Joyner Lucas – Will (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas – Will (ADHD)

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55 Responses

  1. Leerick Q says:

    Damn he is one of the best story tellers out there,and this time it wasn’t even sad but lit 🔥

  2. DJ Johnson says:

    This was dope af. I had a feeling will was gonna pop up, and still got chills when he did. Joyner always got the best concepts

  3. JAY says:

    How can you forget “Independence Day” bruhh

  4. conlard mbatina says:

    “” I learned a lot from him and I owe it
    Homie’s my idol and don’t even know it, “”
    Damnnn that’s hoot

  5. Sammy Sweetheart says:

    “aint nothin worst than losing your hero and couldn’t say bye and we never know just when it’s our time, the legends are gone and we don’t know why- so before they go look here go a toast, so give them a rose while they still alive” 😓🥀

  6. Luke Br says:

    Will smith plays this song “it’s rewind time”

  7. Ashutosh Pradhan says:

    One of the few guys who is keeping the hip hop’s real essence alive.
    Amazing track. Here before it hits million.

  8. Joe Night Owl says:

    Will be like:”that’s hot”

  9. Dhanta Zidhanta says:


  10. Oscar Owen says:

    The hole idea of this song is fire

  11. Discoverance Band says:

    3:30 does any one else think will looks cgi? idk something about it throws me off, doesn’t quite look real, regardless this song is fire

    • NoLifeLifestyle says:

      It is CGI, its wills face on Joyner its who he wants to mirror hence why he looks in the mirror and sees him

  12. Scott C says:

    He’s really releasing the whole album before releasing the album

  13. Flo Loewen says:

    Should have ended with “ahhhh that’s hot… thats hot“😂

  14. WuBzy Wiggles says:

    Joyner always laying it down. Give our heroes their roses while they’re here🌹🌹💯💯💥💥

  15. blavk mortal says:

    “ADHD is a social experiment.”💯

  16. Thomas An says:

    Recommented on Hachitube.

  17. OuterSpace90 says:

    I love this because i literally grew up to Will Smith too.

    I was a little Urkel kid who wanted be cool like Will.

  18. Sprightly Ebbie says:

    Oh this was a really dope concept.
    Warmed my heart

  19. b Fondwords says:

    one of the greatest to ever to this thing called, “music” & “film”

  20. Lewis Stamas says:

    Producer: how many will smith refrences

    Joyner lucas: Y E S

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