Jupiter Impact March 17th 2016

Jupiter Impact March 17th 2016

Exact time of impact: 00:18:45 UT. Video taken with an 11″ SCT with an ASI120mm camera and Ir-pass 742nm filter.

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20 Responses

  1. Rasawood Bagaiga says:

    Luckily i saw this happen with my naked eyes on an Easter Monday Night.
    Within a couple of seconds….the star got so bright and the next second
    the light was gone and so was the star.

  2. spinvalve says:

    Jupiter used to be meh. Then it took an arrow in the knee.

  3. Game Scotch says:

    Japanese blackhole observation satellite goes missing a few days later a
    large explosion happens on mars COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT!

  4. Zack Haikal says:

    all i can see is jupiter vibrating

  5. hector otero says:

    Aliens… Thats all Im saying

  6. The Joker says:

    Al Qaeda tried to fly their planes into Jupiter

  7. talkingshit everyday says:

    so many fuck tards in the comments

  8. luisweast says:

    that could have gotten rid of us for sure

  9. luisweast says:

    that could have gotten rid of us for sure

  10. Golden gamerz says:

    Jupiter crashing into earth is bull

  11. Luis Morales says:

    Chuck Norris Farted

  12. Nyrakav says:

    It’s Team Rocket, don’t worry about it.

  13. BATMAN says:

    No flat earthers spewing their bullshit yet? I’m surprised

  14. Cesar Cortez says:

    It’s lit.

  15. 武龙(HastaLasBolsasEscrotales) says:

    Extraterrestrial taking photos with flash.

  16. sahib bains says:

    Are big brother Jupiter protecting us and talking hits for us

  17. charlieq2012 says:

    ….but is the NASCAR safe?

  18. smokenbudesq says:

    lol sure thing total lies and we went to the moon in 1969 lolthere is no
    way out of this place not to day not tomorrow .there are no ball planets
    and this is fake until proven real.nothings coming from space and no
    asteroid will ever hit us live in fear and you will be voluntarily give up
    your rights and your freedoms for false security lol this is upon
    use.hopeless but true in the mind of a thinking natural person who stands
    out side strawman

  19. Heather Here says:

    I saw it moving

  20. ONION Macpoptartpants says:

    we need a meteor like that on north america