Joseph Quinn Performs Eddie Munson’s Stranger Things Monologue Using Different Accents (Extended)

Joseph Quinn Performs Eddie Munson’s Stranger Things Monologue Using Different Accents (Extended)

Joseph Quinn talks about almost missing his talk show debut and his character, Eddie Munson, playing “Master of Puppets” by Metallica in Stranger Things before performing his character’s monologue using different accents.

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Joseph Quinn Performs Eddie Munson’s Stranger Things Monologue Using Different Accents (Extended)


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29 Responses

  1. Amy W. says:

    Charming guy hope he doesn’t lose as he gains more popularity. Hope we see him in more things in the future, very talented!

    • Jorge Chavez says:

      @velvetandroid but im talking about social and media impact, when someone brings up Ledger’s name we all immediately think about Joker, especially the youngest fans, the same goes for Daniel Raddclife, everyone think about HarryPotter, his most popular role, they can still have many roles before or after, but their peak role happens just once…

    • velvetandroid says:

      @Jorge Chavez you can’t compare these two though. Heath Ledger had a name as an actor even before the Christoher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Joseph Quinn was a, and I mean no offense by that, “nobody” before Stranger Things. Eddie is his only famous role. So his life really changed after that because not only he wasn’t internationally famous, but he wasn’t even that known before two months ago

    • velvetandroid says:

      @Alan E it would be true if it weren’t for the fact that they always kill new characters all the time in Stranger Things. They want the shocking effect, but they are too scared to kill main characters. Steve could be run over by a bus multiple times and he would still manage to survive just because he’s Steve

    • Jorge Chavez says:

      @velvetandroid this popularity avalanche happens once in a life, sort of what happened to many actors, who made a certain role and became legends, they did other roles but not as popular, this is like Heath Ledger and his Joker, yeah he was known before that role but the Joker gave him his legend status

    • Alan E says:

      @Cerenity what im saying is true to the core for Hollywood standards, I agree with you he’s a great character but when the directors kill off a young talented actor, they fail to show the whole embodimentof his persona. I know this to be true again through Hollywood culture.

  2. Alyssa Perez says:

    No one could’ve portrayed this silly little metal head better than Joseph. The man has range, and I can’t wait to follow him on his journey! So glad he’s been introduced to us all.

  3. Anne V says:

    His eyes are mesmerizing, his acting is over the top and his personality shines. I really hope there’s a bright future in front of him, both professionally and personally.

  4. Tom Klose says:

    He is such a wholesome person. He seems to be exactly like his character.

  5. SAPPHIRE says:

    this is my favourite interview. i will be re-watching this constantly

  6. Rob K. says:

    It’s so cool to see him while not playing Eddie Munson and just being himself.
    You can tell he really enjoyed playing the role.

  7. velvetandroid says:

    The fact that he’s so nervous that he couldn’t even look at Jimmy Fallon in the eyes while speaking is something I relate to in a way I can’t explain with words. Us introverts can definitely relate to this guy. I don’t know how he’s managing to deal with all of this attention and fame as he seems to have social anxiety. I hope it’s not too overwhelming for his mental health

    • velvetandroid says:

      @Jon Jon that’s why I said “as he seems to have”. It’s not even the first time it happens and that’s why I came to this conclusion

    • Jon Jon says:

      I’m am like that, but mr. Quinn doesn’t seem to have social anxiety at all, or at least not that bad in this interview. But in a way, we can all feel a little sorry for him, the fact that half of the world ADORES you overnight must be pretty overwhelming, of course he must be grateful but it it overwhelming.

    • nanana🌜 says:

      I felt so identified with him even though he is a famous actor 13 years older than me

  8. Sarah Luisa Giampà says:

    Such a down to Earth guy, his performance of Eddie is Legendary. He touched so many people with his performance. He deserves the world

  9. MJ Jones says:

    Joe is an amazing human being and he doesn’t know how much people love him. It’s crazy. Not just because he’s attractive, because he’s an amazing person, incredible actor and his smile can just brighten someone’s day. Just by seeing it. Love you, Joe❤️

  10. Maggie says:

    I adore this human being , he makes everyone’s heart melt 🥲🤍 he’s extremely talented, charismatic, humble, sweet, humorous, kind-hearted and so much more…he deserves all the freaking best and I’m so proud of him and he deserves all the recognition

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