Judd Apatow: My Daughters Think I’m A Hollywood Dick – CONAN on TBS

Judd Apatow: My Daughters Think I’m A Hollywood Dick – CONAN on TBS

Judd’s daughters roll their eyes when fans approach him on the street and judge him when he uses his name to get dinner reservations.

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20 Responses

  1. John Despo says:

    Even your kids hate you Judd 😂😂😂

  2. Pablo jones says:

    That’s kind of sad..

  3. Lennard says:

    This makes me realize how fucked up it is when I’m sometimes being rude to my parents.

  4. crimsoneyes419 says:

    I’d slap the attitude out of those girls poor guy lol

  5. Nasser Feed says:

    Where I live, parents considered as Gods.. You show nothing but love and respect. His daughter is rude, disrespectful and ungrateful

  6. productplacementads 24/7 says:

    No offence Judd, but they seem like bitches.

  7. Wayne Harris says:

    Those little bitches need to go without for a little while and then respect where the money comes from.

  8. Amr says:

    Teenagers, on average, are the worst form of humanity.

  9. Eddie says:

    Spoiled privileged problems

  10. CocoMarie says:

    lol i don’t know why people are so negative about his daughters. I thought it was cute. they’re not little girls they’re teenagers. It sounds like a typical family

  11. clash5j says:

    Do his kids hate the fact that their Dad has a networth of about 90 million? I’m sure they hate Dad so much that they don’t partake of any of the benefits his wealth affords them. lol

  12. Adam Farnsworth says:

    This makes me feel so much better as a dad lol

  13. harsh purohit says:

    “There’s disdain in the foreground and hate in the background”.. 😀

  14. sparky thekid says:

    I am sure that sarcastic skeptical attitude comes from having a comedic parent. it doesn’t mean they don’t love or appreciate him. everyone is embarassed of their parents some times

  15. fidorover says:

    VOICEOVER: These girls clearly suffer from Apatow Entitlement Syndrome, a disorder wherein children of crazy-rich Hollywood celebrities throw attitude and disrespect their parents. Thankfully, there’s a 2000-year-old treatment known as _Financious Interruptus_ — which brings immediate relief to the parents. Ask your accountant if cutting your kids off to send a message is right for you.

  16. Monica Meza says:

    Appreciate your parents. You don’t know how long they’ll around for.

  17. Kevin C says:

    Judd, your daughter is a comedic genius.

  18. Krombopulos Michael says:

    You guys realise he’s probably exaggerating this stuff for comedic effect right? Because that’s funnier than just saying they get on great?

  19. Vicente morales says:

    They don’t complain about his money, that’s for sure


    In Hollywood teenagers raise you

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