Jonah Hill Accidentally Emailed Drake His Food Diary

Jonah Hill Accidentally Emailed Drake His Food Diary

Jonah Hill talks to Jimmy about mistakenly emailing his food diary to Drake instead of his doctor.

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Jonah Hill Accidentally Emailed Drake His Food Diary

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19 Responses

  1. Jordan Smith says:

    Jonah’s amazing.

  2. kylekj94 says:


  3. zach mink says:

    That moment after every guest tells a story, and Jimmy repeats the
    “I’d sent it to drake!”
    “You emailed Drake what you ate?”

  4. MonkeyboneTV says:


  5. Sarah Swati says:

    I can’t stop laughing!!

  6. Tommy Boykin says:

    Jonah Hill is tha shit, but who gives a damn about Drake! Isnt he part of
    Taylor Swift’s crew?

  7. Pauly Walnuts says:

    “I gained weight for this movie war dogs”. He plays Efraim Diveroli.. Go
    ahead look him up, I’ll wait.

  8. Himora Kenshin says:

    I smell BS.

  9. Harry Kensett says:

    Lets be honest there wasn’t salad on that list was there Jonah…

  10. Bruce Wayne says:

    king of the fake laughs

  11. Emalia Messich says:

    Jonah Hill is awesome.

  12. RegularRy says:

    he definitely made this story up the day before going on the show cause he
    realized he had nothing funny to talk about

  13. NaNoChain says:

    He has the best stories!!!

  14. LilyBean says:

    Is it just me or does Jonah Hill ALWAYS bring up other celebrities in his
    interviews? Dude’s the biggest name-dropper in the business.

  15. Gleeba77 says:

    He looks like an amish man here :D

  16. Luke Lemmons says:

    (Guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show breathes) Jimmy: hahahAHAHAHAHAhaha *slaps

  17. Samantha Reyes says:

    Why does Jimmy get so upset over a few cuss words? so what if its not
    allowed, they’ll just bleep him and maybe pay a small fine. I didn’t
    realize he was this square honestly lol

  18. Jesus Remo says:

    lmao fucking Jonah man…

  19. JOJOtookyoHOHO says:

    hahah he kinda looks like a chubby Bradley cooper here