Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples – CONAN on TBS

Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples – CONAN on TBS

Conan drinks too much coffee and Jordan makes his mustachioed soap opera debut in “Un posto al sole.”

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76 Responses

  1. noora says:


  2. Flamenco Culebra, PR says:

    Now I want to go to Italy so bad!

  3. Vaibhav Tripathi says:


  4. Flamenco Culebra, PR says:

    Conan you’ve been in every Caribbean island 🏝 now come to Puerto Rico. We love you!!!

  5. noora says:

    When did conan become jim carrey lol

  6. Darin says:

    I was hoping for more Schlansky bits and Conan travelling. But both together!? Blow up the internet why don’t ya.

  7. Darin says:

    the porno moustache LOL

  8. Funktastik says:

    Schlansky deserves his own show or podcast or something

  9. Melih Durmaz says:



  10. Levi Underwood says:

    Jordan was right about the etymology of the word “espresso”. Although some Anglo-American dictionaries simply refer to “pressed-out”, “espresso,” much like the English word “express”, conveys the senses of “just for you” and “quickly,” which can be related to the method of espresso preparation.

    The words express, expres and espresso each have several meanings in English, French and Italian. The first meaning is to do with the idea of “expressing” or squeezing the flavour from the coffee using the pressure of the steam. The second meaning is to do with speed, as in a train. Finally there is the notion of doing something “expressly” for a person … The first Bezzera and Pavoni espresso machines in 1906 took 45 seconds to make a cup of coffee, one at a time, expressly for you

  11. MissIToldYou Sooo says:

    This one was my favorite segment lol

  12. Gracieli Ambrósio says:

    Great one! Very spontaineous, less rehearsed , so it came out Really funny.

  13. Menthol Kratom says:

    this is by far my favorite series

  14. Let's be Honest Official says:

    Coffee is like cocaine to Conan

  15. onemanshow627 says:

    “Maybe they’re shy. They don’t need to be on television to self-validate.”


  16. Firas Ziada says:

    Please tell me that you’ve got like at least 50 more videos of Jordan and Conan in Italy?

  17. Nick Uhler says:

    When they dressed up Jordan he looks like the leader singer from the chili peppers 😂

  18. Claire Knight says:

    I love how Conan just uses vague Italian buzzwords to communicate 😂

  19. Donny Tucker says:

    Conan is a soap opera mega star.

  20. Shubham Bhushan says:

    I think italy is gonna ban Americans.

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