Jon Hendren Defends Edward S. on HLN

Jon Hendren Defends Edward S. on HLN

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20 Responses

  1. Gee Willy says:

    Edward Scissorman is a good man. He has years of experience running with

  2. Nathan Gibbs says:

    Oh hell yah baby!!! Hell yeah!

  3. dudefromtheplace says:

    Jon Hendren is my idol

  4. Ollie Murray says:

    That’s Jon Baby!!

  5. Jon Smith says:

    As a fellow Hendren I just have to say that fortunately and unfortunately
    we have a trolly sense of humor.

  6. DrNordo says:

    Is this interviewer retarded or something?

  7. David E. says:

    jon hendren did a good job on the TV

  8. burgercide says:

    These f*****s associate with Nancy Grace. Do you need to know anything

  9. Jonathan Laliberte says:


  10. b0rg says:

    *@fart* trololol

  11. John milshnogenberg says:

    This dude is a genius and why is this bitches face like 4 feet long?

  12. COBRARocky says:

    Eat the eggs, Edward.

  13. benwoo says:


  14. Xavier Jones says:

    HLN still exists??? clueless imbeciles

  15. Taureg says:

    lol these hosts don’t even listen to the guests

  16. Efren Rivera Junior says:

    i don’t get it

  17. Ari Karim says:

    Host is dumb as shit.

  18. Jayron Estrada says:

    i thought Andy Milonakis was trolling the news

  19. Hopetothefuture says:

    lol I dont think she heard one thing he said

  20. Viva Frei says:

    Is that the kid from Hot Tub Time Machine?