Judge Jeanine on her explosive exchange on ‘The View’

Judge Jeanine on her explosive exchange on ‘The View’

After a heated exchange on ‘The View,’ Judge Jeanine Pirro says co-host Whoopi Goldberg confronted her backstage. The Judge shares her experience on ‘Fox & Friends’.

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74 Responses

  1. 234dilligaf says:

    Goldberg is obviously full of hatred! I personally think she’s jealous because the judge is pretty and she’s Not.

  2. Michelle Hill says:

    Whoppi is the one who’s behaving badly and spewing hate. Why is Whoopi not fired? Time to protest Whoopi!

  3. The Amazing Lucas says:

    What a coward move to kick her off the show

  4. sandy smith says:


  5. David Gordon says:

    Whooper could not be more tired than I am. I am tired of seeing her on any screen anywhere. This woman is such a racist idiot I cannot believe anybody gives her air time.

  6. MasterKagato says:

    Simple, take away her fortune, take away her rights and citizenship, and ship Whoopi to the Congo, never let her back.
    Perfect person to make an example out of.

    • Tammy Wines says:

      Falchion Lmfao funny how liberals are talking about a democracy hey dumb ass we are a Republic !! I like how the facist left is out protesting but not for things to save our republic , lol liberals are out protesting for things that are hurting our country our very constitution what Damn Dumbasses you demoncommies are !! Illegals hurt our republic it is a process and many laws to enter our nation but no your saying open up the border lol idiots. Damn liberals backing these criminal agents of the FBI, DOJ they are criminals they went against our country the very laws there suppose to uphold, there terrorists. President Trump was right to not go into the world stage and call out Putin making it worse. Do you know Hillary sold Russia our uranium they have power to blow us into oblivion. President Trump needed those 2 hours alone with Putin to get all the information on Obama and hillary and all the evil liberals. Now Podesta has begged for immunity lol he is about to turn on Hillary !! Shit is going down Satan is coming to collect !!

    • AnnInFL says:

      I can tell you are being sarcastic with that racist, ugly remark. You are trying to suggest that the people critical of Whoopi’s behavior would want or say this. We can criticize rude behavior without hating a person. Can you?

    • Jaressa Mcdougal says:

      MasterKagato I’m reporting your comment just letting you know

  7. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    Trump is not whipping up hate, he is revealing the hatred of the left.

    • Tammy Wines says:

      hustler3of4culture3 Why are so many fellow United States citizens acting like whiny babies who are having endless melt downs? Millions need to know why millions are not helping there own citizens in need but are helping out stopping traffic, beating up there fellow Americans over illegal aliens who are breaking our great laws ? The issue is of they love my country why are they allowing our great constitution to be pissed on. Now if the liberals and Rinos allow our laws to be broken there indeed breaking our laws.I am now a Conservative I believe in freedom of speech for all citizens, I believe in Jesus Christ who spoke of laws and following the laws. I have nothing against my friends who are gay, love them as myself. I do have a big issue with illegals and all ppl entering the United States of America whom were not properly vetted. Vetting has nothing to do with race but finding out who these ppl know, if they are in trouble elsewhere. When ppl mention racist I laugh because I think everyone should have there DNA checked, big surprise !!

    • Steve Drake says:

      The hate is always at the surface of the sociopathic Left.

    • Gisele Beaupre says:

      An how they are all manipulated by the main stream media…and totally uninformed about reality.

    • The Big Picture says:

      Yes, absolutely correct. It’s amazing how much hatred the left has – they hate just about everything Trump does, even little things like when Trump says would when he clearly meant wouldn’t and they are still torched up about when Trump called Mexicans rapists and murderers. That was two years ago! Move on left! They will even go back further and point out what a scam Trump University and Trump Charity were yet they don’t realize that those things happened under Obama and were Obama’s fault. The left don’t realize that Trump is the best president ever and now I can walk down the street without having to worry about reverse racism and I’m going to have way more money from the tax breaks once I start making millions. Yes, the left have a lot of hate, they make up stories about Trump colluding and get women to accuse him of things and all those lawsuits! Just terrible but Trump will show them he’s not guilty and pardon himself. The left show their hatred when they stoop to calling Trump stupid or fat and lazy or egotistical or narcissistic, the list is endless of the derogatory things the left will say. I’m sick of all the hateful words the left uses like misogynist, racist, rapist, prejudiced, nepotism and malfeasance. LEFTIES GO AWAY and let Trump make America Great Again!

  8. Greg Ruddell says:

    WOOPI = typical alt left liberal that gets violent when you don’t agree with their ideology. Very sad.

    • hustler3of4culture3 says:

      Greg Ruddell white identity politics aren’t going to win many more elections. But keep going with that.

  9. Forging Freedom Podcast Channel says:

    The left’s favorite word is f*ck. They deploy it liberally and often. It’s what you do when the facts aren’t on you’re side and you can’t make a logical, coherent argument.

  10. Jacksonandjulian says:

    What happened to Canada Whoopi? I thought you were leaving? If you are as upset as you pretend you are I should think you would walk the walk instead of being all talk. Turns out she is just like her moniker, a bag of wind that makes noises mocking a backside. Perfectly suited name.

  11. AveMarie Meleisea says:

    All you haters on Whoopi know that here in this video your only hearing one side of the story.

  12. vsboy 25 says:

    Whoppi goldberg attacked her without justification.

    • hustler3of4culture3 says:

      vsboy 25 I’d say calling her a cocksucker was justification enough. And being a snowflake about Anna Navarro being on the panel and demanding that she not be was also justification enough.

  13. Michael Tarren Scott says:

    Whoopi Goldberg is a disgrace…

    • Daniel Darabos says:

      She hate da honkey🍉🍌🍉🍌🍉

    • Michael Tarren Scott says:

      Ivan_ [Ka] …you fail to understand that this is NOT a popularity contest. Just because a person has a differing of opinion DOES NOT give you the right to silence them. THIS IS AMERICA! Again, I say this: Whoopi is a DISGRACE. You know she is too. How would you like it if someone tried to silence you for having an opinion?? 🤷‍♂️

    • Janice Mead says:

      Sounds like you did not see the show. It didn’t go down like that. She insulted Whoopie first and she wasn’t having it.

  14. Jim McCracken says:

    Whoopi’s Trump Derangement syndrome got out of hand so quickly that Meagan McCain didn’t get to tell Judge Pirro that she comes from a military family.

  15. gina farrell says:

    Woopie is rude, inconsiderate & constantly interrupts her guest! She is a immature fool!

  16. Glenn Harris says:

    Whoopi Goldberg is a useless piece of trash. We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if she had moved to Canada likes she’s said she was going to.

  17. Term-B Phillip says:

    Wow the saying is true there’s two sides to the story and then the truth…..🤔.

  18. danceballetacro says:


  19. chanhuor says:

    When a person start yelling during a debate they basically lost.

  20. trendhound z says:

    Whoopie is a has been washed out nasty peso enab!er period…..she needs deliverance

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