Jump Start a Car with AA Batteries

Jump Start a Car with AA Batteries

Your car battery is dead and you like a boost to jump start? Maybe you can use AA batteries to crank the engine…
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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19 Responses

  1. Synister Shreds says:

    I’m so excited for your new video! I hit the play button so hard, it
    could’ve pressed charges ;)

  2. Rob Mckennie says:

    Liked for the “spare some charge?” line, genius.

  3. Jonathan Martinez says:

    @Nukle0n the battery is too low to start the car or pretty much dead.
    12.6-12.85 volts is about a full charge. Anything under 12.0v (under 25% of
    full charge) may prevent the car from starting, but can briefly power
    things such and wipers.

  4. Alex P says:

    You’re my hero. Have my children (I don’t want them anymore).

  5. su ann lim says:

    Really? Cool! but I haven’t needed to jump start my car for a long time..

  6. Bill Nye says:

    haha this guy is awesome! how haven’t I been subscribed!!!! Unibrow

  7. Christopher Gaul says:

    This was well worth the three minutes and forty one seconds!

    • Dean Reimer says:

      I work with this guy. Every time I do something in the lab with him I’m
      worried he’s going to zap me.

  8. Russ Dill says:

    “Why do you call them bear hands?”

  9. darkdreder says:

    0:37 lol

  10. Dave Finnerty (TheMadAdmin) says:

    Watch later

  11. SGTBizarro says:

    The new single by Bon Jovi – Fuck My Life

  12. multipurposepaperbox says:

    You do the best shit

  13. Stewart Mckinna says:

    yoo, nice white MG next to your peasant car.

  14. John Liao says:

    *Jump Start a Car with AA Batteries*

    I like this guy :D

  15. Harekiet says:

    ohhh roomy parking spaces, a joy forever

  16. kuldeepkumaruiit says:

    Just as always it was great :D

  17. Uriel Batres says:

    Or you can disconnect the battery and take it to autozone or advanced auto
    and charge your battery for free.

  18. Jayson Chiam says:

    *BOOM BOOM* F*** my liiiiiiiiiiiiife