Joyner Lucas – Broke and Stupid (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas – Broke and Stupid (ADHD)

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53 Responses

  1. Beni Jean says:

    THIS IS EXACTLY THE FEELING WHAT HIP HOP IS MADE FOR! It’s all about community, love and spread truth.. MORE PLEASE!

  2. YaGirls GoTo Guy says:

    You are officially in my top 5 dead or alive,,, thank you bro!!!

  3. TwiztedSkull says:

    NF: Uploaded a new video (1 hour ago)
    Joyner Lucas: Uploaded a new video (1 hour ago)

    Coincidence? I think not!

    • Mohammad Magdy says:

      And now kevin gates BRUH

    • Cailon Delano says:

      @steve sabroe You sound absolutely retarded. Because most the time he doesnt even talk about God or put it in his verses ? Shows how much you don’t know right there. Let alone he has tons of songs where he kills it? Dude has 0 big features and makes more views then Joyner and has just as many subs ? Sit the fuck down.

    • Cailon Delano says:

      @steve sabroe You are a hater. Because your clearly have no clue what your talking about. You’ve probably listened to 1 song and made a opinion. So yes. Hater. And clearly a little slow.

    • Cailon Delano says:

      @steve sabroe Oh and I’m a huge Joyner fan. Been listening to him since he made Ross Cappaciuoni. And look him and Nf Released a song at the same time. Wonder why Nf has over 2 million and is number 1 PM trending. While Joyenr dont got a mil yet and ain’t trending? Oh yeah because Nf is trashy right lmao ? Little boy.

  4. Geri Dobbs says:

    Joyner seems to be getting better lyrically. I think we can all agree now though that we’re ready for the full album! #ADHD

  5. AyySee Wants 1000 Subs says:

    Man, now imagine the impact someone way richer than Joyner could make on peoples’s lives in a single day if they tried to…

    • Rylon Harmon says:

      @Josh Kolenko I mean Drake did it in God’s Plan and you don’t see him on the streets begging for pennies.

    • 3Dimensional says:

      My brother and I just dropped our first music video on YouTube would mean a lot if y’all could go check it out! We read all our comments so let us know what you think! Thank you to all that take time to Listen! Here is the link : | Also, we have over 4 genres on our debut album so subscribe if you are curious what we bring to the table next! 😉

    • Joshua.jr. Rivera says:

      Nobody wants anyone besides them to do good life is selfish

    • FiiGGz says:

      It blows my mind how many people would refuse to help. “Why help them if they don’t help themselves.” when i read/hear comments like this, its usually by someone that’s never experience not having a parent right next to them. Have you ever lost both your parents can you relate? People are given shitty hands in life just cause you got a decent one doesn’t mean you’re and better.
      I would help cause their is always someone that is homeless that is trying to get out, all they need is someone to help and believe in them is all they need. Cause their not all the same they all didn’t choice to be there. if you never personally experienced it or been around it, like most of the ignorant people I see judging. SHUT THE FUCK UP! ALSO JUST CAUSE YOU SAW THEM ON THE STREET DOESN’T MEAN YOU KNOW THEIR FUCKING STORY!

  6. aisa reta says:

    I was looking for a ‘skip ad’ in the start? I didn’t realize it was just part of the music video

  7. SI CLOTHING says:

    Wow this video really made me cry, I love it. Props again Joyner, you’re an amazing human.

  8. Denis Tanasa says:

    He kept his promise
    He pushed that kid’s chair
    Respect, Joyner

  9. Thanos • says:

    Joyner be lit on every track every song IDC what anyone say ????

  10. T B says:

    Bring your culture, Respect the old school, Represent your city, this is HIP-HOP

  11. The Real Sky'e Hollow says:

    After Nip, It’s Your Time Joyner. ? Keep Spitting That Real Broski.

  12. OLV 021 says:

    Tomorrow, the 28th, coming out the album of the year #INDIGO #CHRISBROWN GOAT ???

  13. Dahofficial Mass1 says:

    “thought money would change me but it changed all of my n*ggas ” now thats tuff!!!!!

  14. Rimpy Cray says:

    The elites hate people who are always real..they done killed Nipsey, 2 PAC & Biggie…God watch over this young Man.?

    • Jay Sky says:

      ALL FACTS but you left out Meek Mill man how tf could you ?
      Lets be real #DreamChasers

    • zamoragiloz says:

      Niggas killed those niggas. Not elites. Niggas need to stop killing niggas, quit blaming the problem on other bull shit.

    • Nicholas Henderson says:

      zamoragiloz People act dumb as hell lmao. I hate seeing these dumbass conspiracy comments

  15. Bri G says:

    Mad respect for Joyner Lucas ??? he def gonna be in peoples playlist for mad long!

  16. FunnyAyeHoles says:

    The Game: no one looks like me.. never will.

    Joyner: Hold my beard…

  17. Neo Tofilau says:

    It’s so unique because it almost sounds like he’s just talking with a beat in the backround yet it’s so catchy

  18. B- Dog says:

    Man just stay making bangers. Another influential and hard hitting song at that. Talented asf???

  19. Alpha Martin says:

    If you like Joyner and wanna hear some more REAL hip hop type in “ CROWNS by CANNA KEN “ you will NOT regret it!

  20. Cameron Smith says:

    it’s beautiful when you could put a smile on someone face who been through hell an back… #1Lve

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