Jon Jones expects rematch vs. Thiago Santos | UFC 239 | ESPN MMA

Jon Jones expects rematch vs. Thiago Santos | UFC 239 | ESPN MMA

Jon Jones says his victory vs. Thiago Santos at UFC 239 was “extremely humbling.” Jones also says he has a lot of work to do, but he is happy he fought the smart fight and took home the belt. Jones says he’s sure there will be a rematch with Santos at some point. Jones was not surprised by the split decision as Santos “earned” the split decision. He expects Holly Holm to come back strong after her loss to Amanda Nunes. Jones says both of his feet and shins are swollen after the fight, which is why he needed to be carried off after the victory, and he says he apologized to the crowd after the fight because he wasn’t able to deliver his normal dominant performance.

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99 Responses

  1. Nick Hogan says:

    “Were you surprised with his take-down defence?”
    How does that guy get a press pass?

    • Dom sugar says:

      Yup all those leg shots Santos tossed up made Santos pay not jones u all wanna attack jones like he aint shit Santos can beat him bra remember jones didn’t fight nearly half of what he can do so ya jones played it safe got the W and all of u haters can suck it????

    • Willis Mcgee says:

      ? did he watch the fight ?

    • tacosrock11xX says:

      Nick Hogan reporters are given questions to ask by their bosses and if they don’t ask them they lose their jobs, there’s nothing he could do

    • The Reaper says:

      @Joseph Traylor Not really

    • Sound Logic Ent. says:


  2. Igor Matisorovic says:

    This fight should be DRAW…….
    I hope immediate rematch,because Santos deserve one more chance…..

    • Harry Maynard says:

      KeezyWithABanger you’re saying Jones could easily knock him out but didn’t. What does that comment even mean? You’re basically saying “he could’ve won if he didn’t lose”
      Stupid comment.
      The fight was a draw.

    • Jonny Bones says:

      Avant Campbell No. The match could’ve gone to anyone. Jones won 3-4, santos 1-2. The 5th round was debatable. Jones out stuck santos and was pursuing him more with plays a big factor on scorecards but Santos was making it a much more impact hitting Jones with bigger shots. Again.. the match could’ve gone any way but Jones got the W. That’s why it went to a spilt decision.. the judges had a tough time calling that one.

    • Zoltan Obru says:

      Jones won the.fight,.it was not even close to a draw, you are.dreaming

    • emanuel manvelyan says:

      @KeezyWithABanger dont come up with lies because he didnt drop him a single time and the judges saw it as it was hes knee just buckled you dumb fanboy.

    • kentusmc0311 says:


  3. Steve Jenkins says:

    Can’t blame Jon for being tentative, Santos’s leg was fucked but so was his. And why charge in and get ko’d by crazy man Santos. Great fight rematch please

    • Massiah Saiz says:

      When you’re in that close of a fight and you do basically nothing the 5th round (the most important round in a title fight) because you know that you’ll win because you have to “beat the champ to be the champ”. I completely get fighting smart but there’s a difference between fighting scared and fighting smart

    • I have unpopular correct opinions says:

      @Check GS ikr the fuck is wrong with these idiots

    • terrors says:

      Rematch will be domination from Jon, like the gus and cormier second bouts. Santos had his chance, came VERY very close, but, like I said, Jones fucks everyone up in rematches.

    • Nicholas Moss says:

      @I have unpopular correct opinions It was a smart fight dumbass

    • ric rich says:

      He over extended his knee when he went for a kick. Jones missed and strained his knee. Acl tear probably

  4. rymxo says:

    Dana should keep his mouth shut, everyone, including Jones wants a rematch

    • Picca says:

      Kirk Landau lol hey dumbass and I know you see it’s a close fight mostly because he played it smart, would’ve been gun blazing if santos didn’t injure himself but to think jones was outclass shows how low your iq is.

    • k d says:

      Santos leg is hurt. There won’t be any immediate rematch.

    • Teequ says:

      @Kirk Landau you’re forgetting the injury was self inflicted on jones not to crawl up his ass but jones had that fight all the way round from the control of the pace and movement to defensive tactics to even the accuracy of his punches and that’s before we even get to the grappling side of bones so truly he dominated that fight you can say anything about it but the statistics prove it all and to top that off there is hardly ever a mma fighter where neither of the fighters sustained an injury but they have to choice to pull out if they don’t feel it’s right. Jones also has more time as the GOAT than santos, younger age, height advantage, a quite nice reach advantage, better leg reach only thing I see differentiating them two is that Jon bones jones is a black belt in Gaidojutsu which is Greg Jacksons Belt system for MMA Jujitsu and he’s a blue belt in BJJ but Santos is a black belt in BJJ but say as you wish I think jones will keep doing business and getting money as usual in the end they all need each other.

    • Crowtein says:

      Makhi Makharadze Are you always this stupid or just when you try to convey your thoughts without using your voice?

  5. Parents Basement says:

    Doesn’t look like a guy who just went 5 rounds.

    • theonly man says:

      Well he’s black what do you expect?

    • Check GS says:

      Parents Basement Well he was only hit with 17 significant strikes to the head… and he only landed 11 on thiago. Overall it was a horrible fight… jones had a wounded animal in front on him for 3/5’s of the fight and didnt go for the finish. Very weak.

    • GLTCH 12345 says:

      @DA REAL Johnny Appleseed Cause Thiago torn his acl when he threw a kick, Jones didnt do shit to him, he couldnt even take him down

    • murrrmur says:

      Jon didn’t even try to take Santos to the ground. He got 5 rounds of information for the next fight.

    • Josh Torres says:

      I would tell you to look at santos legs but he can’t stand up

  6. Into the Multiverse says:

    Huge respect for Santos, my favourite LHW now.

  7. Josh Lavian says:

    Santos really is a gentleman. He lost the biggest fight of his career (barely), and the opportunity to be the only man to truly defeat Jon Jones as well, and Jon just shared that he then immediately invited Jones to party with him in Brazil. Big fan of his now. He’s a tough MF

  8. Eissa Shohatee says:

    When Santos asked for the hug in the end. I became a fan

    • Kherla DesBois says:

      SAME ! Think he understand why Jon is the GOAT.

    • dik2bik says:

      And that’s why he lost. With Masvidal mentality, he’d be holding the belt

    • Alexander Morgan says:

      @M Express what are you trying to say man. Come on just say something. You’re talking about someone’s IQ, But sounding completely retarded.

    • James Handley says:

      I already was a big fan of santos . Now I’m a bigger fan. I I kept telling everyone santos is going give Jon a lot of trouble with he’s power and toughness.its going to come down to who’s tougher. and has more tools. Jon showed he had more tools and a champions mind . They both are as tuff as they come. Casual don’t like this fight but if your a hardcore fight fan or know how to fight . This was a beautiful chest match. Jon Jones fought amazing. Staying away from the power. Whenever get hit he would just eat it like a donut and march forward . Jones a bad man a wild man

    • Clark Kent says:

      @Immigrant Mentality Stiopic He did not get round 1 100%.

  9. Commander Data says:

    Fair play Jon , real humble and real talk man , introspection is on point. Keep it up man rematch will be savage

  10. JR Black says:

    Well.. hats off to Jones, but this rematch has to happen. I seen a draw. But I know why the judges gave it to jones.. you have to really beat the champ in order to be victorious.

    • Cory McCracken says:

      “You have to beat the champ to be victorious” LOL so you have to win the fight to win?? No way!

      The saying is “you have to beat the champ to be the champ”

    • Matt Esteves says:

      Jones dominated. Are you a jones hater or possibly a troll? No way you could’ve truly seen it as a draw. Perhaps a casual fan or may not understand how these fights work. Jones dominated 4/5 rounds.

    • Manic Mute says:

      @beefcake502 – Round 5 for Jones! ? MMA are hilariously bad at judging fights, almost as bad as the judges.

    • Manic Mute says:

      @beefcake502 – Santos landed the more significant strikes in round 5, and I’m not talking about the fight stats as they’re not a valid way to judge fights.

    • regular_dude says:

      Lawler beat hendricks by split decision to win the belt at ufc 181 thats a bullshit saying. Jones is protected. Santos won 1,2,5 in my opinion. Jones advanced and had octagon control but had his 1 take attempt stuffed and santos landed the hardest most significant strikes. Jones landed paddy cake strieks with no power dude needs to get back on roids. Jones will use his wrestling in the rematch just like against gus. But thiago will have a healthy knee and will be ready.

