Jose Zepeda Stops Josue Vargas in 1st Round with the Knockout of the Year Nominee | FIGHT HIGHIGHTS

Jose Zepeda Stops Josue Vargas in 1st Round with the Knockout of the Year Nominee | FIGHT HIGHIGHTS

Watch highlights from the main event of #ZepedaVargas featuring #JoseZepeda and Josue Vargas In the fight, Zepeda scored an incredible KO in the 1st round of Vargas.

Next Up for Top Rank Boxing, Mikaela Mayer made history in July 2020 as the first female boxer to headline a Top Rank on ESPN main event. Now the WBO junior lightweight world champion, Mayer is ready to break another barrier.

Mayer will fight longtime IBF world champion Maiva Hamadouche in a title unification showdown Friday, Nov. 5 at The Theater at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, part of Curio Collection by Hilton, with the vacant Ring Magazine title also at stake. Mayer-Hamadouche is the first female world title main event in the four-plus year history of the Top Rank on ESPN series.

Mayer-Hamadouche will stream live and exclusively on ESPN+ starting at approximately 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT.

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43 Responses

  1. Arifin Rohan says:

    Vargas just found out that running your mouth doesn’t translate into skills.
    Viva Mexico!

    • Jonathan Walker says:

      @EASTLOS what does my race have to do with anything? Answer the question. Why do you run away from Mexico (crap economy so I get it) just to come here and rep Mexico. You can always go home you know.

    • Alex Le says:


    • Jonathan Walker says:

      @EASTLOS Bro you’re still not answering the question. You’re just looking to diss. One last time…. If you’re such a proud Mexican then go back to Mexico. Or shut up and enjoy the privilege of living in America. Nobody cares about your meaningless flag.

    • EASTLOS says:

      @Jonathan Walker 🤣😂bro we taking over without a shot fired so too bad we ain’t going nowhere 😂🤣😂

    • Jonathan Walker says:

      @EASTLOS That’s absolutely true. I’m black and in regards to rising minority populations you guys are at the top. Just don’t get claiming another nationality while actively living in the so called hated country. I’d never want to live in Africa so I’m an American not a Nigerian or whatever. Honestly was just curious. Take care.

  2. El Rusito says:

    Zepeda is just getting Ws back to back to back. What a great guy and to think a few fights ago people were writing him off for retirement…

  3. Edward Cruz says:

    This is why unless you a strong defensive boxer, you don’t try and rattle the cage of a puncher like Zepeda before a fight otherwise you only giving that fighter extra motivation to bang it out!

    • Deisy Sanchez says:

      Just like Navarrete iron chin and a brawler

    • Jcheesesteak says:

      For those that are boxers, this is also why you don’t commit to a pull counter in round one. Pull counters are only effective after you’ve felt out the distance and rhythm of your opponent; specifically their jab. Usually you’d pull counter after you’ve felt these things out. NOT IN THE FIRST ROUND IN THE FIRST 2 MINS. Because how are you supposed to know if your opponent is gonna follow up with a combination. And that’s what happened, Vargas, too into himself, tries to counter a jab, with a pull counter, and gets dropped easy.

    • John Go says:

      I saw it when Emmanuel Rodriguez trainer doing shit to Naoya Inoues father, come fight night Inoue showing no mercy to the champ.

    • Gustavo Carranza says:

      Nice words Edward Cruz very motivating 👍🏼

  4. Troll King says:

    He was so accurate with his punches the 2nd time he got knocked down the accuracy is 🎯 I don’t think no shot missed when he was against the ropes he ate every one of those punches like dinner

  5. Cesar Flores says:

    Vargas called him a “Cali-Boy”. Zepeda showed him some California love.

  6. Erandy Perez says:

    The way he finished him off was so satisfying after how he tried to humiliate Zepeda

  7. Primeaux 144 says:

    This reminds me of when Jermell Charlo clipped Erickson Lubin, except Vargas had enough to get back up but was put back down. Great KO for Zepeda.

  8. Davis Sing says:

    “I told him before the fight, There’s levels to this.”

  9. Friend Elver says:

    Apenas iba destapando mi cerveza 🇲🇽🔥

  10. Pizza time says:

    Jose Zepeda quickly becoming my favourite fighter and dude’s incredibly humble

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