Jokes Seth Can’t Tell with Hillary Rodham Clinton

Jokes Seth Can’t Tell with Hillary Rodham Clinton

There are some jokes that just sound wrong coming from Seth, so Hillary Rodham Clinton stops by to help him out.
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Jokes Seth Can’t Tell with Hillary Rodham Clinton- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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90 Responses

  1. Rix Thorsell says:

    oh boy, here come the comments!

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      you know what I find interesting, when I watch someone like Hillary do something like this, I find myself not caring & just ignoring the trolls & thinking of them as society’s rejects not worthy of my consideration. If others find themselves feeling the same way, then what does that say about how different the world would be if she was in the whitehouse now

    • wickednwyld says:

      King Axolotl – Look into the Justice Democrats. None of those candidates take any corporate or PAC money, and most of them are regular people sick of the corruption.

    • King Axolotl says:

      Lilac Lizard So you don’t care what happens to the country?

    • King Axolotl says:

      wickednwyld I already know about the Justice Democrats. I’m a regular watcher of Secular Talk.

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      King, not really no. I’ve lost interest in America now & only really interested in the rest of the world because of the toxic landscape America has become. The point I was trying to make is that if it was Hillary, not donald in the whitehouse, I think the vibe coming from it would be VERY different! It would be one of tolerance & acceptance & unity & instead of troll wars, the trolls would be back under their bridges where they belonged & where no-one was listening or caring what they had to say, like it was under Obama

  2. Chocolate Telephone92 says:

    “popular vote winners are liars” lol so much more applicable to people who don’t win popular votes…. I’m looking at u… tiny hands. but not at your hands, they’re too tiny to see…..

    • David Briggs says:

      Michael Lamay, lying or ignorant of facts? There was, of course, illegal activity on both sides.

    • Big George says:

      Michael Lemay she won 4 million just in the los angeles and orange county area. this is exactly why we let states decide and not urban liberal centers like LA. Why should someone in West Virginia be forced to care about issues in southern california? pure democracy has never worked and always devolves into tyranny so stop pushing for a guaranteed to fail system just because you are too dumb to read history.

    • Michael Lemay says:

      Big George Regardless she won the popular vote. I didn’t say she should be President, I said she won the popular vote, which is an objective fact.

    • Michael Lemay says:

      David Briggs I’m not doing either of those things. She did win the popular vote. There is positively no evidence of illegal immigrants or corpses voting. None, zip, notta, nothing.

    • Big George says:

      Michael Lemay actually there is evidence of illegals voting

  3. Regular Teller says:

    The comments on this are gonna be wild

  4. kaykay12152 says:

    I think I’ve been watching too many of Shane’s videos.
    Something just doesn’t look right…..
    Bring on the conspiracies

  5. xquidditchcaptainx says:

    It’s great that she still has a sense of humor.

    • X Million says:

      Spice Arrakis- Lol. You could, as it were, fulfill your own prophecy, for all intents and purposes, by becoming extinct yourself, for if your existence ceased, the rest of us would cease to exist en masse, as far as you could tell. JK

    • Spice Arrakis says:

      Let’s not go down that rabbit hole. I’m happy pretending you cunts are real for now ;). If death guaranteed the end I woulda necked myself already.

    • The African-American Soldier says:

      xquidditchcaptainx: Yeah really… after she has now been caught rigging the DNC election and colluding with Russia and STILL lost the election! Still a smile on her face! Smh

    • David Briggs says:

      Bengali Revolution, you don’t get it. She was not an option and should not have been lying, cheating and deceiving to take the nomination from Bernie.

    • Anos Anosn says:

      … That others wrote for her. Yeah. It’s easy to have a sense of humor when said sense is external to your body and on payroll.

  6. babybree175 says:

    According to fox news said that was my fault.

    • SimonLYW says:

      Destructicon Jenkins you’ve read the book?

    • jeck jeck says:

      HILLARY IS KILLING KOALAS! WAKE UP PEOPLE. how do I now this? Fox ”news” told me, so it must be true.

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      ULGROTHA, trying, but we can’t fix global warming on our own!
      We can leave water out for them, because this animal that has NEVER in all of evolution drunk any water now requires water because climate change means the eucalyptus leaves no longer have enough moisture in them for their survival

      & we can TRY to burn off the bush when we have a month or 2 of winter & rain where it’s possible to burn without the fires getting out of control, but again it’s dam hard! Used to be 6 months a year where controlled burns could occur to reduce the fuel load & bushfires when they happened years ago, used to be of an intensity that koalas simply climbed to the top of the trees to escape (and instinct still tells them to do this), but now the fires “crown” & reach the top & the highly flammable eucalyptus oil vapours ignite creating more energy than the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan & send the temperature high enough to melt metal, glass etc, flattening EVERYTHING in it’s path & then the embers cause spotfires over 30kms (20miles) from the original fire source & are at full Hiroshima strength flames & ready to jump again well before we can get resourses to the new firefront, so it’s pretty dam hard to protect a species (that is territorial & incredibly fussy about what leaves it will eat) when you’re dealing with that!

    • stormwatcher59 says:

      Lilac Lizard…that’s so sad. But thank you for explaining it so well.

  7. Rave Yoda says:

    Get ready for the Hillary hate train to come through. A lot of butt hurt Trumpanzes don’t like her because she has been investigated till sun down and back and still nothing of note is there.

