Juice WRLD – Lean Wit Me (Official Music Video)

Juice WRLD – Lean Wit Me (Official Music Video)

Watch the official video for “Lean Wit Me” by Juice WRLD.

Goodbye & Good Riddance available now:

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73 Responses

  1. Dat says:

    the empty seat is for me

  2. vRyaann says:

    Here before it blows up

  3. NextLane Beats says:

    Juice WRLD is so crazy! Gonna be the biggest artist soon🖤

  4. Lukey Firsty says:

    People acting like this a new song no it not fam 😂😂

  5. Cade P says:

    i hope hes kidding he has too good of a rare voice to OD and die

  6. Lobat says:

    This man is going to be the new superstar, only hits by him

  7. FallxnFear says:

    *1mil in just 1 day*
    *Juice Wrld till he ends ;)*

  8. JustD.C says:

    Juice should be the one representing our generation. It should of been him and X, Long Live X ❤

    • Ikeins says:

      JustD.C this is why this generation is fucked is because people like you think this autotunned shit talking about popping pills and smoking and drinking and getting fucked up and overdosing. You really want him representing our generation? Lmao you’re a joke. Please get off your dads computer.

    • Ryan Meehan says:

      JustD.C not sure I want a man who abuses drugs to represent our generation. Unfortunately he represents a harsh reality of poor mental health being suffered by today’s youth but obviously X was better with highlighting it. Still love juice wrld but he’s not my representative, I don’t even drink haha

    • Bad vibes Forever says:

      Ikeins x wasn’t auto tuned he could sing and rap so get your old head off the internet and go do something with your life

    • Kierstan Faulks says:

      Little Pump did you even watch the video?

  9. Mini Iman says:

    Every song he comes out with is going to be a banger he is such a lyrical genuis😭

  10. Under Armour King says:

    Lil uzi’s demon is now in Juice WRLD

  11. Black Pyramid says:

    *Me before 1m*

  12. Kaylor Rose says:

    A lot of people like myself can relate to this song. Hes got a bright future man

  13. Yoreyore12 says:

    Please don’t pull a lil peep man I don’t want another legend to die

  14. TempoArts says:

    i remember hearing a song just like this a year ago. <3

    • Nahsyeis Williams says:

      TempoArts thats a whole fact a song just like that came out

    • Bobby Foof says:

      TempoArts i

    • SnailFix says:

      Well the guitar riff sounds alot like Metallica – One, but not as heavy.

    • Kyle D says:

      I remeber hearing hundreds of songs just like this but apparantly this one is somehow different and amazing lol….these new millenial rap fans are bunch of depressed junkies all you gotta do is make a song about getting high to cope with pain and sound like Lil Uzi and your a fucking super star lmao

  15. zachandbro says:

    What a mesmerizing joyride.

  16. Jada D says:

    never not spitting fire

  17. Sxul says:

    Love the fact that this even has a big message

    • DRO Cavallero says:

      FallxnFear no. He goes to rehab

    • DRO Cavallero says:

      FallxnFear after his girl dies. Watch it again carefully.
      I lost my best friend to h and he waa left for dead.. he called the cops on himself pretty much

    • Ryan Clothier says:

      It touches on the recent cases that drug dealers get charged for homicide. But what is a “drug dealer”? Tons of addicts share/trade/sell during their daily struggle to get drugs..especially with their bf/gf, but if they OD… that means you killed them? Plus I think he’s outlining racial prejudice which is too real. They need to lock up pharma frfr

    • Dayz of Noah says:

      They are promoting this sickness of addiction. It has become a style even. It’s called “Nihilist Aestheticism.” These young kids don’t even know what they are doing. I dropped a video explaining the concept. https://youtu.be/sZYHZpwf5v4

  18. Vince 23 says:


  19. Guilherme Wrld says:


  20. Angela Stein says:


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