Jonas Brothers – Cool

Jonas Brothers – Cool

Cool (Official Video)

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Video Director: Anthony Mandler
Video Producer: Kim Bradshaw
Video Editor: Taylor A. Ward

Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Cool. © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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59 Responses

  1. Sharmila G says:

    I’m a sucker for this song

    Grammy awards here we come

  2. Ashley Stephenson says:

    “Standing there with a red dress on ya”
    “Sitting there winning like it’s Game of Thrones”
    “How Complicated Was Last Year”
    These references are ???

    • Almendra González Müller says:

      Explain please ??

    • Ludovica Mirella Sasso says:

      Last year is the only one i don’t get

    • Nicole Sams says:

      Almendra González Müller red dress links back to Burnin’ Up, joes fiance is an actress in game of thrones and ‘last year was complicated’ was the name of nick’s third solo album! Hope that helped x ☺️

    • Charlotte Lavers says:

      Almendra González Müller red dress is a reference to their single burnin up where joe says ‘red dress’. Game of thrones is a reference to joes fiancé Sophie who is a main character in the show. And the last one is a shout-out to nicks solo album ‘Last year was complicated’ 🙂

    • Almendra González Müller says:

      Nicole Sams ohhh thanksss

  3. Elly Corona says:

    I will forever always love anything they put out. Although THEY NEED TO LET KEVIN SING MORE!!!!

    • M.r. says:

      Elly Corona here’s a crazy idea… maybe kevin doesn’t want to sing? Just because he’s in the band doesn’t mean he can sing.

  4. SweetCupcake says:

    Every time I see nick Jonas here he’s music I hear *Priyanka Chopra* echoing in my head

  5. Emily H says:

    Cool is gonna be my summer soundtrack 24/7 ?

  6. Debora Snel says:

    JB: putting sucker in the beginning of their new song
    me: *genius*

  7. Melissa Storm says:

    I think… I think Kevin was my favorite in this one…. those bird and that air guitar ❤️

  8. Jesselyn Ramirez says:

    Okay but I want Kevin to have his voice featured, too! He’s always in the background slamming it on guitar and lending his vocals in minor roles, I would love to see what he can bring as a frontman!

  9. Pegasus 5215 says:

    Is it only me or does Joe look like the dad from spy kids in this video????

  10. Muzn .H says:

    This is the updated version of Burnin’ Up.

  11. Guia Interior says:

    Love the song, but I miss nick and joe acually SHARING the vocals, instead of 99% nick.
    And more Kevin on the screen, please! ?

  12. zynkdina 7 says:

    2019: Jonas Brothers back
    Next: One Direction reunion
    It’s my Perfect Life, so cool.
    Any one else like me??

  13. Nat Matiuk says:

    Totally get the pull of the Jonas Brothers but damn I miss DNCE’s music! Joe had some amazing tunes going with them! Really wanted another album.

    • Emily Lewis says:

      He might still do stuff when them as well. There are other artists that float their time between single and group stuff.

  14. laia martin says:


    Sophie, Joe loves you

  15. Lauren M says:

    Dresses are red
    Joe was fine
    Nick killed his notes
    But when will Kevin get screen time?

  16. Catalina Mella says:

    Cant find the comment of who suggested it first but now I cant stop listening it in 1.25x is so much better! Hope someone does a good faster remix

  17. Jay Rivera says:

    When Post Malone mentioned Jonas Brothers in ‘Better Now’ and Jonas Brothers responded by mentioning Post Malone on ‘Cool’

  18. Youssef Badawy says:

    Is it just me or does Nick get to sing a lot more than Joe on both songs and I always feel like I wanna hear more Joe in it.

    • Manuelita says:

      Ruth Hueche they were a band in the first place because of Nick. Nick was the artsy kid, he had Broadway already booked and a record deal and their parents were like “what if all three brothers close in age do that so that they’re not apart?” And boom. Jonás Brothers.

    • Christina Benby says:

      Pretty sure they’ve all agreed to what parts they will be singing before releasing the song.

    • Nataliya Portna says:

      +Ruth Hueche 100%!!! And I feel like he always opens the song in the intro and his picture is always bigger on the cover. I feel like he is an attention-seeker and considers himself more relevant than his other two brothers.

    • Nurul ain says:

      Excuse me, hehe sorry but may i ask who joe? Nick?

    • Odeleya R says:

      +Ruth Hueche Nick was also the one who brought the band together so we would be hearing this incredible song of it wasn’t for him

  19. maren813 says:

    I actually really prefer Joe’s voice over Nick’s. It’s not so nasally

  20. Natalie Nicole says:

    We need more Joe and Kevin, I love it when Joe sings, his voice is amazing!

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