Judgment | Jeb Bush

Judgment | Jeb Bush

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20 Responses

  1. islamkillsAmericans says:

    Trump is laughingly stupid. On specifics, could not differentiate between
    Hamas and Hezbollah. When he watches TV he spends way too much time on his
    real passion , the WWF. You have to be a complete moron not to still get
    that he is bamboozling the gullible to make Himself great, suckers.

  2. islamkillsAmericans says:

    The tumpistanis are full of denial, oh the video is edited, oh he is better
    than obama, oh his this and that, what a bunch pf weakling who cannot
    accept the truth, tump is a moron.

  3. pile says:

    He is the best u got now…

  4. islamkillsAmericans says:

    The real Truth hurls, ouch!!! The senile, low stamina blowhard is incapable
    of standing for more than 2 hours. The man has never worked hard in his
    life and to boot is a draft dodger. Nether himself nor any of his family
    members has EVER served in the military. what vultures they all are..

  5. Nirson Erscer says:

    this video showed me that not only trump is an idiot but so is jeb. “you
    can buy alot of terror with 100m” he wouldn’t rip up the deal. shut the
    fuck up jeb you pretentious twat stop trying to start another war like the
    other miserable fucks called the bush family. jeb you are human scum.

  6. Fabian Asensio says:

    oh boy..nice try Jeb. This will just sink you further. Drop out now before
    you get even more humiliated.

  7. Nikola Redzic says:

    Well I have one warhead for your mexican wife. Fuck you, your brother and
    your father you worthless pieces of shit.

  8. Brian The Punter says:

    Trump will make Obama look like a cub scout when dealing with military
    issues because Trump is smart enough to keep us out of other peoples
    business and not a drone for Israel like a Bush or Obama.

  9. shaunnebenzahl says:

    Slinging some major mud. Jeb’s campaign must be going worse then we thought

  10. vernii says:

    Bush is such a beta cuck

  11. Stuffy Nazelbaum says:

    Jeb Bush is a fucking hand puppet for rich bastards who don’t give a fuck
    about the working class. We don’t a ass wipe Bush in the white house

  12. rochelimit's hangout says:

    omg, good luck with your… eh… leader, America…

  13. Simon Luo says:

    yes trump sucks and you suck too just a little less, but still you really

  14. Kyle C says:

    ¡Jeb! is honestly such a moron. So is Trump for that matter. #Carly2016

  15. lakeofire says:

    TRUMP #2016!

  16. Mark Smith says:

    Jeb…go away

  17. Black Knight says:


  18. Alberto Fonseca says:

    look, I do not agree with Donald comments of policies, but this kind of
    video, I don’t think help jeb in any way.

  19. typeinusernameisunav says:

    pass the guac, this shit is too funny

  20. Abdallah Bissar says:

    Just quit already, Bush. We’ve had enough Bushes in the White House. Nobody
    wants you. Get the damn message already.