Jurassic Park: Survival | Announcement Trailer

Jurassic Park: Survival | Announcement Trailer

Introducing Jurassic Park: Survival, an upcoming single-player action-adventure for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S!

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37 Responses

  1. @silentwraith5706 says:

    Let’s go! I’ve always wanted a survival game set in the Jurassic Park franchise where we try to survive

  2. @shortstorybliss4388 says:

    If this is anything like Alien Isolation then we’re in for the biggest treat ever. Man I love that they’re going back to what made dinosaurs scary in the first place.

  3. @glenniirudman4609 says:

    It’s about time. I’ve been dreaming of a Jurassic Park game like this since I was a kid. It looks like it’s gonna be like Alien Isolation but with dinosaurs instead. I haven’t been this excited for a game in years!
    😁😆🥲 🦖🦕

  4. @istrasci says:

    The continuity details shown are amazing!! The vehicle left at the helipad; the kids’ vehicle overturned at the bottom of the tree, missing the tire that Rexy chewed off; the driver door of Grant’s vehicle still open; the fallen skeletons in the visitor center entrance; the messy kitchen and the ladle. Fantastic stuff!!

    Now the only question is, how did the pin come out of the refrigerator door?!

  5. @TomJurassic says:

    This looks INCREDIBLE. Thank you for creating the game so many of us have been waiting for, and for setting it in the Jurassic Park era of the franchise. I cannot wait!

  6. @itsjustm0nty says:

    This feels like a perfect 90s horror sequel. Insert that a character was around during the first one just off screen and now we’re seeing their story. Feels like something we would’ve seen back in the day. Love it

  7. @PurpleLugia says:

    Holy cow, not only is it a “Jurassic Park” game instead of “Jurassic World” to change it up, but it’s a an official survival horror game we’ve been wanting for years? 🤯

  8. @exotictoxin8955 says:

    I truly find it so awesome how they making it a new game based on the events after the first movie who was left behind. So cool

  9. @darthtyrannus3163 says:

    Long time Jurassic park fan here. This is what we’ve all wanted for years. Learn from this and keep delivering. Also do more with Robert Muldoon and Roland Tembo. And hurry up lol

    • @thekingsean92 says:

      I believe Muldoon will be already dead by this game’s events

    • @darthtyrannus3163 says:

      @@thekingsean92 He 100% is supposed to be dead, but imagine a game that begins with a badly injured Muldoon dragging himself to a safe place to recover, then having to find a way off the island. Could be a cool horror/survival game

    • @johnnyboy-ws3we says:

      In the novel he survived and he is already dead in 1st movie and if you watched deleted scene in sequel johns nephew mention him and his family’s name in a list of legal damages when he got killed i used to have the dvd of 2nd movie

  10. @bofo85 says:

    Oh man, this is what I’ve always wanted in a Jurassic Park game

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