Jon Stewart Hosts Night of Too Many Stars

Jon Stewart Hosts Night of Too Many Stars

Watch Live: Hosted by Jon Stewart and featuring Chris Rock, Seth Rogen, Olivia Munn and more, Night of Too Many Stars is a live comedy benefit that will support NEXT for AUTISM. Donate here:

Host: Jon Stewart
Warm-Up: Ron Funches
Abbi Jacobson
Adam Sandler
Ben Stiller
Chris Jackson
Chris Rock
Edie Falco
Ellie Kemper
Hasan Minhaj
Howie Mandel
J.J. Abrams:
John Mulaney
John Oliver
Jordan Klepper
Olivia Munn
Rob Corddry
Robert De Niro
Stephen Colbert
Will Forte

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81 Responses

  1. Fuk Disshit says:

    What a shit show

  2. Navy Veteran says:

    Why wasn’t there more autism information given? Why should these people give if they don’t know what they are giving for? . As Mom to two autistic children, I expected a lot more from this. The Sarah Silverman bit was insulting on a massive level! Wtf was with the sex guy standing with John Oliver?

    Carly was amazing!

    • Navy Veteran says:

      Keven they were in very poor taste. If you are going to “appear” at a charity event then have the decency to make something new not recycle previous bullshit.

    • kostis pet says:

      Ah, idiots who didn’t get her joke about celebrities recycling appearances and making stndard statements about all charity events. It was oviously a deliberetaly bad dubbing, poking fun at the fact that celebrities don’t even bother some times that much. I’m hoping that some day there will be a charity event for you too, morons.

    • Alex G says:

      The comedy went over your heads obviously

    • Neil Westland says:

      kostis pet You’re a bit of a dick

    • kostis pet says:

      @Neil Westland I have very little tolerance for idiocy.

  3. Keep ItReal says:

    $70 Million raised over the years and how many more vaccines?

    • Angry Yogbuscus says:

      Oh sweet baby Jesus, who in the hell is this doughnut hole?

    • Angry Yogbuscus says:

      Putaque Pariu
      Oh, HEYOOOOO

    • Keep ItReal says:

      That’s what idiots do. They make fun of information because they can’t understand it. I got all your numbers. Look at you all focused on me. So typical when you can’t comprehend what I am saying.

    • Theatregal14 says:

      Keep ItReal Hmmm weird, I have a degree in biology and studied virology and vaccines from those with PhDs in viruses. Give me ONE study that says vaccine cause autism. And not that one guy who had his license taken away because his data was falsified. Not one. But I have studies that show it doesn’t cause autism. Multiple studies, with millions of participants. Until you have taken chemistry, organic chemistry, physiology, virology and a shit ton of other courses, don’t act like you know a thing about vaccines and chemicals. Vaccine your kids. Depending on herd immunity when your child doesn’t have an immunodeficiency, makes you a pathetic human being. And I have a degree that gives me the right to say that.

    • Idk Idk says:

      Guys. Just let their kids die. I know the whole herd immunity thing sucks because their decisions influence others, but the kids of parents who choose not vaccinate die more often, so it all evens out in the end. Eventually there will be none of these dumb asses left.

  4. pranav potter says:

    What’s with the dislikes ?

    • Frank Teng says:

      “It has been studied” lol what a fucking joke.

    • Ku Klux Turtle says:

      pranav potter Most good people have no interest in Hollywood’s desperate grasp for positive PR, but YouTube thinks it’s trendworthy

    • Donkey Kong Federer Sucks says:

      As a conservative, I was rather looking forward to one of my favourite comedians perform a good show for a good cause. Apparently I’m not welcome here….
      Why is everyone so intolerant of eachother?

    • Ron Burgundy says:

      nazis and louies ck fans..jodi dipiazza should rule the country

    • Steffen A. Jensen Stø says:

      No wonder everyone is intolerant, when conservatives feel victimized whenever they see a black, transgender, gay, mexican, muslim, hindu or frankly anythings that’s not as white as my white irish-norwegian ass. And conservatives then say that every liberals are child molesters because they saw Pizza in a bunch of stolen emails, while they now months later defends pedophilia them self after both Roy Moore and Ralph Shortey is accused of it (Shortey has admitted guilt) .

