Jonas Brothers on Reuniting, Marriages and Drinking as Therapy (Extended Interview)

Jonas Brothers on Reuniting, Marriages and Drinking as Therapy (Extended Interview)

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas discuss the breakup, marriages and babies they’ve had in the 10 years since last appearing together on Late Night, which brother leaked their reunion plans and getting real about Disney in their documentary, Chasing Happiness.

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Jonas Brothers on Reuniting, Marriages and Drinking as Therapy (Extended Interview)


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69 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    Their parents did such a great job raising these guys

    • dare u to sub me reading my description Herald says:

      Ya , they are thru and thru gentlemen

    • Joshua Darlington says:

      @S H what’s wrong with being music stars?
      Nick is a good husband
      Kevin is a good father
      Joe is a… I don’t know.
      But they r good people, they don’t brag or wage war on other celebrities.
      They r cool brothers.

    • ❤TwightHeart❤ says:

      S H they’re living their dream that’s the most important thing. You wouldn’t want your kid to not like something they don’t want to do for the rest of your life. Let your kid be happy with what they want to do not what will give them the most money

    • ❤TwightHeart❤ says:

      Joshua Darlington Joe is Married too and he’s also improved on his vocals. Oh and DNCE is very successful

    • Spencer says:

      Joe brooss

  2. Shreya Kini says:

    Jonas Brothers: We went through so much in these years

  3. someshinygoldYT says:

    Kevin’s daughter is the cutest!”THIS IS ONE OF THE JONAS BROTHERS!”?❤️❤️let’s show some love for Kevin in the comments section!!

  4. Pauline Sawatzki says:

    As a German it is suuuper weird to hear Joe talking about Tokio Hotel. ?

  5. Lejdhir Saega says:

    I’m glad I witnessed the Jonas Brothers then and now.

  6. lets jam says:

    Ok, I love their outfits today, they are kinda matching it’s cute

  7. Sorizen says:

    The Jonas Brothers literally looking like dessert. Ice cream anyone?

  8. lets jam says:

    Ok, I have to say this,

    *edit:* _OMFG WHAT THE HECK 1.3K LIKES I-_ ?❤

    • Jackie Campbell says:

      You know right!!!
      She such cutest She surely is
      Daddy’s lil girl…?❤??

    • JonasLovato91 says:

      Alena’s so darn cute! At the end, you hear Dani in the background saying “What; who let him in this house?”. ??

  9. Angeeckt says:

    The old Joe reminds me so much, as he said, of Bill from Tokio hotel

  10. Nick Milligan says:

    Respect to them for being honest instead of sugar coating the bad stuff

  11. Aya Morales says:

    I’m very weirded out but also extremely happy that Joe said both “anime” and “Tokio Hotel”

  12. Kathleen says:

    Aw bless, Nick sounds relaxed in this interview!

  13. Linda Weber says:

    so many ppl complaining that nick acts as if he is the front man, kevin not singing enough etc. ever thought they want it this way and like this they are happy? each one has their own personality and if they´re all happy we should accept it. If this comes natural to them it means they will last longer.

  14. Bella Sampson says:

    Joe doing a Maisie Williams though ahahahahah

  15. shafaque khan says:

    Love what Kevin is wearing here.
    Always loved joe’s style ? Here also he is awesome
    And Nick pulled that pink effortlessly

  16. Victoria Pagan says:

    Omg he mentioned tokio hotel ❤️?? #2008Memories we all were obsessed with that hair ?

  17. BroadwayLover says:

    I love how Nick and Kevin genuinely couldnt tell if Joe was joking about GOT or not ?

  18. Hana Wiess says:

    Imagine a student coming into class and telling everybody the Jonas Brothers are getting back together…. That must’ve been a wild ride.

  19. The Chirpy Girls says:

    Kevin is so underrated….he is such a sweet guy….he shud get more recognition…by the way…

    • The Chirpy Girls says:

      @Gracy gl who cares?
      “Ppl say wt they wanna say”;-)

    • Dara Stiner says:

      Gracy gl
      I’m a Trump supporter!!!!
      Has nothing to do with what he does and who he is!!!!

    • Steffi Griebsch says:

      @Gracy gl he isn’t! It’s a stupid rumour. He just follows him on Twitter, because …well trumps tweets are funny

    • Pooja Dolly says:

      Not that I hate Kevin but he is just another talented guy who plays guitar while Nick and Joe does most of the creative things in the band. They both deserve more recognition than Kevin. Period.

    • ❤TwightHeart❤ says:

      Pooja Dolly they’re brother they should all be equal they’re not trying to be competitive that’s basically what ruin the band in the first place because of bad communication

  20. CarnageCandyy says:

    Kevin’s daughter’s whole school was like that town in the Hannah Montana movie

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