Juice WRLD – The Light (Official Audio)

Juice WRLD – The Light (Official Audio)

Juice WRLD “The Light” is available now: https://JuiceWrld.lnk.to/TheLight

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31 Responses

  1. Jess WRLD says:

    “Everybody stay positive no matter,how negative life gets”

    ~Juice WRLD

  2. Crakness says:

    Desde 2020 amando esta canción

  3. Ya know says:

    For the 3 years Juice made music he never failed to make a wonderful piece of art in it. This song is absolutely beautiful and his voice is perfect like no other 🖤 R.I.P Juice if you were still here you’d be ruling this world 😔🖤 he’ll always live on through his art and through us. Never let this man be forgotten.

  4. Kryptic Chris says:

    For those who listened to the unreleased version know that it’s not censored. Still I’m glad they released this one 🔥🔥🔥

  5. LUCFE says:

    Mostrei essa música pra minha ex há meses atrás enquanto ainda estávamos juntos, se ela estiver vendo isso aqui… então, finalmente lançou a “música de formatura em filme americano”, se cuida hahaha 999💜💜💜💜💜

    • LUCFE says:

      @Burn dediquei “Desire” e te entendo totalmente…

    • Burn says:

      Dediquei essa música a minha ex namorada. Nem de longe a melhor música do juice, mas concerteza a minha favorita. Não sinto remorso de ter dedicado isso a alguém que provavelmente significou mais pra mim do que eu pra ela, pelo contrário, me sinto feliz por ter amado de verdade e por ter me sentido na confiança de dedicar essa música a alguém.

    • Smok WRLD says:

      Mano que foda!😢

  6. Jutika Dusu says:

    Heard this song about 2yrs ago. Happy to see this track getting released even if there’s slight changes.. Juice you’ll be remembered forever 24×7

  7. ivy XO says:

    Songs from 4 years ago and still feels brand new, Rip Legend

  8. Logan Morris says:

    This is such a great song, can’t say it didn’t go without changes, but it has potential for radio play

  9. Stivenson_23 says:

    Rip juice wrld tu musica vive en nosotros 🥺😩

  10. Lil TETE says:


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