Jordyn Woods Gives First Interview Since Cheating Scandal | E! News

Jordyn Woods Gives First Interview Since Cheating Scandal | E! News

The model opens up on “Red Table Talk” and tells her side of went down between her, Tristan Thompson and the Kar-Jenner family. Find out what she reveals!

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Jordyn Woods Gives First Interview Since Cheating Scandal | E! News

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64 Responses

  1. Ishan Ali says:

    Tristan is too Blame too. I don’t know why Jordyn is getting all the backlash

  2. SARETTA'S WORLD says:


    • Lovely Catapang says:

      SARETTA’S WORLD she is the reason why Khloe decided to end it almost a month ago.
      Khloe knew Tristan has been seeing and talking to someone, just little that she know it is Jordyn, and that is why she’s more hurt to find out it was her all this time

    • Jay •mccoy• says:

      Lovely Catapang how are you piecing together that Jordyn was that person??? Lol where are the facts ????

    • Madden Sport Horses says:

      She is part of the reason. When you get involve with someone that you know is taken, you are 40% to blame.

    • J P says:

      +Lovely Catapang stop the lies. Khloe is a bully

  3. ROCKA UBISI says:

    I hope Jordyn gets a check for this , she is doing the most to make people interested in the new season of KUWTK 🙂 Khloe and Tristan are a mess😔

  4. BlueAngel2397 says:

    Khloe is one PATHETIC excuse for a woman. How is it that she is accusing Jordyn of “breaking her family” and not Tristan. It is he that made the commitment to HER. This is why she keeps getting cheated on, used and abused like a dirty doormat. Men don’t respect her because she doesn’t respect herself. She will always blame everyone else except the man she is with. He cheated on her before and took him back, does it again and she still there defending him. She is a FOOL and I don’t feel sorry for her. Go get some self esteem and DIGNITY. She has a daughter now. What she sees Khloe accept and reject is what she will do in the future.

  5. okay says:

    she know she could’ve put them on blast but she signed a nda, that’s why she said “i know” she knows the REAL reason as to why they’re breaking up. she just can’t say.

  6. Eli Garcia says:

    Has someone here after seeing Jeffree Star instagram video exposing Jordyn and Tristan?

  7. mckdiva l says:

    Am on this gal side,we all know how Tristan be,khloe stop with the victim act and finally open ur eyes about Tristan

  8. Sandy A says:

    Third trimester Tristan strikes again… no longer a Kardashian fan.

  9. Kari Navarro says:

    Honestly Khloe shouldn’t be blaming jordyn. Khloe knew what kinda man Tristan is but she chose to stay with him.

  10. Lecia Bella says:

    Khloe step up and just admit the relationship was not what you thought it would be and staying together for the baby 👶🏻 never works

  11. shoan brown says:

    Klho just wants someone to blame..she cant blame her baby daddy..smfh

  12. Lana Lang says:

    I feel sorry for everyone is this situation except Tristan

  13. Manuel Monge says:

    stop backlashing this girl only, this is a 50-50 thing, what about Tristan? he is having it easy!

  14. Maryann Lee says:

    She is right Tristan ruined the family and relationship when he cheated the first time

  15. Jaclyn Escobar says:

    Tristan is the reason The Family broke up. If my husband cheated on me multiple times, obviously he is the reason my family would breaking up. The man has 100% control over what he does, what he allows to happen too! Tristan is the one to blame for the break up. Jordyn is also but he could of stopped all of it.

    • Not At This Time says:

      @Jaclyn Escobar: What “family” are you referring to? Khloe has a daughter with him. He was with other women before his daughter was born and Khloe stayed with him. I never saw them as a family.

    • Taylor Wilson says:

      Jaclyn Escobar funny thing is, they aren’t even married. He’s just her baby daddy/boyfriend.

  16. Mirene Igwabi says:

    She let it slip out “I shouldn’t have been at her EX’S HOUSE, or baby daddy or whatever.” Confirmation that they were broken up.

  17. Slspsa Slspsa says:

    The downfall of the Kardashians…

    Lesson to everyone…don’t cyber bully a 21 year old.

  18. LivingThe VeganLife says:

    I feel so bad for Jordyn. That group of old mean women have terrorized this poor girl.

  19. Jamais2sans43 says:

    you mean to tell me that JORDYN hooked up with TRISTAN while he was KHLOE, like KYLIE hooked up with TYGA who was with BLAC CHYNA and TRAVIS SCOTT who was with JUSTINE, and like KIM KARDASHIAN hooked up KANYE who was with AMBER ROSE and how KHLOE hooked up with TRISTAN who was with JORDY and hooked up with LAMAR ODOM who was still engaged to his high school sweetheart? #SorryNotSorry #LEAVEBABYGIRLALONE #TeamJordynWoods

  20. Mia Maxfield says:

    I love how khloe doesnt want to put her daughter through something but is willing to put somebody elses daughter through it wow

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