shed a tear of Joy for that one xD You had it so long in the making xD

  4. Cliff Robotnik says:

    That was the single best summation of Gold Experience Requiem’s Ability…

    “No.” is Exactly what it does.

  5. Yudron Micros says:

    King Crimson is actually pretty easy: No-clipping fate for 10 seconds.

    • Jo Da says:

      It’s ability is actually pretty much that. I’ll give an explaination:

      It basically causes 2 Diavolos to exist simultaneously, which i will call skipDiavolo and fateDiavolo, respectively. When the skip starts, everything that would have happened without using timeskip happens, including everything fateDiavolo would have done (like murdering Naranchia in Giorno’s body for example) had he not used the ability. Meanwhile, skipDiavolo is free to walk around unimpeded by the fate during the skip, but anything he does doesn’t affect the world at all during the skip.

      When the skip ends, 3 things happen at once:
      fateDiavolo ceases to exist,
      skipDiavolo becomes just regular Diavolo and manifests in reality again and
      everyone (in a certain radius and also except for Diavolo, formerly skipDiavolo) forgets anything that happened during the skip.

      So yeah, NoClipping fate is a pretty good description.

    • BringItON4 Drago says:

      King crimson is easy to explain he can just skip time. In other words just call it Lagging

    • Mallow says:

      Online game lag

    • CosmicIsDead says:

      @Yudron Micros I guess that makes more sense. King Crimson isn’t as confusing as people make it to be. But the whole “Fated actions” are probably what makes it so confusing.

    • Yudron Micros says:

      it’s pretty simple: if Diavolo removes himself from actions, he himself does without timeskip, then the result of said actions will still occur.

      example: if he would throw a rock without King Crimson, but would use his stand, before throwing the rock, then the rock would still be thrown, regardless.

      he just impaled Narancia on the railings but removed himself from the fated-to-happen action with time-skip beforehand, for cover-up. even without Diavolo being present, this is still fated to happen.

      imagine it like an animation, where one of the animated characters removes himself from the scene for 10 seconds. everything else will remain animated the same way, as if the character never left the place.

      it also helps to understand that fate in JoJo, isn’t just some abstract concept but a real, observable force.

  6. TDO Barron says:

    2:56 “I’M huNgREY!!” Had me dying

  7. Viva Reverie says:

    The hour is nigh folks…!

  8. Izenheim reborn says:

    Love the dedication to honesty one of the most bizarre scenes in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

  9. Sollace says:

    8:28 That fastforward effect actually caught me off guard XD

    Well done, well worth the wait, Viva

  10. Zornamations says:

    For part 6 I’d take “Kachow” as an aceptable joke for Highway to Hell

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