July 30, 2016

July 30, 2016

Louisville Woman Brought Into Courtroom Without Pants

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20 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    I loved how she stopped herself from asking the defendant to sue the State
    for how she was treated … “I would ask you to…. … …. no that would
    be inappropriate”. I’m surprised she didn’t toss one of the jailers in for
    a day under contempt of court. (under the justification “You disrespected
    by court be having a prisoner brought here in such a state”)

  2. Monica Mix says:

    This type of shit goes on DAILY all around the U.S.!There’s no
    accountability anymore….whats the lady supposed to do?Hire lawyers and
    sue….she was shoplifting….meaning she prolly doesnt have the money for
    a legal team.

  3. DubQWST says:

    How old is this judge, she looks and sounds about 26 lol

  4. juanloko2 says:

    For the last time, 75 days was recommended because she didn’t show up to

  5. Greg R says:

    This woman being denied and looked at as subhuman is Trumps America. This
    judged was the only, out of many officials, to stand up for this woman when
    nobody else would. Clinton2016

  6. ceeza314 says:

    All of us allowing other human beings to be treated like this is a far
    bigger crime than shoplifting.

  7. cerroh says:

    She still has no pants while she pulls her phone out and starts texting.
    Get the woman some pants for fucks sake!

  8. Shaun Kahler says:

    I can’t stand the fact that talking like a sorority girl is allowed at that
    stage in the legal hierarchy…

    That being said, what the fuck. Our systems are screwed up. People only
    operate within the system. When I had to stay in a mental health facility,
    they had me staying in a room without any earplugs with someone dragging a
    chair across the ground in the room above all night (night shift). It made
    it impossible to sleep. Literally impossible. I was also stuck on a mat for
    the first 3 days on the ground.

    People are complete morons at that stage in the game. Its impossible to
    make a decision, because decisiveness with those kinds of people is a “bad
    idea”. But like, you put a normal person in the situation (i.e. a hotel
    patron), and a lot of those folks would be more decisive.

  9. Ronny Sharma says:

    “Am I in the twilight zone, what is happening???” LOL

  10. brdynali says:

    thats the usa : ) land of the free, ahaha. land of the slaves : )

  11. Chas Jackson says:

    The defendant dropped a bomb at the 9:30 mark

  12. cballer789 says:

    I’m in love

  13. Damien Treox says:

    Daymn, she took action. respect o/

  14. Michael Randolf says:

    09:22 “Like, Like I don’t know, Like earlier today , But, Like, like, you
    know?” WTF is with young people saying “Like” in every sentence & every
    other word? She even ENDS a sentence with “Like”!!

  15. don1559 says:

    America what a strange country, where 1% have enough money to build towers
    of gold with it, while millions of people (mostly blacks) are homeless,
    poor, no access to education or jobs or future. This country needs a format
    and a new operating system.

  16. ‫عــصــام أحــمــد‬‎ says:

    only in america

  17. syxrzacm says:

    I think the jailers who allowed this woman to walk in to this judges’
    courtroom in this fashion should be held in contempt, because it appears
    that is the message the jailers are sending this judge – That they have
    contempt for her. On a side note, too bad there aren’t more judges like
    this one.

  18. Sask Pareki says:

    Why isnt she naked? Scam video .. not porn at all .. wtf booring

  19. TestamentsOf TheFreePeople says:

    God bless this judge. Little sliver of hope for humanity.

  20. Kim Myrie says:

    Damn she’s cool as hell.