Joseline Hernandez on Wendy Williams

Joseline Hernandez on Wendy Williams

The Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez tells Wendy she wants her flowers and recognition for all of her hard work over the years. Wendy responds.

Plus, she dished about her show ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ on Zeus network.

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44 Responses

  1. 헝그리 크랩 HUNGRYCRAB says:

    Burn those bridges, burnnn

    • TyCorin Simpson says:

      @joetj I mean but she is tho lol no one is watching Oprah’s interviews anymore ratings don’t lie 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • joetj says:

      @TyCorin Simpson and Wendy’s ratings have dipped tho

    • TyCorin Simpson says:

      @joetj since the pandemic everyone’s has but she is still on top

    • joetj says:

      @TyCorin Simpson and like I said, plenty have dragged Wendy and still continued to be booked.

    • sx wx says:

      @joetj yes! Its true she deserves her flowers. Wendy is just so messy. Shes like jess with the mess. Im glad the producers didnt wrap shat up. A #1 show is a #1 show regardless. And i think if you can get anyone to watch a show (much harder on a app on your phone btw QUIBI I SEE YOU) you deserve props. Dafuq

  2. Kluermoi says:

    I don’t even know wth Joseline talking about FLOWERS??? For what??? It’s just ratchet tv! She act like she out here saving the world

    • journal voice's SBu says:

      My thoughts is firstly shout out to Joseline for calling out Wendy’s bias however, it reflects poorly on her that she needs validation or credit let your work speak for you. You never get Successful woman like Oprah, Angela Bassett, Regina hall &King seeking praises

    • Tiara Rodriguez says:

      But how does she think she have the #1 show in America who told het that

    • patricio rodriguez says:

      @Tiara Rodriguez its the #1 on the network… but you know… potato potata 🙄

    • velvey waters says:

      For real she is not all that.

    • ne lol says:

      Don’t be jealous,, you just a black woman that likes to hate on everyone

  3. Basim Zaheer says:

    You may like Wendy or not, but one thing you can’t deny that this woman knows what professionalism is. No matter, how messy the situation is, she always comes with grace. I’ve seen so many times that she goes out of her way to end feuds with ppl whom she had a bone to pick with. Remember, Hot Topics is her job, NOT her life.

    • Iran Acevedo says:

      Grace😂??? Where😅😒 throwing flowers at her saying” just show me your shoes” “what costume are you wearing” she was being shady point blank PERIOD! !

    • BRIAN HORROR says:

      Let me just say this, Walter Williams looks like ET

    • Angelica Gamez says:

      How does Wendy come with grace??? She insults every black woman on her shoe. If anyone talked to you like WW you would check them. SMH. You’ll give Wendy too many passes.

    • barbaydian261 says:

      @Iran Acevedo right…. I was about to say where is the professionalism in throwing flowers ..

    • ALISHA SMITH says:

      Exactly its her job…not her life….they all forget that

  4. Felix Fugazi says:

    At first I was gagging for joseline shading Wendy BUT she was definitely in a foul mood and kind of embarrassed herself looking back she seeking validation through a screen 😩

  5. surprise m says:

    Wendy showed so much growth in this. Even at the end of that disaster she still had nice things to say.
    I doubt Joselines ratings will even improve

  6. Guy says:

    Not Wendy throwing literal flowers at her in exasperation
    She is so unbothered I love it

  7. YStudio says:

    Josseline refusing to show her shoes is the 2021 pandemic version of Omorosa refusing to show her book on wendy years ago

  8. Jay Bush says:

    The flower throwing is a Ki and a Ki. A Kiki.

    Wendy: *throws flowers* “Here’s a flower”

    Me: *chuckles like a shady old church lady*

  9. Xoxo Cosmetics says:

    I was on Joseline side before I saw the full interview but Wendy was a trooper, especially if she never said anything bad about the girl. Joseline was just trying to get some clout because she thought everyone would take her side. Wendy gets paid to throw shade, it’s her job!

  10. Ndudu by Fafa says:

    ‘That’s why I’m the number one show and you can be number two’ 😂😂😂

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