JUICY Q&A! all of your questions asks

JUICY Q&A! all of your questions asks

thank u guys so much for watching!!! comment down below what you wanna see next week!!!

insta and twitter- @kenzie
tik tok- @mackenzieziegler
snapchat- kenz-zieg

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65 Responses

  1. Avery Artinger says:

    This is how many people love Kenzie

  2. Laurie Chow says:

    Kenzie: I’m posting every Saturday
    also Kenzie: posts on a Sunday at 5am (PST)

  3. Nelisa Gurung says:

    **Juicy Q&A**
    “How’s Quarantine ?”

  4. Noa Kaplan says:

    anyone else just want now more then ever want to know who confused is about, Johnny? lol jk

  5. Aurora Wild says:

    Y’all she said “I love oranges but hate orange juice.”

  6. Analu says:

    Kenzie: “I hate orange juice”. Kenzie 0.7273839493 seconds later: “I love orange juice, but I hate orange juice”

  7. Aaliyah Thedford says:

    She likes people but she doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with them.

  8. Aiste Orentas says:

    I literally love how she gets off topic because it feels like we are just naturally talking like friends and it’s not staged

  9. Risa Hidayat says:

    i just love how she’s so happy and strong after the breakup, we stan

    • Rayanne McLaughlin says:

      Risa Hidayat can you please tell me when did they break up and when!!? I never knew they did!!

    • bri !!!! says:

      Rayanne McLaughlin i think it was like last week? kenzie said it on her insta livestream

  10. sister shook says:

    Kenz:”Why is everyone texting me?”
    Me: “Why is no one texting me? Do people don’t like me?!?”

  11. DM Tunes says:

    Who’s been here since “i just wanna stay home and eat chips” Season1

  12. AndIOooOp Sksksksk says:

    She’s literally so sweet and gorgeous like I *CANT EVEN*

  13. Bella Horn says:

    I DONT understand why some people call her fake or basic or immature she is one of the most iconic, mature, and genuine people on YouTube and she answers questions in such a grown up way

  14. Onyx Campbell says:

    This is a vulnerable side of Kenzie I have never seen. She’s always been talkative and pretty open, but she has shed another layer of herself. Keep growing, Kenz!

  15. Ava Magee says:

    kenzie”i love john b”
    literally everyone: “he looks like debbie ryan”
    kenzie: hes literally my home screen
    everyone: -_-

  16. I don’t know says:

    I’m I the only one that that clicked on this expecting her to answer a question about her relationship with Johnny Orlando 😭😂

  17. Mia Jankovska says:

    Kenzie: There are gonna be some very juicy questions
    The first question: How is quarantine?

  18. DuckyWuckyGirl says:

    When she was talking about getting hate for wearing a swimsuit, I thought of how JoJo Siwa gets hate for wearing clothes that “aren’t her age.”

    • Aziza Hussein says:

      DuckyWuckyGirl people hate on everything everybody does nowadays 😭

    • Zenigundam says:

      I don’t know who this girl is, but if she’s getting hate it’s because of her promiscuous past. If a girl like Kenzie kissed me and then I caught her with another guy, that guy is getting knocked out cold and she’s getting chased. We alpha males don’t play that.

  19. Fatima xoxo says:

    Kenzie does not need a boy, I love how she’s thriving and I hope she’s forever happy☺️

  20. Symone Perry says:

    I’m not even Kenzie’s age yet but I feel old at the fact she’s almost 16. I remember when Maddie turned 13 and when Kenzie turned 13. It feels like forever ago. Kenzie and Maddie I love y guys😊

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