Juror in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial speaks out for 1st time about verdict l GMA

Juror in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial speaks out for 1st time about verdict l GMA

A member of the jury in the Depp-Heard defamation case told ABC News exclusively that “a lot of Amber’s story didn’t add up” and “the majority of the jury felt she was more the aggressor.”
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37 Responses

  1. Lost Woods says:

    Finally! The media speaks to the jury instead of providing platforms and prime time shows to an abuser.

  2. Scotti Brown says:

    I’m glad that the juror spoke out, especially since Amber and her legal team have been saying that the jury was “influenced” by social media and that the verdict wasn’t fair, blatantly calling the jury incompetent

    • A Foxy Fox says:

      @Michael REFLECTS Absolutely, I totally agree, I think that is exactly what happened!

    • Dave Ed says:

      @schmemmm @fkillah Y’all need to be educated about what an appeal consists of. It’s not another trial. It’s a review by other judges of only evidence presented in the trial. Nothing else can be admitted or considered. They comb through everything to basically determine if the judge erred at some point. The jury’s verdict is in and prevails. It doesn’t matter what Heard’s lawyer tried to say. The “if he was abusive at all” argument was not true. The jury’s job was to decide if the statements in the article were defamatory, meeting the legal definition of defamation. That’s it. So chill.

    • Painted Collection says:

      @fkillah – I have read the jury instructions. I also listened to the judge read them out to the jury. Could you tell me which page of the jury instructions states that the jury had to consider all types of abuse? Or that only one instance of a single type of abuse meant they had to rule against JD?

    • Michael REFLECTS says:

      @A Foxy Fox i think its a crock of shit. I think they took that fake tiktoker and just regurgitated the words differently

  3. EdD says:

    She was always responding to the jury like they were asking the questions. And I’m glad they spoke out against all of this.

  4. Duane Raymond says:

    I’m very impressed with the jury: They noticed the hysterics one minute then stone cold answers the next; the staring that freaked them out; the donations that stayed in her bank account; the fact that they were both unkind to each other but that Depp didn’t strike her. Amber Heard just will not accept the fact that she’s just not believable. Like a real psycho, she’ll just go on to harass Mr.Depp because she’ll equate that with still being with him…scary.

    • Duane Raymond says:

      @M P When both people in a marriage are drinking and drugging a lot of the time, you can see things getting out of hand on both sides. Coke, molly, shrooms, wine and whisky can make one lose inhibitions while in a fight. JD was wronged badly but I don’t think he was an angel either.

    • M P says:

      I’m impressed some ppl still say they both were abusive to each other. Why JD? For screaming at her? For holding her down when she was the one hitting him?
      I’ve seen with my own eyes couples going at it way harder than that, not physical but my god have those words scarred my mind to this date, and still they’re together. Because it’s a strong marriage.

      This was a weak marriage because of AH being a psycho.

    • Craig Scott says:

      @Duane Raymond How are you doing today?

    • Craig Scott says:

      @Duane Raymond that’s okay

    • Duane Raymond says:

      @Craig Scott sure you got the right Duane?

  5. M says:

    Damn. So glad one of them spoke out. After Friday her interview will be released, I hope more of them speak out anonymously. Her dateline interview mocked the justice system and literally insulted the jury. Good for him for speaking up and speaking out. Thank you!!! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  6. No One says:

    For all those who watched the trial, we know:

    – she perjured herself on the stand
    – she admitted the article was about Depp
    – she falsified evidence, ie providing the same pictures for different alleged assaults
    – she staged pictures of his drug use
    – she took photographs of everything BUT her injuries
    – she failed to provide any medical records
    – she changed her abuse timeline midway through the trial to the very beginning of the relationship (yet she gave him a big knife early on)
    – she refused and failed to submit her phone and devices for discovery
    – she says the police, the park manager, everyone who wasn’t her witness were liars
    – she uses pledge and donate synonymously
    – Kate Moss was not pushed down the stairs as she claimed
    – evidence showed on and after her days of alleged abuse, she was flawless and enjoying life. Most humans would likely be at the hospital or recovering from such alleged injuries

    Almost forgot all the audio tapes…
    where she admitted she abused Depp, taunted him that no one will believe he is a DV victim, gaslighted him saying she didn’t punch but hit him, was constantly chasing him during fights when he wanted to leave to avoid escalating the situation, was under the influence despite her claims of not using anything…..

