JR Smith Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

JR Smith Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

JR Smith goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about his footwear for memorable dunks, which signature lines he sports in the NBA and what it was like working with Supreme.

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48 Responses

  1. Elusified says:

    I’m surprised he remembered what time to show up for this interview.

  2. Isaiah Gundani says:

    People bake JR, but at the end of the day it was George Hill’s fault for missing the free throw

  3. Alex Ordonez says:

    Should’ve asked him what happened game 1 of the finals with leBron😂

  4. Ross Banter says:

    Sneaker Shopping with Michael J Fox

  5. David _BBAPe says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t run away from the store and say I thought I already went inside 😑😵

  6. The big laker fan says:

    Joe: I’m here with jr smith, gonna see what he’s feelling what is not and hopefully next time he’l know what the score is

  7. rip peep says:

    Did he rly try to pull off a Liangelo Ball at the end?

  8. Savar_ Khanna says:

    Henny x Nike sneakers is what JR should by

  9. Mert Kumak says:

    He shouldnt shopping lol tommorrow is game 87 of the NBA Finals

  10. Savar_ Khanna says:

    Man, this guy is in public after the choke in the nba finals

  11. Joel Enrique says:

    Only here to read the comments

  12. yert says:

    dont let this distract u from the fact he smoked a blunt inside the cavs locker room

  13. sukhraj Kaur Sandhu says:

    You know the trolls always have something to say -J R Smith (why I love this man)

  14. DJ APEXX Beats says:

    Why Joe dressed like a high school basketball coach tho

  15. Vanderpi says:

    JR Smith goes to Hennessy Shoppin with Complex

  16. Grosvy Ramirez says:

    Thank you Jr Smith for making LeBron go to la

  17. Kevin Bravo says:

    Im surprised Jr didn’t think the store was closed 🐸☕️

  18. Lil Tay🎒💰 says:

    he gone need god next season not luck fam

  19. Young Dream says:

    Jr. Smith “can I get the Henny 3’s?”

  20. nbayung goat says:

    Jr the goat if you think he’s not go look at the NBA finals

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