Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway | UFC 212 HIGHLIGHTS

Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway | UFC 212 HIGHLIGHTS

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Check out highlights of Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway at UFC 212 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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20 Responses


    Conor haters will say “Conor is running from Max” hahahah

  2. Alan Jouban says:

    everyone slept on maxy baby. doubt him now

  3. Element says:

    Why do people try to discredit Conor’s win vs Max like he had some HUGE experience advantage?
    -Conor is only 3 years older than Max
    -Conor made his pro debut only 2 years before Max (and Conor didn’t start training seriously until 2010)
    -Max has been in the UFC longer than Conor
    And haters try to discredit Conor like it was a 30 year old vs a middle schooler who never trained

  4. p4p #1 casual mma fan/mcgregor army general says:

    “That was a fluke”- Aldo fans

  5. MrTKOperformance says:

    aldo needs to retire

  6. Mr Reggas says:

    max is atleast a deserved champion he had to fight a champion for the belt even if that champion shouldn’t have been champion

  7. Control Nexus says:

    Max “ConorBlessed” Holloway

  8. clovehitch says:

    Not only did Aldo lose confidence after the McGregor ko, but his fight iq has plummeted. Max is the real deal tho. Frankie fight?

  9. King Hollonz says:

    can’t wait for max vs Frankie or max vs Cub

  10. Eduardo Flores says:

    Crazy to think that just now Max is champion and has almost cleaned out the entire division

  11. Manny Ortiz says:

    connor destroyed his spirit

  12. I Tink, Derefore I Am says:

    I predicted Max would whoop aldo, Repent while you still can, I predict dees tings!

  13. the giant midget says:

    Aldo needs to move down to 135 and fight Cody No Dad

  14. The Amazing Reality says:

    Here come all the salty haters to downplay Conor’s legendary success.

  15. KlllrJay says:

    Max is really good at using his range.

  16. Frederick wisseh says:

    jose aldo is still one of the goats he’s just beatin up now. show respect

  17. Connor Mcgregor says:

    Come home Aldo. Daddy needs his balls powdered!

  18. Conor McGregor's Pool Noodle says:

    the casual fans have ruined mma

  19. rzrselliott says:


  20. Steven Roman says:

    This fight literally had nothing to do with conor and conor nut huggers all up in the comment section

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