Jon Jones breaks down Gane win, says Stipe Miocic better give 100% of himself for their fight

Jon Jones breaks down Gane win, says Stipe Miocic better give 100% of himself for their fight

Jon Jones joins the UFC 285 Post Show to recap his submission win against Ciryl Gane in his first fight in over three years. “Bones” also looks ahead to a fight against former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

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33 Responses

  1. President Evil says:

    I knew Jon would win, but never imagined he’d do it so easily

  2. walter williams says:

    Jon Jones truly deserves the pedestal he was put on tonight. A one of a kind artist

  3. Adam Peraza says:

    Jon said in the promo “I’m going to take him into the trenches and see how bad he wants it.” The man did what he said and left his opponent shell shocked. Wow 🤯

  4. C.K. MMA says:

    Thank you for your performance Jon! You deserve the spotlight everywhere you go

  5. Will Hatfield says:

    It’s pretty cool seeing Jon this happy and rejoiced after this huge win…. After everything, good or bad…. He did it. Pretty cool ya know.

  6. Lance L. says:

    He sounds so polite and he’s humble even during his downfalls but he could kill 99% of all of us. 🐐

  7. Alex __226 says:

    That’s one of the best wins in UFC history. 3 years off. Moves up 40 pounds. Fights a unicorn for the division. Utter destruction in the fight. Undeniable 🐐

  8. Alpha_Male_Ninja_Shit says:

    Crazy part is Jon Jones is already a long time vet with years of octagon experience but traditionally heavyweights peak around late 30’s to early 40’s so Jones only being mid 30’s is scary to think he could still get better over the next few years especially if he’s active. Just look how good he still is after 3 years off. Going up to heavyweight to win another belt was smart because now he probably has many more years of winning fights if he wants to

  9. Sergio Mendoza says:

    0:14 Chael’s defeat of Jon was so devastating he is still affected till this day.

  10. Tariq Aslam says:

    Happy to see John has finally found himself and got the belt. Wasn’t a fan, after watching a doc of his downfall, feel he has no choice but to fix up and hope he improves. Stay strong JJ and kudos to Triple C for bringing JJ to this level.

    • TechniSch says:


    • SlicedLimes says:

      Those downfall docs are pretty stupid as a whole. Sometimes they happen to be accurate in some ways but it’s just so dumb to assume that men can’t change for the better.

    • Chosen Two says:

      Good to stay positive — but he has done this many times this win and couple of months of no horrible behaviour doesnt mean he’s “found himself”

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