Julian Newman Throws Ball Off Mikey Williams’ Head, Then Mikey GOES OFF! Julian Challenges Kyree ?

Julian Newman Throws Ball Off Mikey Williams’ Head, Then Mikey GOES OFF! Julian Challenges Kyree ?

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A lot of y’all been waiting for this–the Julian Newman vs Mikey Williams FACEOFF! And it got WILD. Julian literally threw the ball off Mikey’s head. From there it was no games. They were tryna win this thing.

It wasn’t only Julian and Mikey though. Zaire Wade, Niven Glover, Kyree Walker, Jah Jackson, Addi Patterson, Khalif Battle, Aidan Igiehon, Jalen Suggs, Skyy Clark, and Jalen Green (our guy was injured though) were also in the mix.

As crazy as this video is, it’s only the semis. Stay tuned for the finals…

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97 Responses

  1. ICHESSEIN 2K says:

    Who remembered when jaden said she wanted to be the first girl in the NBA???

  2. Jman 26 says:

    Julian is hilarious when he tries to act tough?

  3. Jailynn Lee says:

    I’ll pick Mikey over Julian ANY DAY??‍♀️! He tough like that and Julians not all that to me??‍♀️

  4. Jailynn Lee says:

    Feelings was hurt when they found out Jalen was injured???

  5. Mr Unknown says:

    Who’s better Mikey or Julian

    Like if Mikey comment if Julian

  6. Cohen Creswell says:

    When you realize Mikey Williams is only a freshman and Julian is a senior

  7. Kyler Brecheisen says:

    I don’t think D1 colleges are looking for kids that can dribble the ball off of someone’s forehead. ??‍♂️?

  8. Zextize YT says:

    Julian ceiling is globetrotters floor is local rec center after a 9-5

  9. The Pinkprint says:

    6:31 “why he b dunking like that? he got anger problems??” ???

  10. Sam John says:

    This video production is freakin insane ??

  11. The Goat says:

    No disrespect towards Julian Newman but why is he always in the headlines instead of these other players who are clearly better then him?

  12. Will Kranzler says:

    0:21 “Jah been playing against all these 8th graders”. Yeah, because he’s in 8th grade tf

  13. Robel Tussin says:

    Kyree said “I’m the alpha dog.” Damn you better be since you almost 20 still in high school

  14. TXG Productions says:

    How are we ignoring the fact that Mikey looks like nba YoungBoy

  15. Blair Zhou says:

    “We shoot more 4-pointers than they shoot 2-pointers we win” -kyree walker

    • Ace Solo says:

      Blair Zhou this man doesn’t even know the formula behind defense

    • gregg popasnitch says:

      Blair Zhou i promise you if the 4 point line was in the nba coaches would have the exact same game plan

    • Chris Paul point god says:

      @gregg popasnitch the rockets and warriors would abuse this gameplan. They would have to make a 5 point line for curry

  16. Jr says:

    All jokes aside, this was dope. Felt like I was watching a dope ass series.

  17. Savage Hippie says:

    When your little brother beat you in something for the first time and won’t stop talking about it 7:40

  18. Kuru says:

    Kyree the alpha dog, nah this man been in high school for about 14 years now boy better get his grades up

    • ND_Nemo says:

      Kuru wait fr? I see people saying this all the time but how old is he?

    • Kuru says:

      ND_Nemo he’s 18 and still in the 11th grade I’m 16 and in 11th grade

    • Artsy Gang says:

      @Kuru he probably just joined late u cant play basketball in hs with bad grades or anything. That’s literally the schools rule. So dont say what u dont know.

  19. Gregor Thegrey says:

    I’d be so bummed if I heard I was on Newman’s team lol

  20. Sophia I love sex :* TAP ON MY P!HOT!O says:

    High-key rigged bruh look at Mikey’s team.

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