Jose Fernandez Boat Accident On Video 09/25/2016

Jose Fernandez Boat Accident On Video 09/25/2016

miami marlins pitcher died in a tragic boat accident. 09.25.2016

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20 Responses

  1. Ddai #600 Ebk FBGK says:

    Wow this is extremely terrible R.I.P Jose Fernandez

  2. OpusDeFocus says:

    Can someone here point out the lighted bouys that should stretch along this
    rock formation?

  3. Josh Meltzer says:

    Sorry never mind that was real

  4. Gogigi says:

    he was taken way too soon, one of the best young players in baseball. he
    was gonna have a geaat carrier
    What a great person he was too

  5. Gnarly Dude says:

    do you know what”Accident On Video” means dumb beaner

  6. WestCoastFishing says:

    Gotta look out for those Jetty’s

  7. Henriette Kalvatn says:

    I bet the water was Cold Like The song Cold Water 😂

  8. Christian Minority says:

    It is always good when a Crooked Hillary supporter dies
    TRUMP 2016

  9. P0cket Radio says:


  10. elboregojhb says:

    Hold my beer! I got this!!!

  11. storm fluent says:


  12. Malachi Ali says:

    the jews killed him

  13. Tyler Hayes says:

    gotta look out for those rocks man, they come out of nowhere 😂

  14. ganymedeIV4 says:

    The Sea will snatch your life in a second if she wants and cares not of
    your fame or fortune, so always respect her.

  15. Blake Lamberson says:

    You will be remembered for ever

  16. Kamikaze Gorilla says:

    Fucking rekt

  17. CubanExile says:

    The message this young man who escaped the tyranny and slavery of Castro’s
    Cuba had for his teammates who were born in the U.S.

    “You were born into freedom, you don’t understand freedom.” RIP Jose

  18. MrBenbolt says:

    My thing is why was he out at 3am out on his boat with friends???? Was he
    drinking??? I mean what led up to this??? Sad this happened but I just
    wanna know the events that led to this.

  19. Emanuel Paredescardenas says:

    R.I.P Jose