  11. pohmakas33 says:

    Santos was wayy better than i though, he took jonesy to a split decision. Was so calm throughout, gave so much damage and did it with one knee, incredible

  12. Isaiah Usher says:

    No matter how Jon Jones wins people will have excuses for it

  13. Raph K says:

    Jon Jones sounds like he becoming Saitama…

  14. Kevin Fuller says:

    Yo Jones has a great chin. He took some big shots from Santos.

    • robderp says:

      yo momma’s toilet while I do think Jones is a cheat, TJ got knocked out on PEDs so the whole “steroids improve your chin argument” is a bit off

    • drastik says:

      @Tre J he did Thiago a favor by not going after the obvious injury. Jones could of easily exploited the injury.

    • drastik says:

      @yo momma’s toilet dude, they all are on shit….I mean get really bro..

    • yo momma's toilet says:

      @drastik no shit sherlock. Why the fuck does Jon get a free pass to juice his bitch ass while everyone else is punished? Let them all fuckin roid.

    • yo momma's toilet says:

      @robderp you brought up a single fighter who got knocked out on PEDs. I can just as easily name bunch of guys who all lost their chins after they were off PEDs. Bigfoot, Overeem, Hendo, Vitor, all got ktfo once they were off testosterone. Stop using anecdotes.

  15. Tyler Quint says:

    You can argue Jon won 4-1 or 3-2 and argue santos won 3-2 I lt always seem the champion gets the advantage in close fights if you wanna beat the champ take him out and don’t let the judges decide anything

    • Guga Bastos says:

      Yeah, you can’t call that a robbery, it could’ve gone either way, I had Santos winning 1 and 5 while Jones getting 2, 3 and 4 but rounds 2 and 5 were too damn close

    • Ofon says:

      That mostly seems to be true if they don’t wanna get the champ outta there. Had Tyron Woodley or DJ been in Jones’ place, they would have given Twood and DJ the loss, imo.

    • El muchacho says:

      Sometimes it works, look at Cejudo/DJ or Cruz/TJ

  16. Karl Wolfgramm says:

    Reporter: “Were you surprised by his take down defence?”
    Other Reporters: ” Ooooo Marquez didn’t watch the fight…”

  17. Ill Saliva says:

    Anybody that knows anything about fighting know that, that was a chess match. Both felt each other’s power and both were cautious of it. Both has hurt their legs and neither were willing to open themselves up too much against a dangerous opponent that could end the fight at any time. It was very very close but I did slightly edge it on rounds to Jones but mainly down to control of the fight but what a fight and Santos can walk away with his head held extremely high. Also, showed the rest of the division he is not just a slugger he’s got serious game! Scary dudes, respect to them both

    • Racovita Alexei says:

      100% good observation. Like your comment and happy to see good analysis. Respect to both.

    • Massiah Saiz says:

      Fight would’ve gone a lot different without the injury. There’s a big difference between fighting on a torn knee and fighting on a leg that’s getting kicked. Santos’ movement and power were completely nullified because he no longer had his movement. Even when he was kicking you could see his knee buckling. Santos showed so much heart. I wouldn’t be mad with the decision if Jones didn’t just coast the whole 5th round

  18. T D says:

    That’s jons m.o. He’s always tried to beat others at what their best at

  19. ZR1 LT5 Chris says:

    Seems Jones can take guys out anytime he wants but he just doesn’t risk it. Can’t say I blame him considering all the great fighters getting smoked lately.

    • Joel Rodriguez says:

      @King skeletal there’s nothing really special about your hero he’s good but not that good

    • Guga Bastos says:

      Jones messed up his strategy, he’s one of the best wrestlers ever and didn’t even thought of taking Santos down, he made things harder for himself by standing with Santos, it was a risk and he barely won it

    • Lil Wooo says:

      Monkey D. Ash he literally said in the video exactly what the guy commented..dumb move but that’s what he wanted to do

    • Aaron minor says:

      I mean if jon Jones would of took him down he coulda won any time

    • Massiah Saiz says:

      Aaron minor I would’ve much rather seen jones take him down than coast like a bitch the entire 5th round

  20. Levi Anderson says:

    I have to admit I appreciate the consistent class from John Jones. It does feel authentic. Santos also handled himself very well. These guys might become better friends before a rematch. Congrats John Jones!

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