  5. jackier132 says:

    Loved it. I wish the best for people who do things for others

    • Teddy Furstman says:

      Thanks for Liking our show I’m Autistic and was the one of the Action Play Chorus who performed the song Rise Up. Hope you like this show that we did.

  6. DylanDude says:

    I have autism, and I have to give thanks to the wonderful people running this show for a great cause. It’s one that deserves far more exposure than it gets.

  7. Teddy Furstman says:

    I was In the event with The ActionPlay Chorus we did a great job today, everyone works so hard, and I’m hoping everyone likes our Performance Rise Up. I’m autistic, though the show is not perfect we tried our best. It did raise money for Autism Charities. We worked very hard for the show to be good. It was so much fun to be on Live TV.

  8. fidorover says:

    I’ve heard that some shows actually do rehearsals.

    • Condor says:

      Agreed. They spent so much time having Jon do promotion for this special by being on every talk show imaginable — imagine if they’d spent just a couple hours rehearsing.

    • parrap says:

      worst of all it’s 90% tech issues, so it’s not like it was just an issue of not being able to organise all the celebs at the right time to run through it, it’s just bad a production

    • J. Powell says:

      I think you’re missing the point…. It’s for charity. The idea is to keep production costs as low as possible so more money goes to the cause than the event. Compare it to a PBS telethon and then be happy bc this is 100x better.

  9. Terram Lucida Tela Concilium says:

    Remember when liberal hollywood liked to lecture the rest of the country on morality and then it turned out that they were all rapists and rape apologists? That was fun.

  10. Lostarte Films says:

    Starts at 10:04

  11. N. Jay Malik says:

    Night of too many something other than stars.

  12. Jell-O Putin says:

    Your show gave me the gift of autism.👌🇺🇸

  13. fidorover says:

    BREAKING: Olivia Munn just beat the show’s director to death with a shovel. _story developing_ …

  14. shai shen says:

    This was like SNL without the funny writting part

  15. TimeladyRose says:

    Whats with all the hate? Yes, there were some misshaps in this show – but it’s a freaking live show, mistakes happen. This was for a good cause and they did a lot to raise money for people in need. I personally enjoyed it a lot.

    • Sophia Mcintyre says:

      TimeladyRose I️ agree with you it was for a good cause

    • Random User says:

      TimeladyRose who cares about the haters. Don’t draw attention to them. There will always be losers and trolls with propaganda commenting on every video no matter how good or well intended it is. Just ignore them and let them rot in their holes as they fade out of existence.

    • Brandi h says:

      The hate has nothing to do with the quality of the show, it’s pretty obvious what their hate is for :/

  16. 1 AlaskanAssassin says:

    What the Hell happened here? 59:10

  17. ATTRIA joy says:

    I have autism to bad Carly had a hard time

  18. MMA - To the point says:

    No real comedians on the show.
    No Bill Burr, no Louis CK, no Joe Rogan, no Joey Diaz – you get the point.
    Just, approved, not funny, female friendly BS artists.

    • Putaque Pariu says:

      Joe rogan is a comedian? Are you retarded?

    • Angry Yogbuscus says:

      Yeah, no comedians at all! Just a few of the most prolific and entertaining hosts of comedy shows of the past twenty years, advocating for awareness of autism. Not even slightly worth your valuable time.

      Ya cunt.

    • Idk Idk says:

      I can kind of understand why Louis isn’t on the program.. given recent events.

    • Random User says:

      MMA – To the point This show is not to entertain trolls and shitheads like you so that you can feel a little better about your pathetic existence. This is to bring people together and raise awareness for autism. They invited whoever was available. So stop applying your shit brain and critique the show, the video is free and you literally had zero contribution to make all this happen. There are lots of people whose lives are hopefully going to improve due to this effort and that is worth more than the life of a million of pathetic douchebags like you.

    • mymy says:

      MMA – To the point It’s an autism fundraiser. There are plenty of other videos featuring the comedians you find funny. Go there.

  19. FearTheGuardian XX says:

    Holy fuck this is awful

  20. Gee Santavee says:


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