Jurassic World Science feat. Chris Pratt and Jack Horner

Jurassic World Science feat. Chris Pratt and Jack Horner

Jack Horner and Chris Pratt and I talk dinosaurs! More info below!
JURASSIC WORLD: http://www.jurassicworld.com
TICKETS: http://unvrs.al/JWtix

Jack Horner: http://www.museumoftherockies.org/AboutMOR/WhoWeAre/JackHorner.aspx

Geological time

[image]: http://www.qpg.geog.cam.ac.uk/people/gibbard/ICS%20Chrono%20Chart.png

dinosauria: http://www.pnas.org/content/109/7/2428/F4.expansion.html

What did dinosaurs look like? http://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/39v3qw/so_whats_the_most_current_theory_of_what/

Birds are dinosaurs:

ItsOkayToBeSmart VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_RLz0whDv4

dines and warm blood: http://www.sci-news.com/paleontology/science-dinosaurs-warm-blooded-02857.html

Old stop-motion dinosaurs: https://archive.org/details/0055_Lost_World_A_07_31_21_00

Near Earth Object tracking: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/index.html

Larry Niven quote: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/l/larryniven657451.html

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20 Responses

  1. Josef Stalin says:

    I never expected to see Michael smell poop.

  2. elibro says:

    chills brah

  3. Keaton W (Sharpish) says:

    Is it me or does Jack Horner look like Michaels dad

  4. Ibrahim Abdullah says:

    Awesome episode! Vsauce meets Jurassic World.

  5. Graham Hupp says:

    NASA staged the dinosaur death. They really all live on the moon in

  6. Jack Carroll says:

    Er, not stereotypes, but rather misconceptions. My bad.

  7. spookanide says:

    Park -> World ->.Solar System… “They didn’t have a space program” Or did

  8. HiBerg says:

    New theory about life in the universe, all life comes from earth and the
    species we call aliens are intelligent life forms who survived by leaving
    earth :-O

  9. Regina Holliday says:


  10. MrKhronicz says:

    Incorrect graph there around 7:00 when talking about Velociraptors there, +

    The Velociraptor (Velociraptor mongoliensis, discovered 1924), stood at
    just over half a metre at the head, the Raptors shown in all the Jurrasic
    films are more akin to the Utahraptor, which, at the head, stood over 2

    Of course, in the film, they get away with calling them Velociraptors
    because of the gene splicing and making all the dino’s bigger and better,
    so it makes sense they just took a V. Raptor and made it massive and took
    away the weathers, as they quote in the film, “You asked for scary, not for

  11. Max Durham says:

    +Modern Conner nice fucking bullshit lie. good job

  12. KnowledgePlaylists says:

    Jurassic World Science feat. Chris Pratt and Jack Horner | chris pratt Dr
    Jack Horner | #Vsauce Vsauce |

  13. retipser jay says:

    Dinosaurs were hit by a rock! then,the rock was cooking dinosaurs

  14. RaccoonWarrior 99 says:

    just for the halibut

  15. koffieslikkersenior says:

    Isn’t monere to advise?

  16. artmando gonza says:

    +Vsauce I had this question regarding outer space, if it is true that space
    travel is a hoax, what would be left of us humans?

  17. Samuel Leško says:

    Even though Mr. Horner seems like a fine dude, I’m still disappointed that
    they decided not to depict (at least some) dinosaurs with feathers.

    When it comes to spreading ideas into the minds of the general public,
    Hollywood has the best position to do so. And boy they can sometimes do a
    heck of a job (Cameron on the enviroment with Avatar, Nolan on our position
    in space and time with Interstellar).

    So, by not depicting dinosaurs as they probably were, probably simply
    because velociraptors with feathers look less cool for the average viewer,
    I believe the creators of the Jurassic World are being socially

    Extraordinary film makers are those, who make their decisions primarily by
    something else than profit.

  18. koffieslikkersenior says:

    There’s no way of knowing there wasn’t a civilised creature millions of
    years before humans came to be, right? All evidence would be lost.
    Especially if it wasn’t as technically evolved. All evidence of us having a
    society before the industrial revolution will be lost in a couple of
    million years.

  19. Skolbor says:

    great video!

  20. Silus Daniels says:

    This episode is great. Answers so many question I had as a kid. Suggestion,
    if I may, why not have video based on the concept of celebrities. Why we
    follow them so? Thank you for teaching us so much and as always thank you
    for reading.