  8. A Wärje says:

    Omg all the lesbian jokes are so outdated, always. Meet some younger lesbians, for god’s sake. Like…these lesbian jokes are about lesbians from the 80s.

  9. Hailey Railey says:

    Lol I don’t really like her but at least she’s kinda humble, trump would never go on a show to make jokes because he is literally the joke.

    • The African-American Soldier says:

      Hailey Railey: No… working for the American people just like he said! How do you like that stock market, housing boom, etc…!!! Business is now BOOMING! You can sweep it under a rug or make light of it if you want, but simply put, your queen Hillary rigged the election by rigging the primary… plain and simple! Sorry, I’m not going to stoop to your name calling…

    • Cody M says:

      Hailey Railey who lost the election again?

    • Balls Mcgee says:

      Hailey Railey you are the joke

    • MrDexter says:

      Hillary humble?ahahjajaajaj.she is a politician she plays the same way Obama played the game she tries to look cool to appeal to the people.

  10. T Russo says:

    The Fox joke was Funny!

  11. Jim's videos says:

    At least that ceiling’s broken, wow. #well done

    • Flame Beats says:

      Jim’s videos I don’t get it

    • Christian Helpap says:

      plz explain :-/ Word play Referencing atlanta Police vs football?

    • JackFou says:

      I assume it’s a reference to “breaking the glass ceiling”, the glass ceiling being a metaphor for the fact that there are very few women in leadership positions

    • David Briggs says:

      Yeah, if only women could run for president or even the prime minister of UK or own a huge multi media corporation and be one of the wealthiest persons in entertainment or even an astronaut. But of course they’re all being held back forced into domestic servitude.

    • JackFou says:

      You’re right, I guess women just don’t *want* to be rich and/or powerful. Must be genetic. * facepalm *

  12. Sidd Joshi says:

    Hate her love her but the statement… *_”According to Fox-News that’s my fault”_* was a pretty accurate line.

  13. Harry says:

    Why do people think Bernie would make a good president? He’s the best underdog. Do you know how powerless Presidents are? They can’t make laws, they can either pass or veto, but even that can be overridden. They can’t judge. They can choose a nominee but with tenure, they have no reason and shouldn’t have to follow with the President’s wishes. Bernie’s the perfect senator and we need senators like him.

    • Roger Tully says:

      Why not? He would’ve been a great president and like trump, very different from the standard Obama or Bush-alike politicans. This is why Bernie and Trump took the country by storm. They were talking directly to and for the people.

    • WiseWordsbyWiki says:

      Roger Tully I have no idea why you think comparing Trump and Bernie like that helps

    • WiseWordsbyWiki says:

      Berzerk Llama How could she be worse?

    • WiseWordsbyWiki says:

      saintfelician4life Hillary and Bernie had incredibly similar positions, with the main difference being Hillary was planning on taking baby steps. Also positions people take can change.

    • wickednwyld says:

      WiseWordsbyWiki – That was part of the problem. People are sick of the status quo, and ‘baby steps’ is code for bullshit and the same old, same old. If she had taken even one or two of Bernie’s most popular ideas and promised to run it into the endzone, she would have won in a landslide.

  14. apocalarious says:

    Jenny & Hillary laughing together, with Amber on the other end of the desk also laughing, made me forgot for a second abt agent orange

  15. albert ardis cohn says:

    Hilary looks rested and confident. ????

    • David Briggs says:

      She doesn’t have much to do except sell her book these days.

    • wickednwyld says:

      Unapologetically Sassy – And why did those millions of voters do that? Because she offered nothing to them, refused to announce the policies they wanted and arrogantly thought that they would fall in line anyway. Her real campaign slogan was, ‘I’m not him’ and it failed, bigly. This is the exact same screwup Romney made in 2012.

      Lesson for both sides here- when you assume that people ‘owe’ you their vote and do nothing to *earn* it, prepare to get bitchslapped by the voters.

    • Christopher G says:

      Why would a out of Work Grandmother look any different?

    • C Mahoney says:

      She’s had plenty of time to hunt small children and harvest their blood

    • Shawn says:

      albert ardis cohn sane non republican Americans look that way

  16. albert ardis cohn says:

    And a sense of humor. She’s on the right track.

  17. Randy H says:

    Ok the koala thing was pretty funny 🤣👏👏👏

  18. Anti Trumpster says:

    Love the Hillary part!!!!!!

  19. Matt Johnston says:

    I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but Hillary’s delivery was fantastic!

    • Ben Mitchell says:

      Lilac Lizard funny enough I actually do have experience in sketch comedy and live performance, but a conversation about her comedy delivery alone is subjective. You are allowed your opinion. (Am I not merciful?)

    • Lilac Lizard says:

      Ben well then you should know that it’s commonplace for performers to have not written the sketches they’re performing & that when you’re writing comedy sketches (if you do) that you always want particular people playing certain characters you’ve written, because they will make or break the sketch. Comic timing & delivery is everything & she’s got it! I’d LOVE to write for her!

    • wickednwyld says:

      chuck wick – Yeah, and Trump is Mr Squeaky Clean. I can’t stand Hillary, but you might want to put down the rocks until president Glass House has left office.

    • hank skool says:

      Yes.  She’s just a truly authentic person.

  20. A Cappella Trudbol says:

    Amber is such a cutie

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