Judge Faith Jenkins On Syndicated Court TV, Fair Representation For Heinous Crimes + More

Judge Faith Jenkins On Syndicated Court TV, Fair Representation For Heinous Crimes + More

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75 Responses

  1. K1NGCED says:

    Sweet Black Jesus!!!

  2. Donte Wright says:

    I would switch her birth control pills with Flintstone vitamins and act surprised when she get pregnant by me but I’m really happy😁

  3. Ash K says:

    Yes, judge faith is amazingly gorgeous, but I hope people on here watching or who heard her are really listening to what she’s saying. She’s giving serious pointers about the legal system and what’s really going on.

  4. abdifatah abukar says:

    Omg she’s looks so beautiful I can’t believe she 40 years old she looks around 20s

  5. daveveda20 says:

    Hhhm… funny 🤔 Charlamagne didn’t have much nonsense to say. You can’t come with bafoolery an nonsense dealing with an intelligent an intellectual women.

    • Broseidon: Lord of the Brocean says:


    • Pat P says:

      He sounds like he had a penis in his mouth and he trying to talk. Y’all know he had to have a train risen on him by all of the white boys
      to get and keep his job.

    • Chris boom says:

      daveveda20 she has intelligence and grace. A lot of the females he talk crazy have very little talent and are ratchet to begin with so he matches their output

    • Stephen The13th says:

      He’s not crazy. She’s clearly a real genuine black woman. His wife might be the same way.

    • willie latigue says:

      daveveda20 how this get so many thumbs up? Charlemagne clearly set the record straight whenever it comes to reality stars and bullsh*t like that.

  6. E.Michelle says:

    I would love to see a bio pic on her. She is an awesome example of being powerful but still being down to earth. This was so inspiring.

  7. abc def says:

    No pull out gang I’m nutting all in that

  8. s.Rulerr says:

    She so sexy , hottest judge of all time. factsdoe

  9. Jr Keys says:

    #BlackdontCrack in full effect

  10. Miss Cali Luv says:

    ❤ Judge. Faith Jenkins . She’s articulate, smart and classy !

  11. Welcome To The Madness says:

    The pocket watchers, is what we need to start calling this.

    • Rilly Jo says:

      Welcome To The Madness facts. how u start interview talking about ppl money

    • Welcome To The Madness says:

      Rilly Jo no introduction to the person, no building up a repor, nothing…just you making a lot of money!

      PS: The Breakfast Club crew should be making at least $10 million each. Granted, they always talking about someone else pocket.

  12. muchohumpty says:

    shes fine af. Rappers gonna be in her DMs after this

    • Dwight wiliams says:

      muchohumpty Drake gonna be donkey fucking her bruv …2 weeks 😂😂😂

    • Unfinished Business says:

      She’s pretty and educated and all, but why are these black women so accomplished but won’t give a man a chance. 40+ with no kids, old eggs, and no man

    • Stephen The13th says:

      Unfinished Business On the real it depends on the man. If you got your life together, some kind of conversation you’re mature. Unfortunately some of these sistas messed with some wack ass dude and messed it up for everybody else. I can’t really blame them if they’re hesitant to date a brother. It is what it is.

    • Woolian PrinceOfPraance says:

      Unfinished Business You can date her…you just need to be 10 foot tall, a gazillionaire, have a 12 foot penis, you need to also drive a mercedes SL1000 GTR 5000 SE V18, you better be fit beyond human possibility and you MUST suck pussy……

    • O Beth says:

      Woolian PrinceOfPraance Well the pussy part seems sensible. I’m down. lol

  13. Baal Sumaku says:

    I’m amazed how she can still appear so innocent and a pure girly female after being submerged in the worst of mankind.

  14. Manny Dosu says:

    Smart and beautiful black woman. My brothers can we show some appreciation 🙌🏿👏🏿

  15. kfc667 says:

    She’s 41 yrs old. She was Miss Louisiana back in 2000

  16. BooksPartiesDiapersAndMusic says:

    I loved, loved, LOVED her interview. She was so right when she said people need to make a difference by entering into these kinds of careers. People think leaving comments on social media makes a difference. We really need to infiltrate these kinds of careers and be the change we keep bitching about. Thank you so much for bringing her on the show. ❤❤❤

  17. King Anthony says:

    Faith Jenkins can catch all this faithfulness

  18. Ervin Griffin, Jr. says:

    Man, all that beauty and brains too! 😘😘😍😍

  19. Afric Network says:

    That’s a beautiful black woman right there.

  20. Obama says:

    They would definitely put me in contempt of court for staring at the judge the whole time 😍

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