Judge won’t punish father who lunged at Larry Nassar

Judge won’t punish father who lunged at Larry Nassar

The father of three daughters who were abused by Larry Nassar tried to attack the former doctor in an Eaton County, Michigan, court Friday before he was tackled and arrested by security.

Watch father lunge at Larry Nassar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjnwaagBigA

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95 Responses

  1. Ethan Pond says:

    Good. I’m so happy they’re not charging him.

  2. Carlos Sepulveda says:

    justice is done. great judge.

    • Lucy's Mom says:

      +Justin Time
      Of course she had a choice, being a judge means not giving a rat’s ass about public opinion, she must work within the confines of the law!
      unless you want anarchy, then, when someone attacks you, you’ll be the first to cry because no law enforcement helped you…

    • Justin Time says:

      +Lucy’s Mom
      You have to agree that because the enormity and gravity of this case…there’s NO way in hell she’d impose any kind of sanction upon Mr.Margraves. Surely,you understand what I’m saying.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      So at the end of the day, it’s all just about politics, but it worked out in the end for the father.

    • Tim Menke says:

      The father didn’t want justice, he wanted revenge. Eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. Justice is creating a system where this stuff never happens in the first place. Justice is not “getting even” We have to grow up and not stoop to the level of those who wrong us.

    • ON YOUR ASS says:

      Carlos Sepulveda not quite, dude should of been hung with a pay per view for innocent victims. Too.many assholes hurting little girls

  3. J Russ says:

    I can understand why he did it and I am so glad the judge felt the same way.

  4. Patrick Pepin says:

    great judge

  5. Hawks Fan says:

    If only the officers let him get a few shots in. Glad he will not be going to jail for wanting to protect his daughters.

    • Troy Head-Counsell says:

      The law always protect pedophiles. Especially when they have money

    • Jayden Battee says:

      Troy Head-Counsell most of the time they get punished pretty badly, but there was one time people started to riot about someone who went free due to money

    • Lazarus1940 says:

      Check the sweatshirt, he’s a paid-up union electrician. Which means that he and his boys know EXACTLY what to do with a few transformers and some copper wire. Let your mind go to the dark places on that one.

    • Apocafeller The King says:


    • Luis Rios says:

      From what i know once he’s locked up this guy is gonna have the lights dimmed and the cameras turned another way past his cell and if the father did hit him he would be in prison too but since the cops did their job they will now tell the correctional officers know how they need 5 mins each and may go a little longer since the father did what he did. The correctional officers will also some time alone and then their are his fellow inmates will not like the child molestation and definitely get more then 5 mins they all have as long as they are sentenced

  6. WeeWeeJumbo says:

    #1 Dad.

  7. karen knapp says:

    my heart goes out to this Dad, I hope they are allowed time to heal.

    • xGalasko says:

      karen knapp I hope he’s allowed time to fuck him up

    • AudiowaveformTV says:

      I hope the judicial system changes to a more fair and just system to the hard working people….rather than have a system that is half protecting the pedophiles and criminals. (jail is a form of protection, just search up why Pablo Escobar WANTED to go to jail…when people want to kill you…..go to solitary confinement…..and everything will be okay? thats not how jail should work…)

      FUCK THAT…I vote to give a horse some Viagra and lock this Larry Nassar in the room with a hyper sexual horse. I say this because there has been recorded cases of Horses penetrating men to death….and its the type of death I want Larry Nassar to have.

  8. tchrisou812 says:

    A real man right there. Kudos to the Judge.

  9. Blood of Suban says:

    Dont worry…..Nassar will get plenty of beat downs in prison

  10. POTUS21 says:

    This man did what any parent would have done….my heart goes out to him.and his family!

  11. Coffee Girl says:

    Am I the only one crying? I can feel this Father’s pain.

  12. Mary R says:

    This father is such a good man :'(
    May their entire family heal from the heinous acts of Nassar.

    • Big Red says:

      Jacob Bonfante A good man also doesn’t let a male doctor touch his daughter private parts no matter what, me and my wife have both agreed that until our daughter can decide at 18 on her own that she will have a female doctor , this father and many others are way too naive and trusting

    • iX Relaxx says:

      Why the fuck would they even charge him? Wanting to hurt the man who abused your daughters for years is perfectly fine. I would find it unnatural if you didn’t want to.

    • Bruno Sousa says:

      Fuck You your the loser white trash

    • Sekayi Odinga says:

      Mary R they left their young daughters alone with a doctor. Real smart.

    • Capone says:

      High-Anus acts of Nassar? He’s the victim. They came to him. THEY entered HIS den. Never blame the lion for feasting.

  13. Lamont Stokes says:

    Super dad

  14. The Drone Connection - Drone Reviews & Video says:


  15. Terry Merry says:

    Nassar will be dropping the soap a lot in jail…..

  16. I. Live strong says:

    Hero dad!!!

  17. Dumb Dead1 says:

    Great job Judge. Still I wish he would of got that 5 minutes, even 1 minute would be enough.

  18. MrBadabimBadabum says:

    let there be a lesson for pedophiles… next time there may be another father that will not wait for things to go this far.

    • Ckd Cody says:

      That’s why I always carry a glock in my pocket I wish someone tried some shit

    • gd129 says:

      Remember a couple years ago some dad in TX walked in on a guy molesting his kid and put the molester in the hospital. Called 911 like he’s gonna need an ambulance

    • Mont 3000 says:

      MrBadabimBadabum mafia style, never would make it to court.

    • Brian Patterson says:

      MrBadabimBadabum that’s what Nassar will deal with in prison on a daily basis unless hes put in PC which he likely will be because everyone in prison will want a piece of him. Pedophiles are the lowest of the low in prison and will be punished day in and out if they aren’t in solitary confinement. Now I’m as in as much agreement with u even tho what I just wrote may sound like I’m not. I’d have loved to see Nassar get wacked by this dad LOL but it also is not good for the daughters to see I’m sure they were scared not just in general when their father did that but its a sensitive issue they’re dealing with and of course they probably got scared that now their father would be in trouble with the law. So its not good for his girls and he realizes that but that was just a fathers human reaction of hearing for the first time what this scum of the earth did to his girls. Nassar will be brutalized in prison. And likely will commit suicide if he isn’t killed by an inmate. I don’t see him making it through til he dies of natural causes.

  19. Vesper Martini says:

    This father should get a gold medal!!!

  20. TheReal NateDogg says:

    2018 Man of the Year

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