Jurassic World – Official Trailer (HD)

Jurassic World – Official Trailer (HD)
The Park Is Open June 12

Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow directs the epic action-adventure from a screenplay he wrote with Derek Connolly. Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley join the team as producers.

Jurassic World will be released in 3D by Universal Pictures on June 12, 2015.

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20 Responses

  1. Mark Romero says:

    I think it’d be cool too if they had sabertooths rooming around. Saber vs

  2. Alex o'hara says:

    Probably crossed a raptor with a t rex

  3. K-Town says:

    Apparently making movies to earn money is morally wrong. Heck even milking
    a widely successful franchise to make a new original movie for the
    franchise is wrong as well. Imagine what people would think if all movies
    were created mainly to get money into the producers’ pockets.
    Wait a minute…

  4. Nether Lord Dwoll says:

    Were they using Velociraptors to hunt the D. Rex?! Oh my word this is gonna
    be a killer movie. 

  5. deeya says:

    Hmm… so they’re keeping a mosasaur in an uncaged lagoon? Also, what is
    with movieverse logic? Let’s create an all encompassing A.I. and give it
    complete access to our weapons! Let’s bring back this vicious alien
    species, knowing full well that we can’t contain it! Let’s genetically
    engineer one of the most dangerous creatures in the world into something
    even more dangerous! Granted, these movies may be set in a world where
    cautionary tales of robot uprising and super intelligent killing machines
    don’t make up the staple of their cinematic entertainment choices. But
    someone, somewhere inside them, and not the protagonist when shit has
    broken loose, gotta have voiced out “umm, guys. Maybe this isn’t such a
    good idea”.

  6. Gnarlycar says:


  7. Brota Jkay says:

    DAMMMMMM This is the Real Trailer ?!?!?!
    This really Does NOT Look Good Seems to Me Like YET Another Insult to the
    Judging By the Trailer This Movie is Gonna Be An Soulless Popcorn
    Spectacle in the Worst Hollywood Style…………..I Fear that this Movie
    is even WORST Then the Third Part ………………………….

  8. BiG_BLaK says:

    Why at the end it looks like hes teaming up with the raptors ? Kinda
    excited for this movie.

  9. Jonatham Aguilaser says:

    I love how everyone moans about this movie, even if it didnt came out yet.
    You should be join IGN and join them to help give shitty ratings! :D

  10. Nitristion says:

    Every time we fuck with Dinosaurs something goes wrong. Come on humanity,
    we’ve had 3 films already! Learn from your mistakes!

  11. Cape Town Guy says:


  12. Roland Rodriguez says:

    Life ……. uhh..uh ..life finds a way 

  13. zeke iammarino says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this trailer is just ripping off Godzilla a
    tiny bit? I mean, main male and female roles, outrunning a hybrid that is
    supposed to be the most deadly thing within the premises and at the same
    time the monster is never shown? It just seems after the spike in
    popularity of Godzilla this trailer is kind of scraping the bucket.

  14. Ricky Bonnet says:

    At first I was like “Ugh, why would they make the same mistakes! This is a
    cash grab!”. But that last scene with Chris Pratt and the raptors changed
    my mind, which from a trailer making angle was a nice touch (Make me
    recognize clues that it was JP from Isla Nebular island shot, trailer font,
    music -> Make me think it was a cash grab after seeing they would attempt
    to re-open the park after the first few debacles and create a hybrid Dino
    out of what is probably a T-Rex/Raptor) because it shows A) Capitalism
    doesn’t give a shit about collateral damage B) Our hubris in constantly
    feeling as if we can control nature (Having a pack of Raptors follow our
    lead like a bunch of blood hungry circus poodles). Regardless, I am

  15. FolieaFOB says:

    Comes out on my birthday.Seeing it would be a great way to celebrate

  16. Will K says:

    Are the raptors helping him?!? He’s riding his motorbike right next to

  17. chachul1501 says:

    How is that possible whith today technology 2014 movie cgi looks shittier
    than 1993?

  18. Joel Greene says:

    It’s a Dinosaur!! -Voom.
    #jurassicworld #trailer #movie 

  19. hectroinfectro says:

    Freaking awesome.

  20. Radatox Original says:

    Jurasic park just turned godzilla