Jon Stewart on President-elect Trump, hypocrisy in America

Jon Stewart on President-elect Trump, hypocrisy in America

After Jon Stewart left “The Daily Show” last summer, much of the presidential campaign went on without his unique and satirical point of view. Charlie Rose met with Stewart to discuss his new book about the more than 16 years he spent at the Comedy Central program. Stewart was quick to give his post-election analysis.

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19 Responses

  1. Brian McWhorter says:

    The monolithic view of Trump supporters lost the Democrats the election in
    my opinion. The SJWs who spew whatever is on the top of their minds without
    knowing or caring about the actual truth have noone to blame for this
    election but themselves. Additionally, saying that “Hillary won the popular
    vote” is a worthless point. Millions didn’t vote because they live in
    states that always go Blue or Red and feel that their votes don’t matter.
    The popular vote is not an accurate metric to determine the views of the
    majority of America.

  2. Jessica Ustas (Kureji Neko) says:

    Jon Stewart: “Don’t assume everyone that voted for Trump is a racist.”
    Comment Section: “LOL, typical libtard hypocrite jew!”


    I used to watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report because they ripped into
    both sides, depending on the stupidity (there was no sacred cow). Now
    although I haven’t watched Colbert since he succeeded Letterman, but I know
    Stewart is far from being a liberal shill.
    If anything, he may as well be the father for the center-leftist
    anti-SJW/feminist commentators/comedians here on YouTube.

  3. Joshy Squashy says:

    Limousine liberals such as Jon Stewart, Katy Perry and GaGa Puke just need
    to shut it already. (and I’m from Los Angeles)

  4. Martin Sage says:

    I Used to be a Die Hard Democrat. Worked on local and national campaigns. I
    left the party because I was made aware that the Leaders Didn’t really want
    to bring Americans together but instead fueled Racism so as to keep
    minorities registered Democrat. I pray for the day when there will be as
    many Minority Republicans as Democrats and that Americans will vote on the
    Issues, etc. and not just on Race.

  5. chris twoodyhussar says:

    Bernie Sanders for president Jon Stewart for vice president who’s with me?

  6. Regrettable-Username says:

    Oh Jon, I miss you. This election would have been great with him covering
    it, but I can understand him wanting a new stage in life.

  7. MusicSprint1080p says:

    Tbh, the people didn’t elect trump. The popular vote went to Clinton by
    almost a million votes difference. The voting sistem of electoral college
    elected trump.

  8. Ryan Hammer says:

    John keeps defending Hillary, what a fake shill.

  9. Mark Seven says:

    Uncertainty and insecurity is OK as long as it’s for hard working
    Americans. It’s bad if it’s for illegal immigrants. Go figure?

  10. Whyareyouevenbotheringtotake Thetimetoreadthis says:

    My alcoholic dad said Obama is bad so I voted trump because Obama is a
    Muslim-Jew anti-Christ Marxist who wants start WW4

  11. Dixie Normous says:

    Here is the real problem in my eyes and why Trump won the election. The
    media has twisted and lied so many times that it’s hard to know when they
    are telling the truth anymore. Like the boy who cried wolf, the media lost
    credibility years ago. On top of that, I have not heard Trump say anything
    racist. I heard him say he wants to keep out and deport all ILLEGAL
    immigrants, but not all immigrants. The difference between illegal and
    legal immigrants is huge, but I believe the media used him saying this to
    paint him racist. If I’m wrong please prove it to me. I’ve been searching
    for weeks to prove Trump racist and can’t. Post a link here with the
    smoking gun if you have it.

  12. Jingle Jangle says:

    The mainstream media is anti-white. They manipulate coverage and demonize
    all white people as racist bigots that is America’s problem, when in fact
    black lives matter is openly calling for the beatings of white people and
    liberals are on the streets rioting, targeting Trump supporters. Diversity
    is a lie and everybody knows it. When people talk of diversity, they only
    mean less white people.

  13. sh09un1 says:

    Seriously, Jon Stewart just gets it. I would vote so hard for that guy if
    he ever ran for president…

  14. grubbymanz says:

    Jon Stewart is a bloodhound for hypocrisy.

  15. AllWormsMustDie says:

    Such a smart fucking guy. None of these other guys, Maher, Oliver, Noah,
    Colbert, Bee can hold a candle to Jon’s ability to cut through the
    bullshit. While all of these other comedians I used to have great
    admiration for were riding the establishment dick and repeating deceptive
    media talking points, here comes Jon with a nuanced and critical breakdown
    of the hypocrisy from both sides of the election

  16. Matt Simmons says:


  17. br m says:

    Well Fuck! Jon Stewart for president in 2020

  18. Kenneth Griffin Jr says:

    Go away, Jon Stewart. Your beliefs are archaic! Take it like a man and go
    take a nap and find your safe space.

  19. E. K. says: