Juanita Broaddrick Relives Bill Clinton Rape/Hillary Intimidation

Juanita Broaddrick Relives Bill Clinton Rape/Hillary Intimidation

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20 Responses

  1. Franca says:

    Anybody who is voting for Hillary Clinton is supporting a rapist and
    promoting rape. Bill raped the women physically and then Hillary Clinton
    raped them psychologically. Is that who you want running the country?

  2. John Thomas says:

    Did I miss something? Is Bill Clinton running for president?

    Is this Bill Clinton vs. Melania Trump?

    Oh, no. It’s HILLARY CLINTON vs. Donald Trump.

  3. steve tafe says:

    i feel really badly for her. u can see what type of impact this crime has
    had on her life. its shameful that Bill got away with this.

  4. Billy HW says:

    I believe Juanita Broaddrick when she says Bill Clinton raped her, and
    Hillary Clinton bullied her into staying silent about it.

    Vote up if you believe her too.

  5. Lake Baikal says:

    Very sad. The Clintons need to make amends with this woman. A sincere
    public apology, a commitment to defend victims and a 7 figure settlement.

  6. Catlover914 says:

    Let’s just mutiny if Hillary wins. Military, cops, and straight shooting
    whites all support Trump. We must secure the existence of our people and
    the future for white children.

  7. Laurens C. says:

    Here in Europe, politicians are real politicians; boring and unpopular, as
    it should be because they are just doing their job. In America, it’s just
    all entertainment… Deciding who is going to run the most powerfull
    country in the world is a f*cking show and a business on it’s own. And you
    even call it ‘democracy’ lol.

  8. Miriam comments says:

    Well, I was voting for Clinton but if this is true I will campaign against
    However, I don’t believe her 100%
    She needs to come up with some proof of what happened..
    I’m a woman but we lie too..
    She could also be doing this for money and fame. And maybe to look like a
    I just not sure…

  9. David Davidson says:

    Clinton’s should be executed at gun point

  10. bettyd1954 says:

    As a woman this is hard to watch, I can feel her pain, and he humiliated
    her so badly!Bill Clinton you freakin’ rapist you and that hag of a wife
    bullied her badly, you sick twisted freaks should pay for your crimes!God
    Help You Both!

  11. Arturo Garza says:

    Trump 2016! Trump 2016 everybody, thank you, thank you everybody. Thank you
    everybody ahhhh we’re going to win big everybody, ohhh we’re going to win
    so big. Thank you everybody.

  12. los noodle says:

    that rapist asshole should burn in hell. fuck the Clintons

  13. Botmin says:

    ”Y…Yeah but Trump said stuff that hurt my feelings!”

  14. Logic says:

    What a brave woman! I’m not a SJW by any means but this woman needs to be
    heard. Hillary is such a anti feminist!

  15. Mobius One says:


  16. Mitchell Wiggs says:

    In a sworn affidavit on Dec 23, 1998, Juanita Broaddrick denied an
    “unsubstantiated, hearsay claim” made by the Paula Jones’ legal team that
    Bill Clinton had invited her (as Jane Doe #5) to a hotel room and forced
    her to have sex.

    Under oath, Broaddrick said the rumors were “untrue”.

  17. Andy Goodman says:

    This doesn’t add up at all? Everyone can’t just believe everything they
    hear and believe it’s true. Y’all would think if a former President did
    rape someone then there would be an investigation and evidence would be
    found. But there have been too many fake allegations in the past and this
    seems like another one. How come Broaddrick is coming out now? This seems
    like another cheap media company making up a bull shit story because
    they’re in need of attention to make a profit in their pockets.

  18. hudson fox says:

    We should also force the chilD that was rapedd by Trump to relive that for
    us to sensationalize! BECAUSE POLITICS!!

  19. A. Lee Composer says:

    *Call me insensitive, but I’m a stickler for evidence. There is more
    evidence of the existence of unicorns than Bill Clinton raping Juanita

    When this incident first happened, there wasn’t any evidence either. And
    now, there still isn’t any evidence.

  20. Vivek V says:

    Hillary wont be running America..even if she does win…true americans will
    be ready with snipers