Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Trailer Thursday (Run) (HD)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Trailer Thursday (Run) (HD)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – See the trailer this Thursday.
In Theaters June 22, 2018


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100 Responses

  1. The Gaming Shark says:


    • Olle Selin says:

      The Gaming Shark just like that Gallimimus scene from JP.

    • Amanda Sanders says:

      Jonny Hamilton especially since these are animals (scared animals no less) that can weigh from around 9 tons to 20 tons and will not hesitate or have any problem stepping on you if you’re not fast enough or smart enough to get out of their way when they’re running for their lives. They are herd animals, they may seem like big lumbering cows at first, but when they sense danger, they’re gonna haul ass like no tomorrow.

    • SlitheryPoppy4 says:

      Oh, look, sire. The herds are on the move…

    • Rod Ford jr says:

      If this is the end of the dinosaurs

    • sava nahe says:

      Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom First Look full Movie : t.co/fv9uty13Sf

  2. Boom. Explosion. says:


  3. The EpicNeZZ says:

    R.I.P. Isla Nublar we will miss you😞😞

  4. TheAlienBros says:

    so the enemy is a volcano

  5. Jose G. Alvarez says:

    So the plot is basically Volcano + Jurassic World


  6. Lee Lanzini says:

    First Jurassic movie to be filmed in 2.40 aspect! *LET’S GO!*

    • maka yala says:

      Watch Full Movie Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom t.co/LimfPMzKN4

    • Raging Dragon says:

      Just play a video in VLC and press A, you’ll see the different aspect ratios.

    • AND WE DANCE. VLOGS says:

      MediaEclipse not unless you shoot with an anamorphic lens. Look at most JJ Abram flicks, only way to get those sick lens flares is to shoot anamorphic(which compresses the image vertically and you have to decompress it in post) I shoot with an Anamorphic lens and can confirm that everything shown on the monitor will be on the screen when exported.

    • stryfetc1 says:

      Lee Lanzini I Prefer the black bars.

    • angel says:

      *”Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Full Movie Leaked” was AMAZING!! I saw this movie at* [ is.gd/UbwZld ]

  7. Batman Superman says:

    Fuck avengers this looks miles better.

  8. Khan Singh says:

    Life uh… finds a way

  9. Ajarmetta says:

    They were not kidding when they said the film gonna be dark, the filter on the film is very dark hahah

    • Brandon Hatchie says:

      LEGENDARYARCHIVES they actually made the movie more darker and scarier they have it in the interview too. This would be like lost world Jurassic Park too.


      Brandon Hatchie love that . I love dark stuff .. I hope they get really sinister in this film. The last one seemed tacky ..but good.

    • Taco says:

      LEGENDARYARCHIVES they said they’ll focus on making it dark and more scary.


      it would be cool if the movie is a survival / armageddon themed take on the film. were the humans have to stick together and protect themselves against the dinosaurs due to a volcano explosion that ravaged the earth. would be koooll.

    • MrSnaztastic says:

      In all seriousness, let’s hope the whole thing isn’t colour graded to be one big murky blue mess. Already not hopeful after watching this. Remember back in the 90s, when films like, I dunno, JURASSIC PARK had naturalistic lighting and colour timing? It’s such a shame what digital’s done to the look of movies.

  10. MinersLoveGames says:

    Hold on to your butts.

  11. Elephant777 says:

    Running from an exploding volcano, a dinosaur stampede, and all the while ash is slowly creeping up to them!

    How soon can I make a early ticket purchase?

  12. Gadian8 says:

    Is this Isla Nublar or Isla Sorna?

  13. SpinoDragon Productions says:


  14. Bryan Geigel says:

    They’re uh… they’re flocking this way…

  15. Balenaproductions says:

    This is already looking great. I just have reservations about the total destruction of Isla Nublar. Some damage is fine but the idea that the original world of JP being destroyed is a bit concerning. I am really optimistic about this and I cannot wait to see the Tyrannosaurs again.

    • kevin texter says:

      Balenaproductions the original island was bombed in the book s d demi implied to be dead in the Lost World, while sad it is kinda over due to be laid to rest in terms of story

    • Edmar Fecler says:

      well to be fair, in the book the original island was bombed to fucking hell by the military, so i guess this is sort of paying homage to that concept

    • sava nahe says:

      Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom First Look full Movie : t.co/fv9uty13Sf

    • MegaJohnmcclain says:

      Killerwhale 6011 I just watch the Jurassic Park trilogy this never happened

  16. ThatOneAwkwardGuy says:

    are those meat eating meatasaurusus

  17. LegendResnator 04 says:

    The new character is gonna die because he is black

  18. Ghost_BlueKnight says:

    When your movie is SO COOL
    you need a trailer for your trailer.

  19. MattRevs says:

    Jeff Goldblum better be in it this time, I swear…

  20. World Top Best says:

    wow another Jurassic Film series

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