Julian Assange on Seth Rich

Julian Assange on Seth Rich

Julian Assange seems to suggest on Dutch television program Nieuwsuur that Seth Rich was the source for the Wikileaks-exposed DNC emails and was murdered.

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20 Responses

  1. Sebastian Ionescu says:

    So many zionist pro-Israel JIDF jew trolls on here saying there is nothing
    suspicious. lol
    Yeah, cause when the whistleblower on Hillary Clinton’s dirty deeds is shot
    in the back and nothing is taken, it obviously isn’t suspicious. Wowsers,
    the jews are going full force to get their whore war monger zionist bitch
    into the presidency.

  2. Bernie 4Prez says:

    Shillary obviously had Seth Rich murdered.

  3. Chris T. says:

    This is a clear message to anyone considering exposing the corruption
    within the democrat party ranks. This is domestic terrorism to the core.

  4. John Heinrich says:

    It’s to for a STAMPEDE to Washington and an impeachment of the beasts that
    are in office!

  5. redleg e.g. smith says:

    so its a robbery then.not a murder. where does the dead body come into

  6. John Eli says:

    seth rich was not robbed!

  7. loesje vervloet says:

    This reporter is an asshole. Assange can only say so much. This reporter is
    an arrogant prick…Self righteous ….Condescending….SETH RICH was
    murdered…They are ALL getting murdered because they want to expose the
    crook for who she really is a mafiosa!!!!

  8. nobleite says:

    Being close to Hillary is very unhealthy.

  9. Alexander Barry says:

    I think the guy probably fell on the bullet by accident just like Kennedy
    did. Nothing suspicious to see here, go about your business. *shifty eyes*

  10. Ulric Spoon says:

    This man is a hero. He fights for your freedom.

  11. Adrian Wyllie says:

    Watch Assange’s micro-expression at 1:02 of this video when the interviewer
    asks, “Was he one of your sources, then?” Assange nods twice, almost
    imperceptibly. That’s usually considered a subconscious confirmation.

  12. Andrea Casamento says:

    Why do you always assumes something was said with it wasn’t ?

  13. Nau seous says:

    It’s obvious Hillary had Seth Rich killed. Now we must show and support
    Seth by supporting Jill Stein and put Hillary in prison for good.

  14. jim paris says:

    the interviewer is a douche bag. i bet he got paid off to make julian look

  15. John Zoidberg says:

    The nod on 1:02
    but hillary would never use criminal methods to accomplish her
    objectives… oh wait

  16. Samoh Kul says:

    In other words, ANYBODY can upload to Wikileaks…including fake material.

  17. Cucu Ca says:

    A person dies twice.
    One of personal causes, disease or accident.
    Second, when she, or he becomes part of what oppresses them!

  18. susan mather says:

    This guy’s scary…

  19. VIGILANTIA says:

    Wait till our google overlords take this down from trending.

  20. Kate Genwunner says:

    Clinton is a vile cunt.