Julianabrug stort neer

Julianabrug stort neer


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19 Responses

  1. SovietZekk says:

    I think someone going to lose his job…

  2. Vratijasesime says:

    you gonna be fucked up you little antifascist bitches.

  3. Marc Goozen says:

    +Deo Heerai True, a lot depends on the crane operator who’s accountable and
    arguably the last in line to call off this lift (=ultimately responsible),
    but in general terms I think it’s better not to put assault to injury, as a
    thorough investigation is what’s required.

  4. Charles P says:

    +Deo Heerai
    At issue was the stability of the barge and those responsible for
    determining it would be stable for the job at hand. Any crane operator is
    going to have a hard time trying to control a load on a sinking and bobbing
    seesaw. I would be one pissed off crane operator.

  5. Matthew Edwards says:

    I’m glad you can draw that conlcusion from the footage. Forgive me if I
    wait for something more official.

  6. Vratijasesime says:

    lil loser antifascist bitches censorship, paid by the antifascist
    newspaper. Go figure.

  7. Fizzywinks Kek says:

    Just you wait, somebody is going to be blame the immigrants for this. kek

  8. Gliese 380 says:

    even apeldoorn bellen?

  9. inesis says:

    1:00 Everything’s OK, we’ve always done it this way…

  10. Aljammaz A.m.j says:

    الله يكفينا الشر 

  11. Jan Lukeš says:

    What were they lifting?

  12. RDJ 134 says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

  13. THE CHALLENGE says:

    Roses are red Violets are blue I do challenges You can watch them too

    Seriously, I ate 10 burgers last video.

  14. SethMcFartlane says:

    The guy in the portapotty got a shock.

  15. MrLunithy says:

    How the fuck can you hold a load like that on a fucking boat ??? .

  16. Isaac Kim says:

    now they have to get more cranes to lift those cranes outta there…

  17. Kamodomon says:

    This is some scary shit! I hope nobody died from this.

  18. DeyCmeTrollin says:

    @ 0:56 Oh, the humanity!

  19. Gogeta Superx says:

    That bird at 1:09 “fak this, Im out of here!” .. thats some danger, il
    stick with playing games 5000 uploads here i come