Joyner Lucas – Lotto (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas – Lotto (ADHD)

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61 Responses

  1. Derek Holt says:

    “Always on time, I’m never late.” Say that to everyone who been waiting for ADHD to drop

  2. Jordan Dunmore says:

    What makes the song even more fire is how the violin blends so perfectly with the song 🔥

  3. KING TUILĒSU says:

    “She only give me head cause the bed to squeaky”

  4. Bradioaction S says:

    Anyone else hear that 50 cent line “I ain’t pretty but my mom thinks I’m handsome”


    I love how humble joyner is. You get all these young rappers these days that talk about “being gratefull” for what they have but all they do is flex and talk about how they came up “on their own” but they forget about the guy that took time to listen to them and most importantly they forget about the people that was suffering with them. But joyner is not like that and that’s why i love his music

    • YeetedYeetus says:

      Otaku Nate I did listen to 508 but that doesn’t change a thing. Are you absolutely dull?

    • Otaku Nate says:

      @YeetedYeetus What? That, doesn’t make any sense.We’re not talking about other rappers, you’re just putting words in my mouth. You aren’t helping your case dude..

    • Otaku Nate says:

      @YeetedYeetus You’ve listened to the album and you still stand where you are? Can’t even talk to you anymore, you’ve got no music taste my guy. Smh. 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Crazy Cash says:

      All he does in this is flex

    • Trevor Meme says:

      @YeetedYeetus I named a short list, bud. I’d say he flexes 10% of the time. Only some of his latest music. Lotto, 10 Bands, I Love, and maybe a few others. Dude has so much music out that doesn’t get noticed. For example, Backwards, his Along Came Joyner EP, and his 508 mix tape (not an album).

  6. Black Dread says:

    I remember when i was spamming my friends to listen to Joyners “bank account” at 50k views and now people for likes be like “who’s here before 1 mil views”. Im glad this happend, sriracha was the first big cross over and then Em, man, im very happy for this man. Hope this happens to K.a.a.n too, that boi also fire.

    • Juho Vuorela says:

      @Future Trunks Ah yes, the classic hearing about an artist before someone else did making you a better fan

    • That Foo says:

      AK 69 u know i haven’t seen anyone talk about kaan sweat I thought I was the only one who knew about that foo 🤣🤣

    • Future Trunks says:

      @Juho Vuorela no dude I’m saying he’s acting like Joyner was super small during his bank account release period, I like a few of Joyners songs but a lot of his shit can be goofy and corny. I’m just saying he had some attention before then, dude’s trying to make it seem like he had a super little fan base not even 2 years ago lol

    • Barack Obama says:


    • Brainer Morales says:

      KAAN can spit man. So many ppl be sleeping on him

  7. Sup says:

    Not gonna lie, when he started speaking Spanish it caught me off guard 🤣

  8. PrimeDUBz says:

    No life Shaq: we like doe’sss “” 0:04

  9. Juan Barahona says:

    We got Joyner, wayne, EM, drake, ANYONE ELSE 🔥💯🔥💯.

  10. ChrisTal CeeTee says:

    He really dropping the whole album before he drops the album.

  11. Gildartz says:

    2:21 c’est le décor de Korn- Freak on a Leash ,la classe!

  12. Shreknologist says:

    Plot twist: he’s telling us that Pablo Escobar is still alive .

  13. Just let me eat my grapes in peace says:

    “What do you want honey”
    “A Spongebob cone!”
    *hands pound of cocaine over*

  14. Jamie Fox says:

    I like how dudes demolishing furniture have moments where they are in sync with the beat.

  15. Papi Chulo says:

    When Joyner said “I’ve never been pretty but my mom thinks I’m handsome” I felt that.

  16. ArnoId Vogt says:

    White dressed violinst and booty was the combo I never knew I needed to bop

  17. ThaArtist says:

    Plot twist: none of these songs are on the album he’s just having fun

  18. Spencer Whitfield says:

    Plot twist: he’s tryna teach us Spanish

  19. Mach says:

    0:55 When your mom makes you go to your 9 year old brother’s birthday party with all his friends.

  20. Esteban Rodriguez says:

    When Joyner said “click-clack willa-walla bing-bang” I felt that one 🙌🙌

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