JOKER – Teaser Trailer – In Theaters October 4

JOKER – Teaser Trailer – In Theaters October 4

Joker – Teaser Trailer – In Theaters October 4

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58 Responses

  1. PRATTAY YTer says:

    Heath ledger is feeling proud right now…
    may this movie live up to our expectations

    • Scott Mantooth says:

      the trailer does at least

    • grandeurlies says:

      go into it without expectations, and i have a feeling it might be a fantastic stand-alone superhero film.
      it’d be dope if near the end or somepoint we get a lil batman cameo. i’m just more excited than anything else

    • chris kramer says:

      Ledger isnt feeling anything right now since he is dead.

  2. Horrormaster13 says:

    Give Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar already. He is a phenomenal actor.

  3. ALOK UPADHYAY says:

    That scene when he forcefully smile is mind blowing

  4. sundaresan logan says:

    Expressing pain through laughter that is what pheonix is capable of….
    You have our respect .

  5. Farhaan khan says:

    Someone famous in 2020:
    And the best actor Oscar goes to Jaoquin Pheonix for joker.
    Me: it has to be this man.

  6. JustonianInstitute says:

    A dark comic book movie without all the typical comic book movie BS but an emphasis on quality acting by one of the best?! I’m in.

  7. Mayank Sharma says:

    1:14 damn that Laugh.
    *Ohk maybe we got something here folks*

  8. Kailey Mou says:

    Joaquin Phoenix is getting an Oscar for this, I’M CALLING IT NOW

  9. Abhi jith says:

    I never thought that Charly Chaplin Song would be creepy

  10. L Lawliet says:

    I freaking love Joaquin Phoenix. Not really a fan of these kind of movies but I’ll definitely see it for him!

  11. SW1EmpireAtWar says:

    Just by the trailer alone Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is far better than Jared Leto’s Joker, can’t wait to see it.

    • Ahsoka_USW says:

      this trailer’s got more Joker than SS. Can’t compare a poor script of a whole movie with a trailer, sry. Btw, enjoy the different versions of the joker, not just one, don’t be that kind of person.

  12. Young Orange says:

    *someone please listen to my sounds, i just need a chance* ??

  13. Atodacosta Project! says:

    MARVEL: We’ve got Dark Phoenix.
    DC: We have got “Dark” Phoenix!!

  14. D.M. Samson says:

    Movie announced: “Ugh. Another stupid attempt at the Joker.”
    Trailer seen: *moved to tears*

  15. Mr.Blue says:

    Watched the trailer 20 times already

  16. Kaan Yılmaz says:

    Man… I never knew Joaquin was the Joker I’ve always needed on big screen since Heath… this teaser disturbed me and saddened me… Made me show empathy to the character of The Joker even more.. Im truly looking forward to see the rest of his incredible performance!! ?

  17. Agent Ghost says:

    Thanos better watch out. The one of the King of the greatest Villain is coming.

  18. TeganX7 says:

    I don’t know if this film will be good or bad, but whoever cut this trailer makes it look like this is a Martin Scorsese masterpiece, and that is great!

  19. BakedPotatoYT says:

    *Thomas Wayne (Batman’s Dad)*
    at 1:40
    *Bruce Wayne (Batman)*
    at 1:47

  20. Malik Crim says:

    “The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.”


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