Juice WRLD – “Legends” (Official Audio)

Juice WRLD – “Legends” (Official Audio)

Official audio of “Legends” by Juice WRLD.

tribute.. rip x rip lil peep 🙁

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70 Responses

  1. fuck negativity says:

    He’d want us to stay positive for him ?

  2. Collin Fidler says:

    0:00 RIP X.

  3. Big MacN says:

    You did good Juice keep it up, X would be proud!

  4. ŠoleyÑate says:

    Can we all agree the sad music torch has been passed to juice ???

  5. flo says:

    If X see and hear it, he would be 100 procent happy ? forever jahseh, forever!

  6. Tom3k says:

    I love Peep, i love all what he do, i love anything in Gustav, i love his songs so much, but we lose him and i never forget about him, X hmm i like him but i dont a big fan of him, but i like songs what he make- Look at me, Revange or Save me and more and more… RIP LEGENDS

  7. SunnyBoy says:

    This message goes to all people who are sad right now.
    Be strong this phase passes trust me my friend 🙂
    Please don’t go from this beautiful world if you are depressive.
    Your future will be the coolest whit your own children, your own house and your own pet if you love animals 😀
    Look what a good person X was.
    We should follow his words, don’t be sad and help other people 🙂
    #legends #never #die

    • MK12FILMS says:

      SunnyBoy we will live on for X! Do it for X, do it for the kids, the message. ❤️

    • Chris Dunlop says:

      That was pretty awesome my dude! I really appreciate that, I’ve been going through some tough times, lost my grandfather like a couple weeks ago, and my dog and now x, this has been the hardest time in my life and i don’t really know how to pull myself out of this haze that I’m in

  8. frosty says:

    Post Malone voice

  9. Nate says:

    Please get this to Spotify

  10. Herbert says:

    I saw the title and knew exactly what it was….much love Juice he’d be proud ☝?

  11. FallxnFear says:

    *Dont Take Juice Wrld Please Take 6ix9ine Instead* we need Juice Wrld for a Thousand Years

    • alex Santillan says:

      FallxnFear dude stfu 69 and x fucked so much with each other 69 trolling x would always call seeing if he’s ok if you don’t fucking know who x fucked with then STFU PISSES ME off everytime I see “should’ve been 69”???r.i.p x love you?

    • Anahi M says:

      Max Marin he would never wish death upon anybody. Not just rappers

    • Anahi M says:

      a barnhart620 you’re a “pussy ass bitch” for wishing people to die. Go do something for the community. Go help your family with something instead of trying to destroy and cause pain.

    • R y x n says:

      Soilder Kidd said 69 was next on his Instagram..
      But wtf man, 69 was cool with x

    • Amyla Hines says:

      hell bøy she lied

  12. AuTx Clan/AuTx_Slime says:


  13. Corrupt says:

    They might be physically gone. But they will never leave our hearts. And their music will always be with us. Rest in peace X and Peep <3

  14. PerSix // X IS ALIVE says:

    why u gotta make me cry ;-;

    • DanceNeOnDance says:

      PerSix // X IS ALIVE okay I love x and he will never be forgotten, but if he really is faking his death, he’s a piece of shit. You don’t do that shit to your fans, friends, and family. People who keep saying he’s alive got me fucked up for real. That would further ruin his image and kill his career.

    • h6deed says:

      in the lyrics, “this time it was so unexpected, last time it was the drugs he was lacing”

      X faked his death before for an album release

    • DanceNeOnDance says:

      h6deed that shit isn’t cool. I’d never heard that before.

    • Yahir Ramirez says:

      DanceNeOnDance he dead i saw his funeral

    • Shady B says:

      h6deed “This was so unexpected”; X’ unexpected death. “..last time it was the drugs he was lacing”; refers to Lil Peep’s overdose on drugs. Someone laced his Xanax. Stop spreading these conspiracy theories that X is alive. It’s really hard to take for the people that love him to death, bro. Plus, he wouldn’t do that to his fans. He was in a whole different state of mind. Please, stop.

  15. Legend tubers says:

    Who stills think its not real life

  16. Tied Noose says:

    The only reason I’m disliking this is because he monetized it.

  17. FaktenGalaxie says:

    RIP X legends never die ????

  18. Galaxy says:

    I started listening to juice WRLD about a month before X died, and now that X is gone juice has really helped me with his music…

  19. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    The end of the world

    Is it coming soon??

  20. Dan The Man says:


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