Journalism’s Corporate Sponsors | May 22, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Journalism’s Corporate Sponsors | May 22, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Corporations are snatching up news outlets and cleaning house, but now you can buy toilet brushes from the same place you get your headlines!


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32 Responses

  1. New Message says:

    “Hey! We’re trending!!


    – The Fuddruckers Social Media Team.

  2. prod. simplejack says:

    This is why independent media is important!

    • Bill Garthright says:

      Yup. TPM – – is a good example. They get some money from advertising, and you don’t have to pay to read most of their articles, but they have a lot of people – including me – willing to support them on a subscription basis, too.

      They’re not very big compared to the huge media companies who are struggling, but they do seem to be making it. And we need a new model. Media companies – like all other companies – need money to survive.

    • Zeedokk says:

      +Reckless Roges Democracy Now

    • All digital android. says:

      Pakman show, Kyle Faglinsky, Sam Seder, TYT, Jimmy Dore are all fake news channels.

    • NeoMaxim says:


  3. melvina628 says:

    2:34 What they lied? They are only supposed to lie to their members, not to their advertisers. Honor amongst thieves.

  4. ChannelyChannel says:

    Anti-Captaitlism. MMMMMMMMMMMM baby give me the revolution fuel.

  5. justin castillo says:

    I’m watching this online since the last episode was edited when it aired. #SupportLocalMedia

  6. Javier Fernandez says:

    How are we making paper mache now??

  7. Francis Srečko Fabian says:

    Saving journalism for Democracy. So sweet.Waaaaay too late.

  8. Isabela Sabbatini says:

    Rose McIver. On Christmas Prince. She’s also awesome on iZombie.

    • Ruby Rose says:

      Isabela Sabbatini i know I was thinking the same thing! She was also tinkerbelle in Once Upon A Time!

  9. Olivia Campbell says:

    sure was weird to reach the part about taking down build-a-bear as i open up my store for the day ?

  10. Green Meat says:

    Fuddruckers was great! We had a couple of stores here in Australia but they closed down, a sad day for burgers everywhere

  11. Diana B says:

    So, killing off both freedom of the press and the middle classes at the same time.

  12. Johnny Brighton says:

    Sam didn’t mention The Guardian, which is largely funded by reader subscription and which has recently gone into profit. for the first time in 20 years. And it’s great journalism, owned by a trust not a plutocrat, free to view to all with no paywall!

  13. Tantalus010 says:

    Ehh, I don’t agree that the appetite for news is “insatiable”. After about an hour a day, I’m done. I think it’s the 24/7 news cycle that’s killing journalism. There’s simply not that much that’s actually newsworthy in a 24 hour period, so 90% of what you see on news sites is either irrelevant news or opinion pieces – news sites just trying to fill space on their home pages.

  14. Ryan Hollup says:

    I laughed 0 times

  15. itsnotatoober says:

    Nobody cares to watch it so…who are you saving it for? #adamsmith

  16. Rberg1105 says:

    Whatever you say, less funny Amy Schumer

  17. Nevermore says:

    Thing is most news TV channels just get their stories from newspaper journalists and repeat them on air.
    Without those journalists, the quality and reliability of the news will deteriorate.

    It’s already deteriorated a lot, making people not trust the news media as much as they used to.

  18. James Jam says:

    Literally non of this makes sense, she’s out of her mind.

  19. Ice 487 says:

    Oh, you thought that was bad?

    **cough cough copyright abuse**

  20. Diogo L. says:

    remember, you are watching this on a capitalist platform ?..

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