Jupiter’s Legacy | Official Trailer | Netflix

Jupiter’s Legacy | Official Trailer | Netflix

No legacy lives forever.

The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must continue their legendary ideals. From the mind of Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy is streaming only on Netflix May 7th, 2021.

Watch Jupiter’s Legacy, only on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/JupitersLegacy

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7

About Netflix:
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Jupiter’s Legacy | Official Trailer | Netflix

They’re the first generation of superheroes. But as they pass the torch to their children, tensions are rising — and the old rules no longer apply.

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47 Responses

  1. Ronny Dormen says:

    The fact the more superhero shows are appearing makes me so happy.
    “They said the age of heroes will never come”

  2. Justin Patdo says:

    “If you do the right thing, somebody dies. If you do the wrong thing, somebody dies” :<

  3. najhoant says:

    I love how more alternative superhero stories are being brought to attention like this, Umbrella Academy and Invincible

  4. Ali Al-Khalil says:

    Hope this turns out to be as good as invincible so far

  5. NeoSlyfer says:

    It looks just like the comic, holy shit even the casting is on point

    • NeoSlyfer says:

      @Da King tv show/series

    • Senna says:

      holy shit ur taste is bad

    • rodrexx x says:

      Theres a comic? Should i read it?

    • Miguel Gaspar says:

      @rodrexx x Yes, and they did not get the casting nor the tone right, this looks nothing like the comic, you should read it and pass on this show.

    • jam_ buddies says:

      @T A It could be. Or it could be that it’s an adaptation perhaps or the fact that nowadays, it’s weird to see a setting like this, people from different places (other world wise), and the regular setting is in the city.. yet they have the whole cast white. Well it’s more funny than weird tbh.

  6. Movie Talks Con Mario says:

    Netflix has cracked formula. This looks good.

    • Robert G says:

      the only thing they cracked is spamming new series, and cancelling them after a few seasons, because they found out that it’s easier to get ppl watch new stuff than stuff that has 10 seasons already. which is true, but it still doesn’t feel right to see series get reaped before their time.
      they either have to stick to the titles they pick up, or give them a fair warning before they get cancelled so they can work on leaving the network or close the story the way they want it to be closed.

    • Okay Then says:

      @Robert G lmao 😭😭 this was too accurate. Watch them make everybody get attached to this and then cancel it like it ment nothing

    • MonkeyPlayz_ Games says:

      @Okay Then I’m pretty sure this is a miniseries so it already won’t get a lot of seasons, the comic isn’t that long either I’ve heard

    • Okay Then says:

      @MonkeyPlayz_ Games oh so it’s gonna probably fit everything in 1 season then. I hope the ending isn’t rushed then

  7. sefton Sinclair says:

    It’s crazy cause superhero anything was kinda frowned upon in Hollywood now we get so much content and I can’t enough of it

    • Okay Then says:

      @Hoshi Uno no problem I just don’t understand why the MCU fans like this person are acting as if the MCU is pure gold and flawless when Captain Alabama kissed the love of his wife’s niece in civil war and went back to her aunty in Endgame, Captain marvels movie exist and Black widow the first avenger female on screen had to wait to get her movie when she died.

    • Jui Jizztzu says:

      @Okay Then I always forget you people are on the lower end of the IQ spectrum so I’m not surprised that certain things go over your head lmfaoooo, so embarrassing. You were specifically talking about how Hollywood started backing more superhero projects as of late due to the success of both DC and Marvel films, but only one company has had successful movies that bring in large audiences and make actual profits, and it ain’t DC. Your whole argument stems from denial and that’d be OK, but we’re meant to be talking about facts here and you’re not going to get anywhere when you keep denying them.

    • Okay Then says:

      @Hoshi Uno fr I literally stated that this had nothing to do with marvel vs DC drama .

    • Okay Then says:

      @Jui Jizztzu First off I thought I made it clear that I’m a fan of both franchises equally. I am no fanboy whatsoever . Where did I mention Zack Synder anywhere in my comments. Your looking for a DC only fan to argue with and I’m not one so go find someone else to spread your hate and stupidity

    • Okay Then says:

      @Jui Jizztzu regardless of how much the DC movies are hated people still watch it and they still make profits that is the point why I said there is no reason as to why you need to come under here and say that marvel this or marvel that because both movie franchises make alot of money which is why Hollywood is making more superhero movies. Your trying to downplay another franchise that is making millions for their movies just because a franchise you like more is making more money when that has nothing to do with it. You replied to my first comment with “just marvel lol” which clearly indicates that your comparing the two franchises when at the end of the day Hollywood doesn’t care which one is making more than the other they just want to know that the genre of superhero movies are making huge amounts of money

  8. StaticLocs says:

    The Boys, Invincible, Jupiters Legacy and Umbrella Academy…….WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE

  9. IZ says:


  10. Ryan Dice says:

    I like how we’re not just seeing the children trying to live up to their family’s legacy- but we get to see the parents BUILD their legacy.

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