    The list goes on… and on…

    Forgot her physical abuse severed his finger…
    And she was definitely not afraid of her alleged abuser, ie took pictures sent to friends and mocked him.

    Feel free to add to the list if there’s anything else missing.

    • Kelley Wyskiel says:

      Exactly right

    • manny maurice says:

      Yes and we the public who did take our time to use discernment, found exactly all of this . She is a liar

    • ROBIN WOLFE says:

      no so called friends came to court – I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE BABY

    • Rebekah Jackson says:

      He severed his finger from hitting the wall, to smashing a phone to Idk how it happened.. Spoke about the manager in Hicksville being mad then said she never seen that man.. Lied about alerting Tmz then slipped up in her deposition and said they were alerted.. Man and so much more.. She’s Creeeeepy

  7. Wanda Torres says:

    I always worried, and prayed to God that the jury would see what we were seeing outside. So delighted to see they did! We always had a reason to support Johnny, and his fame was not it.

    • mystic says:

      She’s in big trouble when she has her final trial with actual God in a few decades 😁 She’ll probably complain that he’s a big Pirates fan or something.

    • Fedeline Jean-Philippe says:

      Thank the Lord the jury saw through her lies. I figured the jury ain’t stupid to rule in her favor.

    • Maji777111 says:

      @TheMrKeats because we are justice.

  8. Z says:

    Thank you, juror for coming out and telling us this because Amber Heard is on a rampage and she will not stop and I thank you once again.

    • mona e says:

      https://youtu.be/ZnSZzExF58Y It’s here finally!😉.

    • Bonnie Howell says:

      @Ella Kajfasz The jurors names are sealed for a year, but they’re allowed to reach out to the media on their own accord.

    • Lisa Toronto says:

      Jury duty is an anonymous gift to democracy, there is no fame or notoriety for this patriot, thank you for your service.

    • B B says:

      She’s going to end up being re-litigated by Depp’s team filing a motion for permanent injunction (they won’t sue again, it doesn’t need to go that route, but filing a injunction would be much better) by the courts if Depp’s team gets fed up enough with these lies and the way she keeps belittling the judge and jury by acting as if she didn’t have a fair trial and that they all lied/were against her going by the narratives she is setting out (ie: “they looked on social media, the gallery was full of fanatical Depp fans, etc.” to imply the Judge didn’t have a control of her court).

      All this gaslighting she’s trying to do can easily come back and bite her in the ass if she doesn’t watch, because she can easily be ordered by the court now to cease talking about it (which CAN result in criminal charges if she continues if they file an injunction because she’ll have been told by a court of law to stop talking about any of it since she continues to defame).

      Amber thinks just because she went through the trial and it is now “over” she believes she can just blatantly lie about everyone involved. Judgement-proof as they say.

      Depp’s team can easily take that interview she did and said “See? This is potential for republishing. She won’t stop. Even when she was proven in a court of law to have defamed our client, she still continues to defame him with even more lies. She’s now trying to lay blame on the jury by claiming they saw social media and didn’t care about the oath.”

      It’s obvious she’s setting everything up to appeal, but this can easily backfire right in her face.

  9. aguilacec says:

    That just tells what a great “actress ” she is. I’m so glad the jurors perceive just the same as us.

  10. 3028547 says:

    I’m glad they pointed out how she was CONSTANTLY looking at them 😂I always found that annoying and weird when she was there. I guess it was a tactic she attempted but backfired lol

    • NotMe2day says:

      NotMe2day0 seconds ago

      I also like how the jurorist pointed how how she could be so upset and 2 seconds later ice cold.

      FYI- PTSD does not work like that.

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